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Monaco will be tough but Arsenal are aiming HIGHER

Arsenal have run into a fine sequence of results in the Premier League since the turn of the year, but now it is time to take our thoughts onto our Champions League clash with Monaco on Wednesday. The Gunners will be looking for a healthy lead to take to the Principality for the second leg, but it is by no mans going to be easy. Monaco have the amazing record of not having conceded more than one goal in their last 18 games. They won 12 of those matches and have only lost once in 90 minutes.

But they haven’t played anyone in the same form as Arsenal, and our striker Danny Welbeck is looking forward to the challenge, but has declared he is hopeful of going a long way in the Champions League this season. “It’s a special competition,” Welbeck said on “You get to play against different styles of play, the best sides in Europe and it’s something that a lot of the players look forward to. It’s massive if you can get far in the competition and that’s what we’re going to be doing this season.

“I would love to keep on progressing to the last stages of the competition and that’s the aim for all the players here. Testing yourself against the world’s best players in the Champions League is a great challenge.

“At this level every match you play is going to be a challenge, but all players enjoy it. We just need to be strong on the day and play to our strengths.

“We’re obviously all looking forward to playing against Monaco. Any team you get in the Champions League will be a difficult opponent and it will be no different with Monaco. They have strong players and it’s going to be a big challenge for us over the two legs.”

Monaco are definitely going to be playing very very defensively, so it is down to the likes of Sanchez, Giroud and Welbeck to try and find some space to get past Danijel Subasic more than once. If you look at the betting offers you can find around 6/4 on Arsenal to win by two goals or more on Wednesday. Danny Welbeck is confident, and so am I, so let’s back the Gunners all the way!

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17 thoughts on “Monaco will be tough but Arsenal are aiming HIGHER

  1. Ks-Gunner

    We should aim at one game at time. Making plans is no good bec we are hardly fav. Mayb we are in the Fa cup but in the cl we are total underdogs.

    Some dude before mentioned before that Moro doesnt shut up with Arsenal, the point is that he will never do it as long as he beats us to 6 goals and never has lost one single game against us.

    1. muffdiver

      why is this thumbed down?

      dont get it
      (wish i was high right now)…f*cking hate rainy sundays indoors with no muff

  2. Mick The Gooner

    We were about 18 points off of Chelsea a few weeks ago, now it’s down to 12. Does that mean we can win the title? No, but it’s a good indicator of the form we are in.

    1. Lethal Prince 9

      Chelsea have to face Arsenal, MUFC, Southampton, Westham, Liverpool. The difference is 12 points.? What do you think now?

      1. red14

        @Lethal Prince 9 i think we still have to meet ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool . im an optimist too, but we wont be champions this season..

        1. muffdiver

          anyone who thinks we can win the league this year is as high as i want to be right now-
          a blunt would be fun now, just for shits and giggles

            1. muffdiver

              there is NO possibility pal.
              no chance- not a slice of lemon in your corona
              i will bet anyone cash or my missus we will not win the league

              1. Champagne Charlie

                That’s the kind of shit I was referring to to Muff. Pure delusion because we’ve won a few of late.

                We’ve won 2 games in 9 vs top 6 teams this year and apparently we’re about to go 3/3 in our remaining ones (whilst Chelsea lose 4 games from nowhere). Can you guys hear yourselves??

                1. jonestown1

                  I agree regarding no chance. But you are over-egging this top 6 mini-league thing. Chelsea have a W3 D4 L1 record in their 8 matches with the six teams beneath them. So they have won more than us. Whoopi do.

                2. Champagne Charlie

                  I’m not overegging any such thing. It’s precisely where WE lose the most points, I couldn’t care less where Chelsea fall short.

                  Although weird for you to quote Chelsea’s record, which is 4 points superior than ours having played 8 games to our 9….

                  We have 9 points from 27 vs top 6 teams so far this season. Glad you don’t see the relevance.


    The Gunners are officially and confirmed 3rd in the table this evening. The Gunners must never look down the table again, least they are dragged down. They are now in a position of strength in the table to challenge the Citizens and overhaul the 7 points lead they have on them and overtake them within the next 6 BPL games they will both play. This should be a Preamble for the Gunners CL home game with Monaco on Wed night at Emirates stadium. We will be discussing more on that match as from Monday week.

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