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Maybe Arsenal should look at Clint Dempsey?

Fulham’s outstanding player and top scorer, 29-year old Clint Dempsey, is not the sort of player normally associated with Arsenal, but I think he could add something to the Gunners strike force. His tough, combative style, versatility and proven goalscoring in the Premier league could provide Arsene Wenger with an alternative when the passing game is not getting results.

Dempsey has put out feelers to the top clubs by telling Sports Illustrated “I am grateful for everything Fulham have done for me…but the fact remains that I want to play in the Champion’s league. I want to play at the highest level possible.” Paris Saint- Germain are interested but I think he would prefer to stay in England and he would not even need to move if he joined the Gunners.

Dempsey scored 23 goals for Fulham, some of them absolute crackers, and has been instrumental in their recent form. Against teams like Stoke, he could stand up and fight unlike some of Arsenal’s more creative players. Chamakh was supposed to be a more orthodox target man, but it has clearly not worked out. Dempsey used to be more of an attacking midfielder/winger, but his eye for goals has seen him pushed further forward.

I think that he can offer the same sort of versatility as Podolski, and with van Persie down the middle they would terrify most defences. He could also be quite cheap, something that would appeal to the financially cautious Arsenal board.

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33 thoughts on “Maybe Arsenal should look at Clint Dempsey?

  1. landmind111

    Yeah wud like Dempsey, he’s a goal getter, something we lacked last year, someone other than RVP, who would burst into the box, he’s tenacious, we need more battlers out there.

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  2. saton81

    I would love Dempsey to come. Arsenal fans don’t say we allready have this and that players.

    Thats why we are falling away. Fans say we don’t need players because we have so and so…

    BUT the fact of the matter is look at Chelsea,Man Utd and Man City. Look at their benches compared to ours. Even reserves , we are lacking extra better then average players to have on the bench. Imagine we got Dempsey who could play anywhere in midfield or foward positioning. Imgaine this….

    Sagna Kosielny Vermaelan Gibbs
    Song M’Vila
    Dempsey Wilshere
    Van Persie Podolski
    With a bench of keeper, Mertasacker,Santos,Arteta,Rosicky,Walcott,Oxlade
    Think of it! The reserves will then consist of Gervinho,Miyachi, Maybe Benayoun… look at the strength in depth that would bring.

    All we ask now is Van persie sign a new contract, Buy Yann M’Vila for 17M, Dempsey for 10M and a 3-5M keeper with the money we generate from Fabianski.

    Fabianski 4M
    Djorouou 5M
    Denilson 3M
    Squiacllhi 1M
    Arshavin 5M

    That generates around 18M reduces lots of wages. We would then spend 10M roughly on Benayoun,M’Vila and Dempsey. All Arsenal need is small investment!

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  3. S.H

    No Arsenal should go for Giroud instead. A younger,stronger, faster striker! At 6’3 Giroud would be a threat in the box and tall enough to clear out corners. Dempsey is 29 and I don’t doubt he’ll be an asset to Arsenal, I just think Giroud is better value being younger.

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  4. k

    Assuming we get giroud and RVP signs our strikers (not wingers) will be: RVP, Giroud, Podolski (can play wings aswell). So if we get giroud and keep rvp, dempsey could come be he would have to be our CAM. But the problem with that is he isnt very creative (from what ive seen of him). I would still get him. Swap him and Rosicky around for that attacking mid position.
    So this will be what it is like if we keep RVP and sign Giroud+Dempsey:
    RVP main goal getter
    Giroud and Podolski gets there fair share of goals
    Dempsey gets a few, about 10 (maybe more)
    Other mids get a couple
    Vermaelen and Koscielny get goals from corners and freekicks

    So lets say RVP gets 25 goals, Podolski, Dempsey and Giroud 10 each (average), Walcott, Gervinho, and Chamberlain get 6 each (average), other 2 mids 4 each, Vermaelen and Koscielny get 3 each.

    Thats 87 goals, from signing Giroud and Dempsey. Then all we need is to add some steel in front of the defence (M’Villa). Song isnt disciplined.

    Those r the three more players i want, Giroud+Dempsey+M’Villa.

    Adds firepower to the team whilst giving us better defensive options. 6.5m+Chamakh for giroud should be enough. Arshavin for Dempsey? (maybe throw in 1m) 17m for M’Villa.

    Total cost: 24.5m

    If we sell Vela, Squid, Denilson, Fabianski, Bendtner, park (i know he hasnt played but thats why he should go, with RVP, Podolski and Giroud he never will)

    Total: 20m (estimate)
    So we basically pay 4.5m for Giroud, M’Villa, and Dempsey. Thats good business if you ask me

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  5. Name not required

    @saton probably the most pathetic comment ive ever read

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  6. AndrewArsenal

    Buy him. hes got experinece and class as well as the fact he can score and is dedicated

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  7. Cage


    Sagna Kosielny Vermaelan Baines


    Navas Eriksen Chambo

    Persie Podolski

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  8. Straight up

    I fink Dempsey is a good player – playing just behind the main striker ….. But is any1 suggesting he’s better than arshavin in this position ? If wenger sticks him on the wing then he’ll get bout 5 goals a season + wenger will be responsible for another top player fallin out of form . Even if arshavin goes – I’d rather see the ox in that position … Or even maybe theo if he can start stickin the ball in the net . Dempsey for our squad ? Yes . For our 1sts + out on the wing ? Hell no .

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  9. Cage


    Sagna Kosielny Vermaelan Baines


    ____Navas Eriksen Chambo

    ______Persie Podolski

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  10. Danida

    your analysis of the game is very primitive,ill advised and rather ignorant of real football matters.the state of affairs at the emirates if we procure dempsey will be like this,since we play a 4-4-3 formation,van persie gervinho,walcott,ox,podolski and then dempesy competing for only three spots,this is assuming chamark,asharvin,bendtner are sold!therefore it is illogical to acquire the services of dempsey at the moment,barring the catastrophic exit of RVP

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  11. zainkiani

    Swap demsey with arshavin=best deal of the season…!

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  12. bretherin

    i personally dont think we need many signings just sell:

    fabianski, denilson, bentder, chamack, Squillaci

    loan out: ramsey, frimpong and myachi

    and buy: giroud, belhanda OR kagawa, mvila and neyounf OR demspey

    i think our first team should be

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Gibbs

    M’vila Arteta/ wilshere

    Belhanda/ Kagawa

    Wallcot/ chamberlain Podolski

    Van Persie/ Giroud

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  13. Johnno

    I know Dempsey is a good player, but he is just that, a good, solid player. He isn’t a great player. He’s had one very good season. For the same money, I think we can get better players. Podolski is younger, more experienced and better for similar money they’re talking about Dempsey being worth. I wouldn’t be against Dempsey coming, not as a first eleven player anyway, but I just think there are better options out there. Kalou would certainly be worth a go. 3m a season three to four year contract would be 9-12m over that time frame wisely spent. Experienced, dynamic, quick and only 26. He’s won the PL title, FA Cup and the CL, more than any other player on our list. I’d take him over Dempsey and Benny, but at 1m, Benny would be very good for a season or two.

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  14. NickTheYank

    I think that Dempsey would be a quality signing. I don’t think it will happen due to his age though. I’d be all for a swap of AA23 for Dempsey +$$$.

    Rumor is we’re more likely interested in Hangeland from Fulham & Olivier Giroud (He’s French and Wenger is still coach…. Enough said!) who’s more of a striker vs Dempsey who plays as more of a CAM

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  15. steve


    couldnt agree more. We have too many midfielders and wingers competing for their place in the team already. There is no room for additions without selling. Look at how disappointed we have been as fans this season with the lack of appearances from the ox. We need to allow room in the squad for him to emerge, because he will without a doubt.

    I will raise a thought that I have that could spark some debate. Why not sell Ramsey?

    For me, he has not been good enough this season. Granted, he has had some horrific injuries, possibly one of the worst leg breaks the game will ever see, and I feel for him. But we are Arsenal fans, we had an invincible team, we want to be winning things again, and to win you have to have a solid midfield to control games. Since the return of Ramsey, his performances have been less than satisfactory, and his finishing even worse. He lacks creativity, awareness and vision. Defensively he isn’t too bad, but he loses a lot of possession and is very wasteful.

    We have Wilshere hopefully coming back this season, and are hoping to recruit the likes of M’Vila, Dempsey, and potentially Martin and Benayoun. We need to sell somebody to make room for these players to come in, and players will not come to a club where there is excessive competition for a place in the team.


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  16. Leite

    Realistically,so when dempsey comes and doesnt start and loses confidence so when will he now start to play first team football to gain it when he is 31,32?no thanks he is a good player but at emirates the wings would be his abode just like ashavin,IM0 I prefer Ashavin to Dempsey in the “hole”also but that doesnt mean if he comes i wouldnt be glad but i would have wished for Hoilet

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  17. Leite

    Realistically,so when dempsey comes and doesnt start and loses confidence would we say he isnt good then when will he now start to play first team football to gain it when he is 31,32?no thanks he is a good player but at emirates the wings would be his abode just like ashavin,IM0 I prefer Ashavin to Dempsey in the “hole”also but that doesnt mean if he comes i wouldnt be glad but i would have wished for Hoilet

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  18. manorhouse

    It be interesting to see him trying to fit in to our style o play.. He does know epl however.

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  19. Myles Standsh

    Guys, Dempsey had a bag full of goals last season too, and many times playing out of position . Dempsey has made himself into a striker and I laugh at some of the comments that he is just a “goal getter” and battering ram type player. FAR FROM IT. He has vision, excellent passer, plays with flair and can also get nose to nose. He has no weaknesses as a player. He was 4th in voting for footballer of the year and some of you knobs just say he’s “good.” He was 4th in the Premiership scoring on a team that struggles to score goals. Imagine if he were surrounded with better service??

    Play him the Bergkamp role right behind VP and it would be magic. Anyone comparing Arshavin to Dempsey needs a lobotomy.

    He is a player, at 29, right at his peak. But as far as style of play, he’d love it at Arse as they play the way he thinks the game should be played. He is not an unskilled grafter! He’s a total footballer….and like some on the current squad…HE TRACKS BACK AND DEFENDS. He always puts in a shift.

    He is someone you buy for results RIGHT NOW. He’s a player that can produce for you “right out of the box”. UNLIKE SOME OTHER NAMES MENTIONED , Dempsey is PROVEN IN THE PREMIERSHIP. No “break in time” for Deuce is needed.

    Finally, compare HIS actual production with some of the names mentioned…and consider he has done it on a rather poor offensive side in FFC and at the Premiership level…… He is a much more productive player. He’s also done it at the International level. something a few of the other names have not produced.

    I will concede though, at 29, he is someone you sign to win something in the next few years. Put him on a 3 year contract. However- Arteta was a brilliant signing. He NEED a mix of experienced players .

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  20. Gooner Cape Town

    We need a game breaker but thy are either too expensive r too hard to get a Emirates!! Come on Wenger surprise nud\s with a game breaker!!

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  21. joonneessyy

    Offer bedntner plus 10 mil for kagawa too borussia dortmund offer chamack plus 10 mil for giroud sell fabianski 3 mil squid 1 mil vela 4 mil denilson 4 mil arshavin 5 mil then sign mvilla 17 mil and debuchy from lille offer park plus 4 mill thn sign verthonghen even tho hes pissed us all off i think we cud do with his qualities on the pitch wich will cost ten mil if rvp does go i hope not we dhud hold out for aeast 35mi stays wud say hes the best striker in world apart from ronaldo n messi bt they nt strikers thn if we do sell him sign dempsey out team shud look like this nxt year
    Gk scezny, sign craig gordon on a free from sunderland as no2
    Def.rb Sagna, debuchy, cb vermaelen, kiscielny,per,verthonghan, lb gibbs, santos
    Mid. Dm song, mvilla, copuelin, att mid kagawa,wilshere, arteta, rosicky wings podolski, walcott, ox, miyachi, sign benayoun
    Strikers. Rvp, giroud. dempsey we could rotate a lot of players e.g song could b a box to box mid or sit nxt too mvilla like yaya toure does shitty pod cud play upfront or behind rvp or on wing if rvp gt injured wed have giroud dempsey n pod dempsey cn play left wing behind striker or lead line i think if we sign dempsey and giroud it wud giv a different option instead of tryin to walk ball in we cud bang it in box hope rvp stsys and hope we cn sign at least 4 players

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  22. BA

    the point of this article (which I wrote) was to suggest a different approach, more direct. he would battle thats all i am saying

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  23. BA

    you are entitled to your opinion it just happens to be wrong

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  24. PatrickFoo08

    Hey lads forget abt him he is 29 n there so many such player at our club n he wont be cheap at least 10 mil n no high profile player to make rvp stay so save the money n look at other player

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  25. Johnno

    Wouldn’t Arshavin be a better choice in this position? World class captain of his country over a guy with one good season under his belt. And we already have him on the books, just need to play him in position and not out on a wing.

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  26. Aussie Jack

    Clint Dempsey? Hmmm! How about Clint Eastwood? Must admit he`s getting on a bit. I`ll stick with Giroud….”go ahead Arsene, make my day”

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  27. joonneessyy

    The problem is we av scored a lotvof goals n ye rvp has a majority of them but weve conceded way too many as r defence hasnt gt strength in depth loan jenkinson out sign debuchy as cover for sagna sign another cb gt rid of squid sign mvilla to protect bk 4 n play song as a box to box like yaya toure sign hoilet as competitiin for walcott sign giroud and another striker say dempsey thn possibly kagawa if we cn sort a player plus cash with bedntner goin other way thn we will challenge
    Loan out. Miyachi 1 more yr/ ramsay/ coquelin needs playing time to improve and frimpong who will all b class bt they need playing time wich they wnt gt as much at arsenal and the ox ppl may disagree bt wenger will nt play him week in week out wich i think he shud play more so loan him out for 3 months.
    Sell. Arshavin 5 mil, vela denilson 4 mil each maybe 3 mil squid 1 mil fabianski 4mil
    Sign debuchy offer park plus 4 mil, kagawa 8 mil plus bedntner, giroud chamack plus 9 mil and mvilla 17mil thn another cb
    All in all we wud spend 25 mil and wed b clearing wage bill to b able to gt these players

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  28. SOlomon

    yeah i would take up dempsey too i mean he can net atleast 15 plus goals a season so then c’mon en bring him if u can arsene

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