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Mounting injury problems already a BIG concern for Arsenal?

I was just thinking about Arsene Wenger as he prepares Arsenal for the next game, which is at home to West Brom in the Premier League, because it is the first of three games in the space of six days and although we know the boss is going to make the EPL games a priority over the domestic cup competitions and the Europa League, he may have been thinking about making some changes.

But with our injury problems mounting that is not so easy and it appears that our annual troubles with injuries are already starting to bite. It feels like the new season has hardly started yet already the Gunners are beset with problems, so is this issue already a big concern for Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger had to start the season, yet again, with a makeshift defence because of fitness and injury issues, while there was still no firm idea when we might see the Spanish midfield star Santi Cazorla back in action. We have recently lost Mesut Ozil and Francis Coquelin for a few weeks and now Danny Welbeck and Calum Chambers are out until after the international break, while there is also a doubt over Theo Walcott.

Every year is the same and with Wenger having only signed two new players in the transfer window but sold a lot more, will injuries conspire to ruin another season for Arsenal?


12 thoughts on “Mounting injury problems already a BIG concern for Arsenal?

  1. Viscerion

    No reason we should be short of players.

    We know how many injuries we get every season, if we are not prepared, then why did we let others leave without replacements lined up.

    If this is the case and it hurts our season more than an unmotivated, tactically inept manager, then Wenger is to blame.

    1. Nothing changed

      And the 4 that are missing are not mission critical by any means. Santi is crucial but we have known since last season we could not count on him at this time and quite possibly not at all this season. Chambers has barely figured at the club since his purchase, Coq has fallen behind in the pecking order and Welbeck although useful at times hardly ranks ahead of Sanchez and Laca.

  2. Leon

    The same issues every single bloody year.
    And still no one can work it out who is responsible for this.
    I am sorry but every single season that he remains in charge proves without doubt that he is not competent to manage Arsenal.
    Five games in an we are nine points behind.
    The sooner he leaves the better – and I cannot wait for the day when that happens.
    A shambles.
    A laughing stock for the rest of the world.
    That is what he has made Arsenal..

  3. waal2waal

    i don’t believe we are missing anyone we have moved on (or sold). So far our lowly position can be put down to a failure to take a point from stoke city a game we dominated. had we managed 1pt then our team cohesion and all round fitness may actually have been stable. we already exhausted ourselves (simply) playing catch-up in these two games when victory was expected and achievable had we properly been ready and prepared.

    Does it feel as if this season start is already beset with problems? Quite simply the answer is Yes. And most of us who endured the transfer clock period quickly ebbing away already knew there’s a staleness with arsenal that is yet to be addressed…

    …our problems stem from transfer policy & decision makers level. im convinced we would be much less problem prone, on all fronts when we can trust decision makers to begin to “act right”.

  4. tatgooner

    injuries or no injuries its a mid level team.
    Why any reasonable supporter rates ozil is beyond me. The guy is just a ghost in the team who performs against bottom 5 clubs. Given that list of players you’ve mentioned they are all supposed to be playing for Leicester Swansea Southampton and their likes with the exception of cazorla who is also getting very old and very fragile

    1. waal2waal

      I’m one of ozil admirer and was glad when eventually he left real and offered his service to us. but, if he seems reluctant to sign a new contract to play for arsenal then soon we’re gonna see his detractors wishes come true as evidently he will close that door on continuing his journey with us. likelihood is eventually he walks particularly if belief in him diminishes as expressed in no uncertain terms by (sections) of fans.

      i’d like to see his “international form translated to his club form”, but it seems with every poor performance fans confidence in him to do that reduces and fetters away because patience is at this moment in time is short and in parts fickle because we crave arsenal success over excuses.

  5. Jeremy

    It’s AW’s game plan, isn’t it?

    Usually, he complains about fixtures pile up, being unlucky saddled by injuries etc.

    It’s nothing new. Just same old script every year.

  6. citrenoogeht

    The recurring injury situation has always been a problem that has affected our progress in recent seasons. The knee jerk reaction its to blame Wenger for everything. However this season, apart from Mesut Ozil, who picked up his injury during training, all of the other injuries occurred in the full glare of the fans (i.e. Francis Coquelin, Welbeck and Calum Chambers) during matches. Unless Wenger played these players when they were in the “red zone”, I don’t know how he is personally responsible for these unfortunate events.

    On a more positive note, this situation may force Wenger to actually start Sanchez and Lacazette in the same team (now that Welbeck is injured).

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