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Mesut Ozil NOT leaving Arsenal

Ozil not leaving the Emirates. by Sam P

There was some crazy rumours about Arsenal entering into contract talks with Mesut Ozil because the Gunners thought that Barcelona were interested in taking the German back to La Liga. There were even some fans on here tried to blame these unfounded rumours on Arsene Wenger as part of their agenda to try and get Le Prof sacked.

Well if anyone was sad enough to actually believe that Ozil would be aiming to leave our beloved club while he is having his best season ever and the Gunners are only two points behind in the race for the Premier League title, then they need their heads examined!

So if these peple believe those ridiculous rumours then here are a few more. According to the Independent, Arsenal have leaked to the press that they are fully intending to negotiate a new contract with Ozil, and they are certain that he will accept the massive pay rise that they are going to put on the table. They say that his current wage is £130,000-a-week (less than Theo Walcott) and they are intending to offer him £180,000-a-week. If there was even the slightest doubt that he wouldn’t stay at the Emirates then that will certainly change his mind!

Secondly, Mundo Deportivo are reporting that Barcelona have also contacted journalists to say that they are not talking to Ozil’s agents, and have no wish to buy him. Funnily enough, if they WERE ‘tapping him up’ right now it would be against every rule in the FIFA rule-book regarding transfers.

So can we forget these stupid made-up rumours and concentrate on doing the Treble, please?


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21 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil NOT leaving Arsenal

  1. infumous25

    Master of assist is not going anywhere he is where he belongs..our number 11#..the fans have grown to love him..the pundits respect him…and teams fear his lace-less boots.

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    1. muda

      Have you watch how he celebrated after the winning goal??? If yes, then what does that shows in your so called head??

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  2. Uzi Ozil

    I love his celebration when Walcott scored and even loved the way he bumped his fist when Welbeck scored the winning goal…

    It’s hardly to trust what you read on papers, journalist, players and players agent. I just hope He stays with us and win some trophies. That’s my wish for Him. We love Him and He is a rare gem.

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    1. Godswill

      And he’s always post Arsenal issue on his facebook and comments on twiter before and after matches, even preparation for a game. Extend his contract, pay him well and bring in quality players he can play with.

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  3. Dee@ease

    Treble?tone it down man let’s focus on the league and forget champions league we won’t beat Barcelona in the 2nd leg at The Camp Nou anyway

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  4. Davros

    £140,000 for Theo
    £130,000 for Mesut WC Ozil

    I guess I will never understand how football salaries work

    Don’t get me started on Rooney’s salary lol. That’s United’s problem anyway lol.

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    1. jonm

      As you say, Rooneys salary is manu problem. Thats £15.6m per year. Another way of looking at it is 60 000 home fans paying £13.70 each for every home PL game. Another way is 60 000 season ticket holders paying £260 per year just on rooneys wages.

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  5. Mick The Gooner

    Anyone see Debuchy’s comments about Wenger denying him a move to Man Utd? The guy is still an Arsenal player. I don’t like the fact that he comes out and says he’s annoyed that Arsenal didn’t let him go and play for a rival, or that it was a great opportunity for him. I never really took to Debuchy, but I’m really starting to dislike him now.

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    1. infumous25

      Let get ride of him sell him to Villa we can get a better second choice RB who would fight for his place rather than talk down the team due to his own is lack of ability

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    2. jonm

      Are you basing your opinion of Debuchy on what he actually said or what the papers are reporting. The quotes I have seen say that he was disappointed and he discussed it with wenger.

      The press will twist any statement, take it out of context, part report what was said just to get a story. He is still an arsenal player and may play for arsenal again. Remember a few years ago the press reported that wenger had promised a “spectacular” signing. When you read what wenger had actually said it was the exact opposite.

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    3. SoOpa AeoN

      Firstly, He should work on proving himself at bordeaux and getting himself into the france national team

      before being Licensed to talk trash to the media bout his predicaments at Arsenal

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  6. Twig

    With Welbeck’s return, it seems we’re going to have selection headaches, which is a good thing. The OX is growing game by game. Walcott broke his scoring drought finally. And the master of layoffs is getting even better at layoffs now. Hopefully, we can get Cazorla fit very soon, to continue from where he stopped with Coquelin.

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    1. GoonerLad

      Hope Welbeck gets played as a CF from now on, he’s a natural poacher and needs a few games to prove himself

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  7. SoOpa AeoN

    Barca denied making any contact!

    It was all a farce and a ploy by the stupefied media to unsettle the fans and the team….few weeks before the meet with the catalans

    what a Nonsensical approach!

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  8. Fatboy Gooney

    No club wants their best player’s to leave,
    But as the players even say themselves ” Anything can happen in football” ” You can never say never”
    And even though Özil and Sanchez are said to be happy with life, in London, there’s no guarantee that they will hang around without major silverware rolling in.

    Theres no way that Barcelona are going to admit to having talks with Özil’s agent 😂 Even though his agent has already said that many clubs have been enquiring about the player and normally when a player wants to attract interest from other clubs, they up their game 😉 Just like in the World cup and Euro’s!
    For the writer to say that the interest in Özil from Barcelona and other club’s are lies and that the fan’s need their head’s examined for believing in these rumours.. well thats just being nieve and arrogant, especially when we have history of our best player’s wanting out! And leaving.

    Yeah, apparently we are no longer a selling club 😂
    And if anyone really believes that then you’re the one that needs your head examined… For the right price, everything is for sale at Arsenal fc… and I mean everything! 😂

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

      Hahaha……… How much is fat gooney worth? I mean all the fleshy parts!

      His 100LTummy?
      His plumpy cheeks?
      His bubble B*tts?


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