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More injury woe for Arsenal as Koscielny joins list

You couldn’t make it up. Arsenal have been struggling with injuries since the start of the season and it never seems to get any better. The absence of Kieran Gibbs who was injured against West Ham, had a very detrimental effect on the Arsenal defence, just as the Gunners were putting a good run together, and the nervousness spread throughout the team. So it was great to see him back against Aston Villa and, with Sagna finally back, we had a strong defence again.

Arsene Wenger was obviously concerned about pushing Gibbs back in too soon so left him on the bench against Everton last night. I don’t blame him, because he is key to Arsenal this season, but the plan lasted less than 10 minutes. Laurent Koscielny is now on the sidelines for the second time this season, and the French defender will be as gutted as anyone. He had fought his way back into the team after his first injury and was looking at a good run of games, but will now be out until around Christmas.

The 27-year old limped out of the action and it has been confirmed as a groin strain, leaving Arsenal on the bare bones again. If there are any more problems before he returns, Arsenal face the prospect of Djourou or Santos being called upon.

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21 thoughts on “More injury woe for Arsenal as Koscielny joins list


    Now What? Hope he recovers soon!!! DID YOU KNOW There is a difference between a Arsenal fan and a Wenger fan? An Arsenal fan wants Arsenal to win, while a Wenger fan wants Wenger to win…. all his arguments off course.An Arsenal fan knows the team will be around long after Wenger. A Wenger fan thinks he is Arsenal. Add your bit..

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  2. Marko

    This is a problem..koscielny is a good player…
    I am so disapointed for our performance last night…so disapointed….wenger has no motivation any more..just looking for profit…just looking for this game…8-10..thats reality…

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  3. bob

    This could mean that they will have to hold on to Santos till the summer, before he is sold.

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  4. GUNNERS 14

    I wish the coach and players would have a little respect for the fans and start performing as good as we know they can. They are really killing me… I tried desperately, several times to take a break from watching Arsenal because of the pain a draw or a loss comes with, however i am unable to do so. I really love Arsenal, but it seems they care little or nothing for their fans.

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  5. Salman

    everton and tottenham have tough games coming ahead.. by end of december we will be forth, and if rafa does his job properly we might just sneak into third.. but i want arsenal challenging for the title.. arsenal have depth in their squad, we need to start rotating more.. right now we have a tired first team and a bench lacking confidence because of less game time.. we might struggle once we start rotating but atleast then all our players will be fresh and would contribute more

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  6. gooner

    i we get gotze and huntelaar maybe i will forgive wenger… 37£million i total. I know it is a lot for us but wenger loves gotze and IF we really want to invest the money from the sponsorship, especially gotze buy would proove a massive one…

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  7. Salman

    i heard walcott picked up a knock aswell.. i hope hes alright and will be there on the bench against swansea

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  8. leo

    here is another problem that arsneal has besides the board /wenger the medical staff we have the worst injury records diaby was supposed 2 out for 3 weeks now it’s over a month & still 3 weeks 2 go same foe other what are our players made of twigs & plastics the medical staff needs to be changed as well

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  9. leo

    @gooner i don’t think we will sign gotze but we definetly need a more mobile striker with giroud our playin style has been altered we need someone like huntelaar + a cdm,a lb & a gk as well

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  10. leo

    Interesting that Arsene Wenger said on French TV, last night, that he hopes to sign 2-3 players in January, as well as Henry on loan


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  11. leo

    Just got a call from Thierry expelling that he’s going to be rejoining Arsenal for a third time in January. Best of luck mate -sol campbell on twitter

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  12. g882

    what i cant understand is the coq substitution with 5 minutes to go.. if your going to go defensive surely do it earlier, 5 minutes to go is when we needed an attacker to knock in a cheeky goal or assist! man city put on milner n ballotelli n got 2 goals out of it. we put on coq who boots the ball into the keepers hands from the half way line in our final chance of the game when were camped in the everton penalty box. frustrating

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  13. realist

    We were so close to getting what i consider our strongest x1 and bench fit at the same time. now this lets hope the missing me can get back by xmas

    sagna mertesacker vermaelen gibbs
    wilshire arteta
    walcott cazorla podolski

    mannone jenkinson koscielny diaby rosicky chamberlain gervinho

    still its only the bench that is light and i think even djourou and ramsey can manage to sit on that alright without falling off.

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  14. AOB

    Great being a gunner. I av been so upset today cos of the Everton game. Reading all this comments kind of put me on a lighter mood. Up AFC

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    Major issue is depth of quality. Look at City and United, for instance, they could afford to rest Cozorla, Arteta, etc., we are going to ride these guys into the ground, then what? If we cannot afford to give some of our important players some rest, without worrying about a loss, we are going to have a very difficult season. Either some of these paper weights on the bench show us something, or clean house. AV is in a tough spot, only having 14 or so players he can really count ion for an entire season!

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  16. Invincibles nice (1)

    This is how it can go from bad to worse, knowing our luck TV5 or Sacker will pull up next, Djourou is always an accident waiting to happen as he cant do the simplest of things in keeping consentration for ninety minutes, i would honestly feel safer in the knolledge of deploying Jenkinson there as in my opinion he looks to have all the characteristics for a suit, dont even mention Squid for a place with Podolski prob been a better def than he, but the worst thing i hate about Squid is his non professionalism as hes happy just collecting a fortune with no real yearn to play the beautiful game, he sickens me on so many levels

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