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Monreal and Arsenal want to end trophy droughts

When the new Arsenal left back Nacho Monreal began his professional football career with Osasuna in 2005, nobody really expected it to be the last year that the Gunners would lift a trophy until now. Although we nearly won the Champions league the following year and reached the final of the league cup in 2011, Arsenal are still waiting to add to their trophy haul.

26-year old Monreal has never picked up a winner’s medal, missing out on the Spanish World cup success in 2010 and last year’s European championship win. He has played 263 games in his career so far, and seems happy with how it has gone so far, except for the lack of silverware. That could be one of the reasons that he wanted to move to the Emirates, which was not supposed to happen until this summer, and he will get a chance to help the team edge another step closer to the FA cup this Saturday.

“I cannot complain about my career, but I would like to win a trophy, and I hope I can do this with Arsenal.

“I am a committed person and so give 100 percent in every game.

“That is the best attribute a footballer can have, that every Saturday you give everything you have for your team.”

The Spaniard certainly seems to have slotted easily into the Arsenal team and has brought a defensive calmness with him, which could be vital if we are to finally end the trophy drought and stop the media going on about it.

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16 thoughts on “Monreal and Arsenal want to end trophy droughts

  1. Mo Owais

    ADMIN- Plz can you start coming out with your own points of discussion rather than copy and paste from another site! U have been rubbish today!!

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  2. Noldo

    Honestly I feel as if we would have a much better chance of winning a trophy if the board invested in a DM, LB and a prolific striker…but even with the squad we have, we still have a good chance….COYG

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  3. o_0

    Again, @Admin I ask:

    When is the mobile site/ app going to be up and running?

    Can you lower the number of ads on this site?

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  4. o_0


    Yeah, same. I skim-read all the articles now because the titles are 90% questions, lol. I find the comments amusing and informative.

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  5. hg

    yeah this isn’t excatly the best article in the world but there’s not really a hot topic if conversation right now… if he didn’t post you’d all get the hump anyway. either way this guys losing

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  6. Nickerless Bender

    Is it coincidence that in the two games he has played that we haven’t conceded a goal. Or is it the Steve Bould effect?

    I also don’t read to much into the stories but enjoy the comments. But to be fair, there fcuk else to say about the Gunners.

    COME ON REAL!!!!

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  7. Invincibles nice (1)

    Am delighted with how quickly Nacho seems to have adapted and how hes not another gung ho defender who thinks his job to be in the oppositions half, pleasantly surprised and just wish he werent cup tied.

    We do look to be getting the core of a solid team together, if this quick fire sale shit is at an end with ourselves just adding quality to the right places well then Nach just might get his and our wishes for silverware.

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  8. Aussie Gooner

    I love this guy! His got his head screwed on and I share a birthday with him and he is my age…… actually I’m kind of jealous of him now. F@k you Nacho and your uncompromising mental fortitude to play for my childhood club!

    going to go eat some eggs for breakfast now….

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  9. Richard

    I can predict Arsenal will take the day against blackburn Rovers and come next week Bayern will get a lesson that will be hard to forget. Boys keep the spirit on. Finishing 3rd will be my joy in the league.Gunners Forever

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  10. Arsenal1Again

    Legendary headline.

    An Arsenal astounding everybody by saying in public he wants to end the trophy drought. Like you will ever find an Arsenal player saying in public, “I don’t want to win any trophies with Arsenal.”

    What’s next, “Arteta wants to win the Euro Lottery”.

    How about, “Wojciech Szczesny wants to make a save in another football match.”

    Seriously it has amounted to this standard.

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