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Mesut Ozil is back to top form for Arsenal at last!

I must admit that I was worried that Arsenal had made a big mistake by not selling Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez in the summer, and I was a bit cynical about Ozil’s commitment and even about his little publicized injury which kept him out for a while. But the German playmaker certainly proved his doubters wrong today with his headed goal and also the eight chances that he created for his team-mates.

He is obviously back to full fitness as well, and Wenger was over the moon with Ozil’s performance. Le Prof said after the game: “I’m impressed [with how he played] but when he is sharp physically like that and at that level of performance, he must enjoy it and of course we as a team enjoy it,” Le Prof said on

“He can score, he can do what he wants. He has the technical quality, the coordination to score even headers and when he is mobile like that he can get into dangerous areas.

“I think the quality [from the team] was there today and we had all kinds of tests because we were 1-0 down after having started well, so it was a good mental test.

“After that, offensively and defensively, we played very well on the whole and it was good, our quality of passing was good, finishing maybe we could have done a little bit better if you want to be absolutely harsh, but overall we had the quality.”

You have to admit that just everyone had a good game today, with them having 30 attempts on goal between them, but Ozil was head and shoulders above everyone else with his creative skills. Are we all happy to see him back to his best? Of course we are!

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17 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil is back to top form for Arsenal at last!

  1. Anko

    He played well today, but we need more! He has to improve himself because he is one of our creative midfielder that get challenges from other teams, so he has to find a way of absorbing the challenges and still be effective!

    1. neil

      He always seems to play outstanding against weak teams… Everton are rank average at the moment with ZERO confidence and manager on his way out

      Let him now do this for next 6 games in a row and including when we play man city and spurs.

      Same for Sanchez !

  2. MWNN

    Yep, he definitely had a good game today and hope he can reproduce that on a regular basis. I thought the cutting edge of Ozil, Sanchez and Lacazette is exactly what we need to spearhead our attacks. When an opposition back four has those three to deal with in one game, it puts them firmly on the back foot and paves the way for others in the team to get in on the act too. For example, even Koscielny was happy to take on Baines in a seven yard foot race in the Everton third ! We definitely didn’t miss Giroud’s predictable and clumsy antics today.

    Well done Team Arsenal good performance individually and collectively and lets see some more!

  3. Hayzed

    Ozil looks sharp today and I’m impressed with the way we attack and that’s how it should be.That’s it.There is one more thing that makes me happy,The fact that JACK IS BACK.

  4. Uzi Ozil

    Off topic : I know of a defense collectively that Arsenal are better than.. Liverpool is the answer. Their defense line and organising is just too poor.

    We must improve our defense if we wanna get some points against ManC, Spurs and even Manchester United.

    ManU Vs Spurs is gonna be huge next weekend. Spurs are playing with swag and style. manu got a wake up call yesterday and won’t wanna lose after the defeat yesterday.

    On Topic : it’s actually our first away win. Oh yeah!

  5. Jack reacher

    Great response maybe in weird way Troy deeney has done us favour with he’s comments last week , ozil and Sanchez and topped with bit lacasette leaves cream in my mouth, great performance for first time in long time when we were one down I new we would win because we got true Everton easy all day which is very encouraging and overall I’m very happy gunner tonite . We have beat Swansea and then go Man City and have a go and if we get result there let’s bring spuds back down earth and bring arsenal back we’re we belong which is always above Yeats

  6. ThirdManJW

    ONE GAME against a team in shocking form, and suddenly Ozil’s WC again! Let me guess, we’re back in the title race as well are we?

    Fantastic performance from him, but I expect that against weak teams. What I want to see, is Ozil perform well against the top teams, and in those crucial games: semi-finals, finals, tough away games, when everyone needs to dig in to get a result. Ozil always goes missing in these type of games. Let’s see what he does against City, and Spurs, who we’ve got soon. Will he out perform Eriksen, and De Bruyne in those games?

  7. John Rambo

    Sexy front three… If only Xhaka knew how to defend I’d be so much more optimistic about the game against the mancs. Maybe give a le coq-wilshere pivot a run out and see how it works. It used to at the academy right?

  8. John Rambo

    Eriksen? Spurs? Ha! thirdman is a spud in sheep clothing!. I told u guys I wasn’t seeing things the aliens are really here! They live among us!

  9. the barrel

    Only 1 goal since the start of the season, now Ozil is on form. He played well, but one game doesnt justify that is back on form. If it was Walcott, people will still be crying. Ozil is still overrated

  10. arsenal#7

    @ the barrel and third man JW

    Guys Everton spend 150 mil this year so it is not a lower level team . maybe not in form but
    no matter who we are playing if Ozil has quality players around him then he can shine.

    He is world class by far and you need to stop longing for he Walcott brigade.

    Pray Wenger does not tinker with the front line.

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