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Martinez shows perfect attitude in bid to become Arsenal number one

Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has joined La Liga side Getafe on loan this summer, but didn’t leave without announcing his future intentions.

The 24 year-old spent last season as our club’s third-choice shotstopper behind both David Ospina and Petr Cech, but did manage to pick up five outings for the senior side, and will look to build on that showing this term.

Martinez put in some fine displays while deputising for the partially absent goalkeepers, and Arsene Wenger moved to praise him strongly, revealing that he believed he would be a ‘world class’ goalkeeper in the near future.

The Argentine star has now agreed a move to join Getafe on a season-long loan in order to pick up more first-team experience, but admits he is eager to learn quickly and come back to the club and fight for the first-team role.

Martinez joined the club back in 2010, and has been working hard to learn all he can whilst with the club, and he seems to be showing a true fighting attitude as he looks to become the top player he seeks to become.

He said: “I’ve always wanted to improve. It’s never enough for me. My kicking is good but I want to have the perfection of a goalkeeper, even on crosses. I know I’m good on crosses but I still do 50 crosses in training.

“It’s in my blood to train hard. When you’re not in the squad and you have to train the day after, sometimes it’s hard because you want to be involved in the team and you want to play. I always tell myself, ‘The chance will come and I won’t let it run’. That’s what keeps me going and motivated all the time.

“I came from nothing and I’m at Arsenal now, one of the biggest clubs in the world, but I’m never satisfied. I was third choice fighting for second spot, so maybe the season after I will fight for No 1. You always need to give more at Arsenal. It’s never enough and that’s what I try to do.”

Is he showing the perfect attitude to make it big in the game? Could he become our first-choice within two years?

Pat J

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15 thoughts on “Martinez shows perfect attitude in bid to become Arsenal number one

  1. Otunba007

    A statement of intent and a very good character from a very young and good goal keeper…Gone are the years we were only blessed with Aluminia as our best goal keeper (my worst night mare ) Go show the world what you can do lad.. COYG

  2. Waal2waal

    A huge asset indeed the argentine keeper is already good quality and can only improve and that is good news for arsenal. hes an assured presence between the sticks that makes arsenal future look very bright

  3. olayiwola

    this is a wonderful challenge from a promising goalie to our two old goalkeeper.wish you the best in your present team

  4. Waal2waal

    OT: ..begin of transfer window we are told transfer fund is close to £170m. But as it stands wenger has not spent anything near to this figure. suggests our team must be 2 quality players short as it stands so come on arsene pull your finger out… get spending!

    1. Darwin

      One rule I always follow, never believe any news reports when they talk about transfer kitty/war chest or whatever. Its all made up crap, with numbers drawn from imaginations. There are certain obligations any clubs will have in terms of payment, they might be recurring expenditures, wages, previous transfer fess installment payments etc.

      Even Lacazzete fees will be paid in 2-3 years installment. Its never an all out payment in most cases (Neymar being the exception to this). I am all for new players, but lets not get things distorted as media so easily does.

    2. Jay

      “we are told transfer fund is close to £170m.” According to who? Do you honestly believe everything you read in the papers?

  5. Jibs

    That’s the attitude I’d like to see from an arsenal player. Focused, dedicated and patient.
    I don’t mean to s**t on Szczesny but those qualities were lacking severely at times.
    I know a few of us were questioning his departure, but I think Emi is more than suitable to be challenging in the next few seasons for the number, based on what I’ve seen so far.

  6. Paul

    Where is the sense in making our second best of not best keeper go on loan, ospina a backup to cech is spoil wrong, the number of goals we have conceded with ospina in between the sticks is alarming, and still wenger allows him to stay and sends out Martinez, how can anyone think ospina is better than Martinez, only someone daft would think so………

    1. Jay

      What is wrong with you? How can you possibly think like that? Wenger isn’t just some idiot, that arbitrarily buys, sells and loans players, as if he is just picking their names out of a hat. Only someone painfully daft would think that.

      Who is the person that sees these keepers practically every day in training? Is it you? Or are you just some teenager, that thinks you know better than one of the most successful and longest serving managers in PL history?

      Arsenal have probably one of the best group of first-team goalkeepers in the PL and even now, you are still complaining. It’s pathetic.

      1. Paul

        Ah! ‘one of the most successful ‘ , Wengeeeeeeeeeeeer, I don’t know abt that, as much as I loved him, his time is gone, he keeps with the tradition that has long left football, his decisions are no longer mostly rational……….
        ‘best group of goalkeepers’, with szesny gone, age catching up with cech, and OSPINA left has deputy………don’t you watch our games when ospina keeps, do you know how much we concede with him…….. he just dives like he wants to save and his hands are scared to divert d ball out convincingly, he dives and doesn’t stretch his hands, he doesn’t have an imposing figure like cech or Martinez, he only depends on his positional sense which isnt even up to cech or Martinez, check d stats, d no of goals conceded to the no of shots saved………..believe me, I’ve really watched ospina

  7. Ronny

    Another decision I’m confused about!?
    Cech is not as good as he once was and I really ďont rate Ospina not commanding aerialy and seems to be slow adjusting his feet at times.

    Schez improved massively at Roma so we sold him and Emi is better than Ospina so we loan him out.
    Great that he’ll get game time but we should have sold or loaned Ospina and kept Emi to continue working alongside cech and now Lehman.

  8. John

    Martinez needs that loan move…..he needs to be playing consistently……and we all know that won’t happen this year… is a good move for the future ….for him…..and Arsenal….

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