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Mhkitaryan and Aubameyang can’t save Arsenal on their own

The ex-Dortmund pairing of Henrik Mhkitaryan and Pierrie-Emerick Aubameyang both arrived at Arsenal in January and they have both settled in quite quickly, and it was great to see them combine for the Gunners second and third goals against Watford last weekend.

Their arrival was maybe too little too late to help us out this season as we were already too far behind the Top Four to make any major challenge, but even if they do click, Shkrodan Mustafi believes that the whole team needs to click, not just our two new arrivals. “Obviously they’ve known each other for a long time, but football isn’t about one pair, or three players playing together,” Mustafi said on

“We need to find more solutions as a team playing from the back up to the front and through the whole team.

“We have to try to find more solutions so we can bring everyone’s strength [into play]. That’s when we are at our best, when we can play the way that everyone is playing at their strengths. Then we achieve different results.

“For Pierre, I think it’s a little bit too early to make a statement, because I think it needs time. He needs games to see how he’s going to settle.”

There is no doubt that they will be excellent additions to the squad, especially from next season, but Mustafi is right; What is the point of having a brilliant attacking force if our defenders act like headless chickens and our midfield simply doesn’t have enough talent to compete with the best. My only hope is that having these two in the side will convince other top players that it is worth the risk of coming to Arsenal and challenging for honours once again, which we are not going to do without some major changes.

Darren N

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28 thoughts on “Mhkitaryan and Aubameyang can’t save Arsenal on their own

  1. qone

    we have to first of all to strenghten the defence. back when mr. graham was manager tje first thing was he had a good back four. once we scored it was difficult to concede. ġooner = for ever

    1. neil

      Well 2-0 up should see Barca thru…
      Nothing against Giroud but both he and Sanchez moved for CL matches and out already….

      BUT… remember we have done nothing yet ! Would be just like us to lose 3-0 after getting first leg lead .. fingers and everything crossed for tomorrows game! COYG

  2. John0711

    They cannot save us with wenger in charge. And what all this “ Wenger is the most decorated manager after fergie” coming from the AKB
    I hope they realise he’s been in the job longer than anyone

      1. John0711

        Ken please explain ?

        Nice to see you back by the way !

        If he’s in the job a lot longer he’s had more chance to win things however there are two Majors trophies the CL and the PL
        How many have we won in over 20 years ?
        And then look at the moment met he’s spent

        1. Ken 1945

          Ive never been away, just following my club from Scotland down to England and back a few times.
          Let’s answer your questions.
          First of all, who many times have we won the CL in the last 20 years?
          Exactly the same amount of times we have won it since the formation of the competition. A big fat zero.
          But we did get to the final in 2005/6 and the semi final in 2008/9.
          Your right, I’m missing it too, but you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone eh? Still, the media told us it was never a trophy so I guess the Europa is a good substitute.

          How many times have we won the FA cup in the last 20 years?
          7 but just 13 times in our history. Still, those 7 have made us the most successful club in the competition.
          I put those facts in as I believe they are relevant to the original statement regarding Wenger..

          How many times have we won the PL in the last twenty years?
          3 and in the 101 years that we have been in the top flight of football, we have won the competition … but you must know that, so I’ll let you work out the better average over the 101 years versus 20 years.

          I think you last point is how much money the CLUB HAS SPENT in the last 20 years. Don’t know that sorry. I will hazard a guess though that its not as much as clubs such as City, United, Chelsea, Liverpool and maybe even the Spuds?
          But I suppose tht’s a unfair comparision as we did spend a little bit of revenue on a new stadium, none of the above clubs have had that expenditure.
          I know we have opposite opinions regarding Wenger and I do respect your views.
          Despite that and the facts above, I do believe it is time for Arsene to go.
          I hope we win the Europa cup, then he can go out on the high I believe he deserves and you will have your new manager (who I will support of course).
          Seems like the perfect ending to me!

  3. gotanidea

    Only richer and more ambitious owner and manager can save Arsenal

    If we can replace Kroenke with Sheikh Mansour or Abramovich and Wenger with Guardiola, we would see a big change

    1. John Ibrahim

      so the fans wants the club to be the next city and Psg…?

      abramovich has been quiet since his divorce..and hes no match for the Sheikh

  4. Sue

    No they can’t, but I’m glad we have them & with a couple of cb’s, gk & dm in the summer, the future is looking bright!!!

  5. Robin Vanpayslip V2.1 (now with cojones - firmware update to increase cojones to Chuck Norris levels)

    In PEA and Ozil we have the coolest players on the league. That is all that concerns me.


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