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Mourinho will NOT block Cech transfer to Arsenal

I must admit to being a bit surprised at this latest development in one of the ongoing Arsenal transfer rumours, because the way that Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho seem to feel about each other I would have expected the Chelsea boss to do anything within his power to avoid helping Arsenal in any way whatsoever.

And with the Chelsea and Czech Republic international keeper Petr Cech still having over a year left on his contract, the Portuguese manager does not have to let his player join any club he wants to do. According to a report in The Mirror though, not only will Chelsea let Cech move on this summer after he lost his number one spot to Thibaut Courtois, they will not stand in the way of the 32-year old joining any of their rivals.

The reason, apparently, is that they feel they owe it to Cech after his 11 years of loyal service, so now it is up to Arsene Wenger to decide whether to pay the reported asking price of £10 million. Don’t forget that the Gunners signed Jens Lehmann when he was two years older than Cech is now and we got four fantastic seasons out of the German.

What do you think Gooners, do we need to improve on Ospina and Szczesny and if so, is Cech the right man for Arsenal?

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18 thoughts on “Mourinho will NOT block Cech transfer to Arsenal

    1. Champagne Charlie

      Mourinho won’t block the move but I guarantee he’ll ask for twice the price any other club will get Cech for. Chelsea don’t need 10mil at the expense of strengthening a rival.

      No chance

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  1. CraigZWE

    I like Ospina though, but jury still out on whether he will be WC.

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  2. SaveArsenal

    Ooooooooooospina is a great keeper.
    he has shown confidence when the last defender is beaten and has made 3 excellent slide tackles I can remember to take a ball out of danger when most keepers would try to save.

    His instinct saves from close range have been excellent and any goals that got past him could not be attributed to an error from him.

    2 things worry me though, he is a puncher not a catcher and when he goes down he always takes some time to get up.
    We have seen Schez warm up a couple of time thinking he was on with Ospina on the deck.

    Guy was the 4th best keeper in Europe before he came, not as if he came up from a lower division.

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  3. Hafiz Rahman

    wondering why would Chelsea release Cech when did need a good number 2 too…

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  4. Hafiz Rahman

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  5. jaweant

    This is stupid. We have 3 great keeps unless Szes wants to leave. Wouldn’t blame him since everyone turned on him.

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    1. SaveArsenal

      Everyone turned on him for a reason, he is cocky and costs games with his defensive errors.

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  6. mohawk

    What do you do when you are losing 2-1 to Australia in a Friendly? Bring in your best finisher.

    Poldi AGAIN played only a few minutes and scored. Give him 20 minutes and he wins the game for you.

    The reports of Poldi’s decline have been greatly exaggerated – meaning they have been WRONG.

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    1. JAmerican

      We need more than that IMHO. No doubt Podolski is a great finisher, but we need a 90 minute player not one to come on just for a few minutes and hope he gets a shot to score or one that doesn’t help his team defensively… Sorry Podolski out Dybala in for me. Maybe it would be best for him if he did return to Koln.

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  7. cheeterspotter

    Last season Cech began to make mistakes which is why he’s not no 1.
    I also wouldn’t do business with the Lesser Portuguese Gob.
    Oh! and by the way Wenger is on the lookout for a new goalkeeping coach.
    Look somewhere else Arsene you missed the boat re.Cech 10 yes ago.

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  8. JAmerican

    The only reason to get a new goalkeeper is if Schez leaves and if he does I hope it’s someone younger than Ospina. As it stands I’m very confident with Ospina in goal.

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  9. whitehelios

    Emiliano martinez should be out or loaned next season. Giving non-home grown slot for third goal keeper is waste.

    Even Lord bendtner scored hatrick last match, so was arsenal wrong to let him go ?

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    1. supertuur

      current home grown rules make Martinez home grown. Only when new rules come into place is he non home grown.

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