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Middlesbrough v Arsenal Match Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

Arsenal make the long trip north to take on Middlesbrough for tonight’s Monday Night Football clash, in a match which will have huge ramifications on both ends of the table.

The Gunners have their usual spot in the top-four under intense pressure currently, with a huge upturn in fortunes needed to leapfrog two of Liverpool, Manchester United or Manchester City. At the other end of the table, Boro sit six points behind the safety zone, albeit with two games in hand, and a loss today would put their Premier League life in jeopardy.

Tonight’s hosts come into the match without a win in their last seven outings, losing five of those, and are amongst those least in form in the division, so it’s no surprise that the Gunners are the hot favourites on Betfair UK. But we are also in a little bit of a crisis, with the worst form of the top seven of the division, with our recent win against West Ham posing as our only three point gain since February.

Tonight’s match is a must-win for both sides, and I will be disappointed if the players don’t show that with some fight and fluency.

We may be boosted by the returns of key duo Laurent Koscielny and Petr Cech, who Arsene Wenger claimed were ‘80% likely’ to be fit to feature. David Ospina and Lucas Perez are still believed to be sidelined along with long-term absentee Santi Cazorla.

Predicted XI:

Bellerin  Koscielny  Mustafi  Gibbs
Elneny   Xhaka
Walcott        Ozil       Alexis

As painful as the past months have been, and with our side having won only one of our last eight away days, I still can’t bring myself to expect any less than a win against today’s opponents. Their form is woeful even in comparison to ours, and our players are more than capable of picking themselves up and getting their heads on.

I’m going for a 2-0 win, and expect Boro to try and play out a stalemate, which I think may get them to half-time before we break through.

Can our boys dust themselves on and get our top-four hopes back alive? Do players need to start playing for their Arsenal careers with an overhaul speculated?

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18 thoughts on “Middlesbrough v Arsenal Match Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

  1. Muffdiver

    We win
    Theo.comes out talks smack
    Then we get humbled by city at weekend

    Wash rinse repeat

    The year 2024
    The manager…u guess lol

  2. ramterta

    middlesborough are no walkovers for arsenal .
    Were it not for cech they would have won 2 0 at the emirates
    Given our form they might even have a better chance of winning this than we do

  3. gotanidea

    If they keep using that stiff and predictable 4-2-3-1, it will not be a good spectacle. The distances between the players are too far and there is no good playmaker in the team. After twenty years of managing the same team, Wenger still cannot create a good foundation for Arsenal’s football. I wonder whether he ever learns from Barcelona’s games. Arsenal always plays with the basics of football, their players always play with one or two touches, then release the ball quickly without too much thinking. This also happens to the other Premiere League clubs. No wonder the league quality became lower each year, as shown in the Champions League. I hope Guardiola can show the concept better in the next season.

  4. Goonerboy

    Guys just take it easy pls, we can’t always be negative and harsh on every article, that’s not good enough…
    It would have been better if Wenger and his players are reading the comment but they don’t so let’s make this forum interesting for ourselves..

    Having said that, I think my line-up will differ a little..Mustafi needs a rest and Giroud and Ox will come in handy..and Ramsey will be fine IF Mboro decide to sit deep., Hence;





    3-0 to Arsenal…coyg!!

  5. Arsenal_Girl

    Put Alexis up front
    Let him get his 20+ goals
    He is still on 18. He scores more often when he is up front
    Giroud scores once in a while
    If we had kept him up front he would be up there with Lukaku

    Put Welbeck or Iwobi on the Left

    1. evans

      Am surprised u thinking of Sanchez being up there with lukaku . The whole team is playing some sick and disgusting football including him .

      We get beaten and he behaves like an Angel but he gets the ball and he want to dribble everyone. Am sick and tired of people thinking that if he leaves , we won’t get anyone to replace him. Who knew that Ade will do a fantastic job when Henry left ? We will always get someone to cheer and be happy about .

  6. evans

    The truth is that I hope we get beaten which if course looks likely to happen. Middlesbrough will only have to play in some high balls and we will be done for . This will continue my dream of Wenger leaving. City will beat us at the weekend too because their team will fight for the cup match .

    I can’t believe some people still want Wenger to stay . It’s beyond madness.

    1. Deci23

      What if we lose and Wenger still stays? For all we know he could have signed a contract extension already and might be waiting till the end of the season to tell us so we don’t riot and effect the atmosphere at the games any more than we have been with the protests.

      I want Wenger to leave like most of us but unless I know for sure that losing matches like today’s one will guarantee his departure I’m not so sure I would want us to lose the game.

      If people want Wenger to leave they should hurt the boards pockets by refusing to renew season tickets unless Wenger leaves and boycotting matches not sitting at home hoping each game is a defeat.

  7. Arsenal_Girl

    DM is a HUGE problem

    When you have Elney and don’t believe that Coquelin is a bigger improvement, you know you have a problem

    I don’t mind if we get a Top Box2Box player who is excellent defensively
    But there is a big hole in our central midfield

    And actually with Xhaka not impressing and Cazorla injured that hole is bigger

    We need to sort out the Back of Central midfield, LB, another Top Forward desperately in the summer….Oh and another Manager

  8. Chairman gallant

    Stop predicting our results.These days even a Boro side can beat us cos Arsenal is easy to beat ,with a stubbon and rigid manager.This match can be a win, a defeat or a draw.Simple.

  9. Trudeau

    Here’s how I’m staying sane for the rest of the season. I can never hope for Arsenal to lose, so if they win I’m happy. Now though, if they lose I’m thinking that new contract gets a bit further away for Wenger. So if they lose I’m happy.

    It’s win-win from here on out.

    1. Deci23

      Well said. For me, I think I’d say that I expect arsenal to lose or draw because I don’t have any faith in the squad. I don’t even think they believe in themselves.

      I definitely don’t want them to lose. This is AFC where talking about not City or Chelsea so I don’t think us losing this game or any other has any impact on Wenger’s future at the club. The board don’t even have a back up contingency replacement. Wenger has tenure. He will stay at the club until he wants to leave.

      In the past Wenger has said that he would only leave when the club is in a strong position. If he didn’t leave last season when we had our strongest finish in over 10 years or the season before when we won the FA cup and finished 3rd what makes people so sure Wenger would leave if we finished 6th or 7th.

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