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Mike K- Can Wenger really solve Arsenal’s problems?

As the season moves forward with the up and down drama that a Premier League season promises, Arsenal have struggled to find their feet and with so many notably poor performances against the less favoured sides in the league questions must be raised about the attitude of the current squad.

Arsene Wenger is under pressure to deliver and now faces a task of steadying the sinking ship that is Arsenal Football club. The boss is struggling and, due to his stubborn nature, he refuses to face the cold truth about himself and his weak squad. Arsenal lack quality in various positions and more worrying they lack competition all over the pitch. It has meant senior players like Vermaelen and Sagna have kept their place in the team whilst their performances haven’t been up to standard and the boss is lacking suitable cover.

As Arsenal enter the Winter transfer window the fans have been flooded by an assortment of transfer targets but nothing tangible as of yet which is similar to other years. Wenger seems to have finally understood why the fans are so frustrated and his recent media comments have finally shown a change of heart (a few years late). But with the type of players he/the board have allowed to leave you can see a distinctive difference of opinion between the fan base and the men who wear the suits about the status of this club.

This only makes Wenger’s job harder as the fans will no longer accept cheap replacements for big outgoing players. Alex Ferguson is probably pinching himself everyday wondering how he got Van Persie from his once bitter rivals. It’s embarrassing for a proud man like Wenger and seeing his once talismanic striker aiding Man Utd to another possible title makes him look very stupid and also questions the priorities of the decision makers at the club.

Football is a results game and unfortunately Arsenal’s results haven’t matched up to the stature of the club and this, coupled with the main issues at the Emirates, makes Wenger’s job just a little more impossible and given his almost arrogance in the past few years the fans have little confidence in his ability and this has created a divide amongst them as the for/against debate surrounding ‘Le Prof’ rages on with more people slowly losing faith in him.

Over the past 12 months it has become apparent that Wenger isn’t the problem and is merely part of a bigger problem at Arsenal which has seen world class players leaving for pastures new whilst Wenger is forced to settle for sub standard cut price replacements to feed the pockets of greedy shareholders who only seem interested in taking. These hidden figures at the top seem to not mind selling top players who could potentially help the club win titles to fund this profit addiction created by the cost of a new stadium and the success of Wenger’s conveyor belt. This has seen the club for example go from Cole to Clichy to Gibbs and unfortunately, for each replacement, they are weaker than the man before them. This is sadly true all over the pitch and personally the last time I remember Wenger buying a player in a position stronger than his current 1st choice at the time was when he signed Sagna who leapfrogged Eboue which was in 2007.

As an Arsenal fan it is sad that, realistically, the club is only able to look at the F.A Cup to end this 8 year drought, with most people looking at the tie against Bayern Munich as a step too far for this team. Even if they were to get through, its hard to see Arsenal winning the UCL ahead of the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Dortmund or Juventus without some major luck. The last month has seen Arsenal win some games and begin the process of turning around another poor start to a campaign, but the Southampton game represents a recent trend for Arsenal which belittles the desire and hunger of this team, as they seem to be unable to motivate themselves in games where they are clear favourites, especially away from home.

This has made the fans of club look unloyal as they are all too ready to celebrate victories but then turn away when the team isn’t winning and going through turbulence. How many times have we seen the Emirates packed with joyful fans celebrating a temporary victory in comparison to the team being booed off at HT or FT when the result doesn’t correspond maybe a week later?

I feel as if Wenger’s role has become more of an executive one similar to a Director of Football or a Technical Director rather than solely manager and this myopia has meant he ignores micro issues that are affecting the club that slowly develop and become worrying trends.

The frustration has made this period make or break for the whole club as so many issues the club face have reached boiling point. Solutions are needed ASAP!! ”

P.S although the quality of the writing in this post may be questioned however the points raised cannot be ignored.

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159 thoughts on “Mike K- Can Wenger really solve Arsenal’s problems?

  1. mohawk35

    @kay I have no idea what Ramsey’s poor play has to do with Bradford but if loaning Ramsey to Bradford means we don’t have to suffer watching him play for Arsenal any more then I am all for it.

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  2. john 3:16

    If we don’t finish in the top 4 this season Wenger should resign or be sacked

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  3. goonner

    well some of you just dont see that this team can go nowhere without AT LEAST 2 quality signings, we need about 4 quality signings to make a proper team that can be rotated..

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  4. saras


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  5. jack

    no wenger cannot fix the problems he hasn’t a bloody clue can’t even motivate the players.Dithers about in the transfers offer stupid amounts below availuations this guy is a total moron we will win nothing again with him as manager and no i don’t want him upstairs either because he will just fuc- it up for the new manager as well

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  6. NIKK

    Afraid our socialist model does not allow for a world class signing therefore doubt if we will ever be in a position to challenge for League or Champions League again!

    Kronke is not going to sell out sometimes soon, nor the board is going to waiver from its self sustainability path.

    Although financially we are in better position now, going forward revenue will decline compared to Utd City & Chelsea, as we fail to attract new fans & existing disillusioned fans drift away. Thousand of tickets are still availabe for Liverpool match on the 30th of Jan…unheard of only couple of years back.

    Message to the socialist Board is Be careful what you wish for!

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  7. Alex o

    Modric is wanted by city, chelsea and manu
    and we want that wigan midfielder … if we keep signing these players and sell our few class players we will turn into a top 10 team! And with wengers transfer policy that will happen. Its just soo anoying that he is so stuporn

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  8. ripple

    I have read very few comments here criticizing Arsenal play in the game today. But that does not stop others from accusing these fans of disloyalty.

    Most of the criticism here is for Wenger and his ridiculous decisions or the Board and their business model. Is that disloyal also? If so, we are all in trouble.

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  9. gooneray

    He has built this problem. But he will never admit he has a problem so no he cant solve it. The first step to solving it is to know you have a problem in the first place

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  10. landi

    Get isco,villa and a defender

    Get Pep guardiola too

    play cazorla like a LW like inesta, and diaby,wilshere,isco to creat our midfield. vila on top with walcott on the wing.

    now i should stop dreaming lol

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  11. mohawk35

    @ Alex I agree your overall point. But I was excited to hear about the rumor of signing a mid-fielder from Wigan in hopes that this just might move Ramsey down the pecking order but I know I am only dreaming.

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  12. CRABBY

    I hate to say this but we need Pep Guardiola who will have fresh ideas and get our attacking quality back and attract quality signings as I feel Wenger has lost his touch, his Tactics have been shocking and I don’t think he is training the players very well!

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  13. ripple

    @gooneray THANK YOU. SPOT ON. Wenger thinks his critics are the problem.

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  14. kay

    wenger’s brigade on these forum needs to be passionate with fans that wants the club to move to the next stage,the club is 4-5yrs behind other promising clubs,we need a united forum with same ideology so as to avoid total catastrophe.
    Mr.Bean has lost it and we need to push him up into the office as finance minister rather than a technical don’t need an owl eyes to navigate what the problem is at the mo.before it get out of hand.

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  15. jibber


    Thx for the stats, but it really isn’t any new finding. I do remember other’s on this site stating the same with similar stats.

    But I think the stat says more than just “Ramsey is bad”
    I don’t think Ramsey is chaotic, but he is definitely disruptive. And that boils down to him not fitting into our game.

    Every game i see him start, no matter what position he plays, he seems to confine his role strictly to what he was told. he doesn’t possess the tactical awareness that is needed to play in arsenal, and could never fill in for other players out of position.

    that also means he’s an extremely rigid player, and could only thrive if he plays a rigid system, or that a team needs to be built around him. None of which would happen even if arsenal goes down to a mid table team.

    on another note, Ramsey is also playing by the book down to the T. Which is probably Y Wenger likes to play him.
    Even though he never performs his task effectively, he does it regardless.
    As a CAM he plays several passes upfront often to no effect. He would also try to dribble into the box and finds himself too close to the goal keeper to pass.
    If he does find the space to shoot, he would try but would end up too weak, too short, too wide…just never really clinical.

    As the box to box player, he runs mad in the middle channel off the ball, but often runs into bad spaces that couldn’t get the pass. He also wouldn’t run beyond the striker much and hence lacks the edge to cut through defenses centrally. He also try long shots when he’s out of ideas, but that’s way too often given his lack of tactical awareness, hence 1 too many glory hunting shots.

    As wings, he does all the textbook stuff again, and i would repeat myself here…
    the idea is, he just couldn’t perform but he tries hard.
    whether or not he needs a loan or should he be sold is a different topic. But Wenger needs to stop starting him for a good while before letting him in again.

    the same goes for starting Giroud, who is gd as a Arsenal plan B, but can never be plan A if his finishing is so lack luster, and only his headers are consistently accurate.

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  16. gary

    Lots of people say we need 4 or 5 signings. I’d love that and I think 4 or 5 players in would make a difference but I don’t think any amount of signings will make a difference. We could sign Messi and Ronaldo and still play like this because of the attitude of the MANAGER.

    We need to stop using pathetic excuses. Saying that we were nervous for the corner when Swansea equalized.

    Any Arsenal player nervous against Swansea must either be making his debut or about to be shown the EXIT DOOR.

    Which one of our 10 full internationals and arteta was nervous today. Our defence consisted of two very experienced player and another two full internationals with a couple of years at the club playing regularly. Nervous really? Might be time to play in the championship where it’s less nerve wracking.

    Our midfield was Wilshire, Ramsey, Ateta and Cazorla. Are we to believe the leading star of his generation, a spanish international in the team who won everything and the former captain of Wales with 25 international caps and 85 club appearances were NERVOUS? really. Or Maybe it was Arteta who was nervous after how many years in the premiership?

    Or maybe it was Giroud and Walcott who were nervous, again two full internationals, both well paid, both signed by WENGER.

    They were not nervous. If they were we have been nervous for about 7 years because for the last 7 years or so we have been about as able to defend a set piece as the local Women’s Institute 2nd XI.

    We could sign the best XI players in the world but as long as Arsene shelters them from the reality of their poor performances they will deteriorate and lose motivation.

    Today was another poor result just like all the others. Arsene should be telling the players that. If they are nervous against Swansea then they should leave Arsenal and go and play for a team like Swansea and then they wouldn’t have nerves because they would be at a small (championship) club and wouldn’t be put in this situation.

    Or maybe it was

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  17. snakeoil

    It is not that Wenger CANNOT solve the problem, it is that he WILL NOT.

    Just when you think that Wenger is just beginning to come around and meet us at the corner of sanity and reality….

    he then starts Ramsey again ahead of capable and qualified players and throws in one or two other bad decisions just to spite his critics and then we know he has not seen the light at all.

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  18. Nick

    After reading Wenger’s latest comments about our socialist wage system it only puts more absolute responsibility on him for our transfer activity. He is the overlord of the team and transfer activity and as much as he’s done for Arsenal you can only live in the past for so long. If this team that’s he’s staked his reputation and ego on don’t qualify for the champions league at minimum he needs to gracefully walk away.

    If we don’t see some serious top class additions in Jan and a espouse from the players we have then we’d better be ready for a very long & painful few months.

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  19. AK-45 Gunner

    Wat was Rosicky doing on the bench. I tot Jerkinson was in form b4 Sagna came back, where is he. Wenger give carzola a rest!

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    Socialist model means paying 50-70k for players that sit on the bench with a manager that earns 7m per year for winning nothing. Sounds like a gravey train….I though bankers were a laughing stock until I realised that AFC is not a football club anymore ….just a badly run business that pays its managers for failure.

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  21. GP

    Blame Ramsey all you want.
    He played in a cup final before most of his team mates.
    Cardiff City got enough out of him at aged 17 to make us and Man Utd go all out to get him.He probably regrets this move more than his abusers.
    What ever you lot say about him, it still comes back to Wenger’s mis management of good players.
    Ramsey does not need Arsenal or the abuse.
    Time and ability is on his side. A change of boss or a change of club will prove all the abusers wrong.
    Ramsey is a good player and worth more to us than Diaby.
    you pull out statistics to support how often we loose with him starting games but the common link is Wenger is always in charge.
    All Ramsey has got from us is abuse and steel pins in his ankle….Shocking

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  22. ripple

    Let us face reality. The board cares only about their fiduciary responsibility to stockholders – profits. Nothing else. Their business model relies on 2 things: full ticket sales/merchandising and champions league football.

    Only when one or both of those two elements are disrupted will the model change. Until then… 3rd or 4th place is likely the best we can hope for unless we get one of those magic season football miracles.

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  23. ripple

    @GP I want to scream. Nobody is BLAMING Ramsey! Can you not read. We are blaming Wenger. Ramsey is a symptom and has now sadly become a the embodiment of Wenger’s loss of sanity. Wenger made that happen, not Ramsey.

    Ramsey cannot play top level football, that is beyond question. He has been awful the last 2 seasons. The reasons why no longer matter. But that is not a blame thing. Wenger starts Ramsey – Ramsey just does what the coach says. It is Wenger’s fault completely and utterly.

    How does that sink in. The lack of critical and logical thinking sometimes amazes me.

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  24. Wilshere

    The only problem we av r those fans buyin tickets 2 watch arsenal n akb’s…some fans won’t realize d truth until we get relegated…the highest go goal scorer in our has nt signed yet..buh d worst player which z ramsey got his contract renewed..arsenal is no more a top4 team…

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  25. true gooner

    Formerly Arsenal Football Club, Now Arsene Football Club. Formerly Competing for the EPL title with Manchester United, Now Competing for 4th Place with Westbrom, Tottengham and Everton. Formerly the Pride Of London, Now Lost the Crown to Chelsea. Wenger recent Statement about Player Salaries and the influence he has @ Arsenal Shows that he is the Major Problem with the Club. He has no shame and won’t resign honourably. Usmanov should forcefully take Over and Wenger Should be sacked ASAP. Del Bosque was Sacked after winning the CL with Real Madrid, Rickaard was sacked after winning the CL with Barca. And for Wenger Supporters who say Guardiola won’t do a better Job because Barca still do fine even after his departure, Well, It was Pep that brought out the best in Messi. Pep alongside Gilanova had the template for success. Messi said he became this good because of Pep, that under Rickaard, he was not given that freedom. So it was the hardwork of Pep and Gilanova that Barca is enjoying now. Ronaldiho and Deco were Sold. Messi was not in the Barca team we played against in CL final 2006.So Wenger is not Better than Del Bosque and Rickaard that despite winning CL were sacked. We Arsenal Fans should Know that Wenger is the Sole Problem. Even Steve Bould will do better than him. Sack Wenger and let Bould be the Manager till when Guardiola is thru with his Sabatical. It is not the Fault of the Board that we lost Carling Cup Final to Birmingham, It is not the Board Fault that we Drew Newcastle after going 4 goals up. It is not the Board Fault that we conceded 4 goals against AC Milan in the First Leg Of CL at San Siro. It is not the Fault of the Board that we decided to loan out Arshavin to Zenith in February while we were still in CL Competition. We had to Play AC Milan without Attacking midfielders due to injuries to Rosicky. Arshavin was loaned out to Zenith because he needed games to get a chance at the euros, to the detriment of Arsenal. He should have Played against AC Milan @ the Emirates.Last January transfer window, we only brought in Eisfield, who is yet to feature in any EPL game. These are just few Bizarre decisions by Wenger. Wenger won’t pay a player above 100K, but he earns more than Fergusson.Guardiola won 2 CL titles in a space of four years, developed the template for success which Gilanova is working on. So, Wenger is our problem. He should be sacked.

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  26. mohawk35

    @GP Wenger is of course in complete denial and lives in a fantasy world regarding his love child, Ramsey. But I am heartened to realize from your comments that at least he has a little company.

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  27. caribgooner

    Honestly i am just tired of that whole Wenger/Ramsey issue.. when Brendon Rogers took over from Dalglish he was adamant that some player were not part of his plans..that saw Carol and a few others go…sold or loaned out…Mark my words if AFC ever has a new manager the first to go will be Ramsey and Gervinho…You see Wenger finds it difficult to admit it when he is wrong or have made a mistake ..and that for me is the problem with AFC…
    Mourinho is right Wenger has an easy job..he is under no pressure…Wenger will hate it if Usmanov takes over the club..that means he will be under pressure to perform..
    honestly i am really starting to dislike this guy…
    As cute as the AFC kit is next season i am not buying it

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  28. kay

    @gunner,wenger is now under pressure from both his board and the fans thats the reason why he’s now talking like a parrot,more revelation cominng soon,wait till revenue that plunging.
    Money is the begginning of all evil snd once the club revenue starts going down then wenger will see the other side of his board disciple

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  29. Thebiggestgooner

    Wenger is not to blame
    We have too many players who now think they are better than they are, namely;
    From these names above the only 2 that may rediscover previous form and become world class is Sagna and vermalen (Sagna will be sold in the summer though).
    Replace the shit and get a bigger squad creating more competition for places, until then things won’t improve and are looking pretty ominous for all us gooners.
    P.S when will the club and player stop bull shitting us and let us know that our now best player (theo) will be leaving us for FREE in the summer.
    Bring back the highbury days
    Why did we swap a full squad of world class players and success for a stadium with f**k all atmosphere!!!!!

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  30. snakeoil

    @GP You are right. Ramsey is not to blame. Rather it is the type of thinking (or lack thereof) so cearly represented in your comments.

    For my next writing endeavor I have decided to honor Ramsey as an honorary subject in my new book entitled, “Ramsey’s Rise to Greatness and Other Footbal Fair Tales of the 21st Century”

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  31. gary

    Ramsey was a tallented central midfielder who came back from a bad injury and hasn’t rediscovered anything like the same form.

    however before his injury he was never considered a winger. Why would Wenger think that the way to get Ramsey back on track would be to play him out of position?

    Oh wait the reason is if it works Wenger will claim to be the messiah, if it doesn’t he’ll blame it on the player and not his methods.

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  32. AFC

    Wenger is a top top manager without any doubt. I have been an Arsenal fan for over 15 years, and I will always defend his ideas and ways. Everyone talks about not getting through Bryan without even playing the match half you fake fans are giving us no chance to win when we have plenty of chances to win. Walcott this, Walcott that, he hasn’t done nothing since his hat trick against Newcastle and his problem he can’t get his head out of his a**, and I am not saying he’s a bad player, but he has to focus and stop inflating his head and ego. We have a good team with several new players, it will take us time to gel. Start being realistic and give us time and singer will do his job and stop being fake fans. And by the way yes Gibbs isn’t a Cole, but he is an extremely bright star and will be a good solid player for our team. Ramsey is another young player which none of you are giving time to develop, look how bad Jenkinson was against Man U last year and look at his development now….it takes time!!!!!!!!!

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  33. mohawk35

    @jibber What you say has merit.

    I am, however, so sick of Wenger and Ramsey. If we were fans for any other top team around Europe we would not need to analyze Ramsey’s poor play and the reasons behind it. He would have been sent packing long ago.

    The 2nd 3rd and 4th choice players for Dortmund, for example, are proven players far more capable of actually performing. The players on the reserve squad are awesome. With Ramsey, all you get is “potential” and “talent” and “future star” and “needs time” and all the other words that don’t mean a thing unless you can actually do something positive on the pitch.

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  34. Richard

    It is in Silent Stans interest that we are not successful as then maintaining that level will cost a lot of money that could have been left in the bank, also to achieve that level of success will cost huge amounts of money as the team has been run down so much, so are the money crunchers going to do that. Don’t be silly we make more by not having ambitions.

    Lets all cheer not the “invincibles” but a new name of the “Profitables”

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  35. ripple

    @Charlie George: Very clever thinking. At first I balked at your description of Arsenal’s business model as “Socialist.” I thought their model was pure capitalism and I suggest it is in the overall view. The board does not care about football glory only profits.

    But you have identified the socialist aspect of their model – the salary structure which is indeed nearly totally socialist. The weaker producers profit while the better producers suffer relatively.

    I had not thought of it that way before but you are absolutely correct. Thanks.

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  36. Bunmilee

    I strongly feel we had enough of Wenger’s mediocre statements, he has completely lost touch with present football realities, arsenal fans are great and well informed fans, and would not be subjected to accepting second best as their best. Wenger now defends shambolic performances by the players and tries to play games with words. The fact that we can not compete favouraby with the likes of ManU, Mancity, Barca, Real Madrid but now struggles with teams like Swansea, Southampton, Wigan and Bradford is an indication of how bad the situation is right now. It is certain Arsene Wenger has given his best in the times past and he needs to step down. I am really sad with Arsenal present form and our pride is being eroded. I was really mad to hear him say He had to choose between Demba Ba and Giroud when its quite clear that Ba will provide sharp attack needed to keep arsenal in contention. What Wenger implied was that we are stalked with his choice of Giroud. Loosing Demba ba to Chelsea is one of too many blunders of Wenger in the recent time. I am just fed up with Wenger’s stubborn and aimless approach as a coach. WE NEED A CHANGE PLEASE.

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  37. snakeoil

    @gary Ramsey may or not have been a “talented” midfielder in the past. I remember him as having mostly positive performances – nothing special, but positve.

    However, none of his past potential or performances mean a thing. Can he perform now? Based on the past 2 seasons, the answer is a clear and resounding, NO.

    The “injury” excuse lost it’s luster and it’s relevance long ago.

    Professional Football is a results-oriented business. Many fine young football “talents” never reached their predicted futures of glory and were thus relegated to other than top level football.

    Is Ramsey the one “special” person who’s poor play should somehow be ignored, or forgiven or excused game after game or year after year? If so, why him and not the thousands of other “talented” footballers before him whose names are now lost to time and history? Should one person be consigned to representing the path to mediocrity for the team and the millions of fans?

    It is time to let go of the myth and grab the mantle of reality and sanity.

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  38. MattGooner

    can someone tell me WHY does Walcott take all the free kicks and corners when he continues to fail. Arteta tried to take a couple today but then Walcott stopped him

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  39. ripple

    There is way too much emotion and far too little critical thinking when it comes to Ramsey.

    I notice that comments which harshly critize (tell the truth about) Ramsey’s performances are met with “thumbs down” ratings.

    Yet other comments which articulate his inability to perform well combined with with words of compassion, and understanding – these comments are rated highly and receive a more positive response.

    And yet, the facts and the solutions are the same for both types of comments – Ramsey has not been able to play anywhere near to Arsenal standards and he hurts the team and Wenger is making a mistake by playing him when better players are available.

    Whether you like or dislike Ramsey is really irrelevant, Wenger is the problem and an Arsenal 1st team without Ramsey is part of the solution.

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  40. Idris Muhammad Ameen Rogo

    I think is better for Wenger to leave gunners to replace him with Morinho or Gurdiola.

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  41. villa123

    simple answer- he doesn’t have the guts to rectify his mistakes. so as long as he is there as a manager, we will never be back on top of the league.

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  42. villa123

    beating bayern.. its better den the 2012 end of the world humour. u sud watch football sometimes.

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  43. gunner

    mate, i agree with what you said about jenkinson and gibbs and giving them a chance. BUT to say that wenger is a top, top manager and you will support him and his ideas is completely outrageous because for a manager that says that we have to sell our star players in order to make profit is ludicrous. arsenal is in decline and every body sees that but it’s people like you that do not do anything about it and support wenger and his ideas is like; seeing someone get murdered and not doing anything about it, as a result you will be arrested because you will have contributed to murder because you allowed it to happen. so if you just sit there and support wenger, even if he makes mistakes and his ideas are ridiculous, and watch arsenal fall on its knees than you will have contributed to arsenal’s downfall because you allowed it to happen and supported the person who made arsenal fall on its knees.

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  44. Nick from Portugal

    Despicable and ignorant attacks on Ramsey. Arsenal supporters support Arsenal players. he could have scored a couple today, had a couple of assists and then we would have heard nothing, until the next time. Equally ignorant attacks on Wenger, so he goes out and blows 40 million on some player and suddenly he’ll be top of the hit parade again. You can buy success but it only lasts as long as you keep buying and buying and that means big debts and long term problems. Ramsey is a young player who has just committed his mid term future to us with no fuss, not like Mr Walcott. Do we support him, no, we slag him of course. What a bunch of tossers we are.

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  45. GP

    I am old enough not to fall apart if someone disagrees with me.
    I dont know how you seperate criticism on this level from blame.
    The sarcasm about writing a book is all good as well.
    I find myself wanting to back Ramsey because i know he is an easy target and is taking flack his manager should be getting.
    After 8 years of failure what high level are we talking about.
    Our best players have left the building guys.
    The manager and the board have made sure our standard is lower than we want it to be.Dont screem at me or Ramsey screem at them.
    I have been laughed at for defending Ramsey but you seem to agree with me about Wenger which supports my point.
    He is in charge. we were failing before Ramsey arrived and better players have been sold.
    I respectfully hold my view…happy for you all to do the same fellas.

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  46. ripple

    @Nick from Portugal You gave…. Despicable and ignorant remarks about Ramsey. Fans don’t attack HIM. They criticize Wenger for choosing poor players over good players. Ramsey just happens to be a poor player. I am a weak player also. Do you want me to be on the team?
    I am a nice fellow also?

    Do you have a picture of Ramsey on your bedroom wall?

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  47. ripple

    @GP Try using your brain. I think you have a poster of Ramsey on your bedroom wall to bid you nighty night.

    If Ramsey was African or perhaps Uruguayan, do you think people like you would watch him play horribly each season and still support him? Where are all the cries for other weak performers to play each week? What about Park or Gervinho or Squillachi, or Denilson? Where are all you compassionate fans demanding that they play each week because they are really nice guys?

    Ramsey is protected because he a Wenger experiment and love child and the fans love him because he is a British teen idol. But he is no Arsenal-quality footballer.

    You hypocrisy is breathtaking.

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  48. snakeoil

    @GP Strawman Arguments. What are you talking about? Who is falling apart? You make no sense.

    Ramsey is a bad player. I am sorry if you really wish he were a good player but he is not. So why would you insist that the rest of us who enjoy football lower our standards because somehow you think Ramsey is special or something.

    If you want Ramsey then take him yourself and start your own team. Do you want Arsenal to get relegated? If we had a few more Ramseys that is what would happen. I am shocked that fans actually take it personally when fans recognize the reality of Ramsey’s play.

    I hope Ramsey lives a rich and fruitful life. But I don’t want him to ruin football for millions. Get it. Finally.

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  49. Nick from Portugal

    Ramsey is so bad that we had to fight Man U for his signature, he is so bad he was made capatin of his national team, he plays in the same position (when he is played in position) as Jack W, how do you think Jack would play if he was stuck on the right wing (left footed). I actually do have a picture of Ramsey on my bedroom wall because he plays for Arsenal and the team is on the wall.He plays very badly sometimes, so does Theo, Jack, sometimes Arsene gets it wrong, he probably did today not playing Rosisky but they are my team and I support them through thick and thin and I don’t go all bitchy and negative if they don’t win a game and I don’t want them all sacked because they have played poorly. I remember what Wenger has done for the club and what he still can, maybe we should bring Mourinho in for some lying, some cheating, some intimidation of referees, or how about getting Pep in so he can have a sabbatical after two years?

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  50. GP

    Talking of pictures on the wall. are you lot sharing a room?
    I did not accuse you of falling apart. my point is that it is not the end of the world if someone disagrees with me which you have a right to do.I made that clear
    The one thing you need to know is that your words are are as meaningful to me as Wenger’s.
    Even though we agreed on most of the points that’s not enough for you… Thanks for crediting me with a brain though.
    Lets just ignore each other eh!

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  51. john

    Socialist my arse if they really cared about the money why dont lower the ticket prices for the fans

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  52. Joe

    First of all i would like everyone to shut up about sagna. He joined in 2007 and has been so consistant for us and he’s had a couple of bad games in a row and your all calling for his head, and you expect these players to show “Loyalty” when you fans have none for yourself.

    I 100% agree something needs to change at Arsenal but i really don’t think its the manager, Wenger’s trying to pull of another miracle with a below par squad this season. If a new manager comes in what do you think will happen? 5 new signings? 70m spent in one transfer window? NO.

    The fact of the matter in Arsenal FC new what the consequences were when they decided to build the Emerates hence why they started building when we were at the top of the english game, the stadium needs to be funded and Wenger’s been tasked with the job of balancing the books season after season which has usually been player sales. So Wenger is trying to do all this including his coaching/managing responsibilities and trying to get into the top4 on a shoestring budget.

    Guess what when we came close to winning things in 2008/2010 Wenger created young teams from scratch for peanuts. He overachieved almost and we thought this was a new era at arsenal, fact of the matter is the new era wont start until were cleared of this debt and can compete with the other clubs when FFP comes into play.

    No other manager could take on all the responsibilities Wenger has at the club work on a shoestring budget compared to the other clubs and have to balance the books at the end of every year as well as ensuring a top4 finish and getting the best out of players he’s had to buy at 1/3rd of the price he sold the players before them for.

    It really is such a shame if wenger doesn’t get the chance to lead Arsenal to trophies when we eventually start to compete again. I can honestly say that in 10 years time we will all be looking back and saying ” That man changed the club for the future” He will only get praise when he’s gone.

    Lets face the facts, were not competing at the moment but we will eventually. A new manager wont change a thing only worsen our situation and the board no that and you may all think there stupid and no nothing about football but they do know about football more then we do thats why there investing money into Arsenal. Arsenal’s board are not taking a penny from all these player sales like you all seem to think they are, sure they will get there money back on the shares they sell because they will have helped Arsenal to become a more powerful club in the future.

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  53. rooben

    I thought it was a joke. Playing Ramsey ahead of capable player like Podolski or Rosicky. After poor play as sub I thought he would this time be rested and Wenger would allow Ox to come as sub at least. I am desperate and can se that other fans like me are so deceived of the stuborness of Arsen. My wife told me before the that if ramsey is to play there is no way they could win. He is like Bentner always missing good opportunities. Gervinho would at least have done better.
    Ramsey out is the best solution to winning ways for Arsenal.

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  54. poga

    @Joe you are as deluded as Wenger, too many AFC fans like you in London, that’s why the board could dare do what they are doing now. They know you guys are a bunch of lazy, stupid and timid gobs. Kroenke should try this in the USA! Anyway, Ramsey isn’t the problem of AFC, he’s a hard working, committed but unskillful,unintelligent and uninsightful player. He doesn’t pick himself for the squad, arsene does, so arsene is to blame.

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  55. Joe

    @Popa how am i deluded? Please explain before you throw insults around. Infact i would say im a fan that actually has his eye’s open and looks at the bigger picture rather then the next result on a football pitch as everyone on here does.

    Wenger AND the board are currently in the process of transforming our club into a club that can compete with the real madrids, barcelona’s and manchester uniteds in years to come.

    If we had stayed at highbury there was every chance in 50/60 years time we would turn into a club like Leeds or nottingham forest massive clubs that won everything but slowly fell away. The board and the manager are making sure this doesn’t happen. Like i said they will only be thanked when there gone which is a shame.

    I understand the fustration of fans sure it sucks that were not competing at the top but you have to realize what the people at the club are doing to benefit Arsenal and to ensure that we compete at the top for 100s of years to come.

    So before you throw out insults such as stupid and timid take a second to look at the bigger picture and take a look at yourself as a fan. Every team in there history have had dry spells this is ours be patient and support the team. Liverpool are going through a simular process to us and all i hear from there fans is have faith and be patient its a shame that we can’t take the same mentality.

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  56. David

    The only problem we av r those fans buying tickets 2 watch arsenal.. I know that we love our team but please stop buying the ticket for now till Board and Wenger change to good… Gunners for life

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