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Montpellier ready to throw everything at Arsenal

Montpellier have had a terrible start to their defence of the first French title in the club’s history, losing three of the first five. This has caused mass optimism in the Arsenal ranks but we should be wary of the French champions on their home soil tonight.

Many in the football press are attributing Montpellier’s poor league form to the fact that they are concentrating on tonight’s game. Not only is it their first ever match in the champion’s league, but Arsenal are the biggest name they have ever faced. Along with the history of the Gunners is the French connection with Arsene Wenger and a host of players such as Thierry Henry, Pires, Viera, Petit et al.

The manager Rene Girard is going to have his players fired up and will want to use this game to kick start the season. He has called on the fans to “turn the stadium into hell.” Wenger has said that he expects a fierce “mediterranean” atmosphere, in other words, mental. Girard rested two of his best players at the weekend even though they were desperate for a win.

The Arsenal target and Montpellier captain Mapou Yanga-M’Biwa and the young creative midfielder Remy Cabella will return to the team tonight. I expect the French team to start with all guns blazing, but if Arsenal can whether the early storm and start controlling the game, we will quieten the crowd and our quality should tell in the end.

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19 thoughts on “Montpellier ready to throw everything at Arsenal

  1. gunner39

    i didn’t felt that for long time, but i am enjoying every guuners game this season.

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  2. gabriel

    Well wateva tactics the decide to deploy i am convinced that we are equal to the task

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  3. goonerbri

    Bring it on!!!! throw the kitchen sinks at us if u want, we will still win 2nite. COYG

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  4. Dalulu

    Now let me get this straight!
    Montpelier would lose 3 games just coz they want to beat arsenal ?!
    They’re a bunch of losers aren’t they? For Arsenal will paint the whole town Montpelier red and white tonight by whooping that team’s a$$!!!
    Thumbs up for Arsenal win and Giroud to score in tonight’s clash


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  5. Jerrycool

    Let them bring it on! Our 1st three Champions’ league points in the bag tonight!

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  6. AmericanGooner

    If they throw everything at us, walcott should start. We will have some chances on the counter, and no one can fly down a pitch like theo.

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  7. john 3:16

    It is tough to predict what kind of game we will see tonight because at this stage of the season sides are still trying to find their feet at home and abroad. I expect Montpellier to try and play and they will want to get something on the board being at home. Arsenal will not want to start their campaign with a defeat. I expect it to be a tight game but Montpellier will know that Arsenal always play and come at you. It has been a good start to the season from Arsenal and in the last couple of games they have been able to get their passing game going. Saturday’s performance against Southampton was very nice to see and i think the side is building again slowly. There are a few new faces and they have managed to settle in quite nicely. I think we will go there and win 1-0 tonight.

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  8. T!to

    Any team in the world that thinks they can go all out on attack against current Gunners squad will come off second best. Montpellier’s safest option is to park the bus and try frustrate us as Stoke did. Even then, Saint Santi will still create scoring opportunities for our front line to finish. COYG!!!

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  9. LivingLegnd

    these articles are too frequent.

    “opposing team looks to win game.”

    “person says they can beat other team.”

    “we need (insert name) to play well.”

    seriously….lets get some analysis and thought-provoking articles here.

    I usually skip the articles and read the comments to get something worth reading. at least people commenting have something to say.

    Get rid of these stupid articles.


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  10. goonerbri

    dont u get the feeling we have some spuds reading our comments. we seem to get an average of 2 thumbs down for the most honest and real comments, also comments supporting our beloved Arsenal. So you spuds, chelski, manshitty or manure fans! Go read your own sites, or have they nothing interesting to say?

    All the best to the lads 2nite

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