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M’Vila can’t replace Song – and Arsenal don’t need him!

Why Arsenal Do Not Need Yann M’Vila by Adnan

Yann M’Vila – a French lad who we seem to have been linked with since the beginning of time. The youngster has been labeled the new Patrick Viera due to the fact they both play in the defensive midfield role, they are both French and not much else! Put his attitude problem aside he has got everything going for him. He’s only 21 and has got international caps for France under his belt and is undoubtedly talented. However the fact of the matter is that we do not need him.

After the departure of Alex Song the usual clamor for Yann increased dramatically. Every other comment on this site and others claimed that he would solve every problem Arsenal will or ever has faced. Our savior.

But how many of these fans have seen him play consistently throughout a season. And for those who did see him play against Spain in the Euro’s would have noticed that Silva and Iniesta running rings around him and therefore dominating the final third, where Spain feel most comfortable and execute their Tika-Taka style of play. I understand that Spain have world class player and you cannot expect a 21 year old to to completely halt the best attacking midfielders in the world, however what was worrying was the fact that M’Vila seemed to give up in the last half hour which resulted in him being substituted. This is definitely a characteristic of a player who will not survive in the EPL. The last youngster to have been claimed the next Claude Makelele never adapted to the EPL simply because of his lack of work rate. John Obi Mikel has certainly not lived up to those expectations.

As a regular viewer of French football I have noticed the 21 year old, as a fan favorite, tries to outdo himself. He tries to execute long, well timed through balls, carelessly. He keeps possession for too long and ignores quick, simple passes. This results in the young man losing possession on a regular basis. He also picks up silly cards, going into reckless, badly-timed tackles. Furthermore keeping possession and pressurizing the opposition is a key part of our game, and losing it consistently may have an impact on how the team performs overall.

Many fans have been hoping that Arsenal acquire M’Vila to fill the DM role that Alex Song has left empty. However, it is true that we did not play with a traditional DM as Song swapped the life of a hard-tackling shield for the back–four, for the more flashy role as a creative force. And he did it extremely successfully with an impressive 10+ assists last season due to injuries to Wilshere and lack of form for Ramsey. When he did come back to defend he was not decisive in tackles, reckless in challenges and shabby in clearing. Yes some say we conceded so many goals because of this but it really was not. You must not forget throughout the season we had Vermaelan, Mertesacker and all our full backs out with injuries. Thank god TV and PM were not on the injury tables at the same time or we would’ve had to play Squillaci or Djourou!

The game against Sunderland showed that the manager had different plans for this season then the last. He had all three midfielders acting as playmakers when we had possession however Arteta and Diaby would pull back and shield the back-four, acting as a shield. Arteta did a lovely job in the engine room with concise and precise tackles in defence and intelligent passes in midfield. He will be an integral part of our midfield if we hope to achieve any success this year. When Arsene Wenger said we are in the market for a DM I do not think he meant a traditional DM like Mascherano for Barca but someone like Sahin and Song – creative players who will always come to shield the centre halves.

Yann is definitely a talent and will be class and a great addition to our team; however he is simply not needed. Yes he would add depth and class to the team but with our current model in midfield and our current batch of midfielders he would simply not fit in. It’s a shame the Sahin deal did not go through because he could have easily replaced the hole which Alex Song left. But who knows, Diaby might excel in that role if I he is given the time to find form and if he does not get injured!! Let’s see what Arsene Wenger chooses to do!


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73 thoughts on “M’Vila can’t replace Song – and Arsenal don’t need him!

  1. leo

    m’vila is an overrated player rennes fans have the same view about him that we gooners have about denilson the only reason most you are desperate to see him is just for the sake of siogning just months ago he was linked with ac milan,inter,juve,city,barcelona now on;y spuds want him he is not worth 15m for that money we can get someone better

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  2. woody

    we defended well recently, its scoring goals we need, so a more class attacking type player could be brought in! perhaps a versatile central defender good back up

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  3. Mungo

    M’vila or not, we still need a tactically disciplined midfielder, who relishes the dirty work, as well as a rb, and a forward for depth

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  4. maddy

    whatever but DM is must if arsene wenger wants to challenge for title.

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  5. gunshow

    I still think he would be a good buy. Yes he has his flaws, but at the end of the day, every player does. We leaked a lot of goals last season, so if we added a top DM to the mix (on top of Bouldy’s defensive work), I can see us limiting the opportunities of many opponents. I do agree that Wenger seems to be keeping both Diaby and Arteta a bit further back to try to play both as DMs and CMs. If this is his plan then we definitely do need someone like Sahin to fill in when necessary. I would love to see M’Biwa, Dembele and another attacking player, although i’m not holding my breath on that

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  6. Mohd.H

    OMG this guy and his posts again
    dude there’s a saying in my language that says:
    when the cat cant reach the meat, he says eeuu! it stinks … -_-

    He won’t be coming to arsenal even if we wanted him!
    apparently teams like Liverfools, Tottenham and Chelsea has more to offer than Arsenal (sacking coaches ever 6 months, losing 3-0 to underdog teams, finishing 7th in league…. gotta be very exciting for players to choose them over arsenal)

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  7. andy

    Having him is not a necessity. We need to find a right back to replace Jenkinson and a versatile striker. Poldolski can take Gervinho’s place unless we get a new winger, but that’s unlikely. Play Chamberlain as a defensive midfielder. Diarby is just not cut out for that role, or any because he’s way too slow.

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  8. coolfool

    Also think mvila is not needed has a 17 mill price tag bad attitude and with all the rumours seems alittle imature not like are OX hehehe…

    i like you see the fans demanding this and demanding that and life is over are teams never going to win do this do that and the other it goes on and on god nows what these part time fans want we look good defencivly at the moment and one of are best players is on his way back and so is one of are most promising DM players i dont see alot transfer news at the minute do you????????

    all window theres been loads rumers ever morning but all of a sudden nothing as the window closes just tiote wich AW openly said wont be comming to Arsenal then there cabay no word or bids 3 days to go cutting it fine on that one.

    i think we should not be to surprised if mvila ends up at spuds as we are not interested the fans might demands 17 mill be spent on a player we can do without (AW is leaving him for a reason) but i dont think this will happen and like the RVP sage fans should get over it.

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  9. Skeeza

    Well said, we don’t need him as I said before I’d prefer a proven prem player such as delembe, fellani, cayabe or tiote

    But I honestly feel coquelin & frimpong are the buisness,
    Anyway wasn’t diaby the new vieria ? Look where that got us!

    We need back established keeper, Julie caesar looks available.
    Another cb defender, although I dislike dojo he was far better covering in rb last season.
    If Walcott goes then a replacement of the RW
    And definitely another striker, Dempsey, David villa, dzeko ???

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  10. KC

    I’ve believed for some time M’Villa wasn’t going to be bought but this article just sounds way too much like “Fine then. We didn’t need you ANYWAY!”

    I’d rather see a nippy striker like Jovetic (dream, I know). Arteta has been brilliant in the hoarder/ defensive midfield role. He’s not physically intimidating but he’s really good. The issue is his creativity is missed up field.

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  11. Apostolos

    The omly person worth going after is Etiene Capoue amd not M Villa,
    Capoue as the only DM
    with Cazorla & Chamberlain/Arteta/Wilshire<when he comes back, pushing up the field creating and shooting at every chance.Although I have to say Arteta's been great so far as a DM.

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  12. ayo

    What is wrong with Arsene Wenger.he should buy dis guy and we’ll know where we are heading to.TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN

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  13. dino

    thank god for this post, I am tired of MVillas rumours and from hearing fans who want him signed eventhough they dont know f all about him (watching youtube doesnt count). We have Arteta as a holding midfielder plus Coquelin and Frimpong as backup. Mvilla will bring bad attitude and will be like Nasri…one good season and he will be off to a “bigger” club

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  14. Bob Dylan

    I dont think you have watched him either admin, he had an average season last year, but anyone can see the potentjal he has to be world class if you have seen him play, he is what you call a proper holding mid who can also play ball but anyway don’t care about transfers just going to wait and See, fed up of speculation

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  15. Ben

    Wow, what a pathetic article. I was going to rebut at great length, but frankly I can’t be bothered researching the actual stats. M’Vila is 22 by the way, not 21. If you’re going to write an article dedicated to slating him then at the very least get his age correct. We conceded 49 goals in the league last season. Wholly unsustainable if we’re to be anywhere near the top four. 50% through set pieces, but you want to know a big contributor to that? Having no disciplined defensive midfielder to cover the back four. I could go on, but hey, if you believe that a side can compete without a proper defensive midfielder then I don’t think you know what football is. Judging M’Vila based on one match and judging our defence based on two matches where we played two sides playing for the draw defending with ten men. Wait till we play the Chelsea’s, United’s and City’s – teams that actually want to score goals. We’ll be cut up again and again. Could get a preview against Liverpool. Promises to be a much, much more open game at Anfield than the first two matches. I look forward to your next ill-advised article.

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  16. S.H

    WE NEED A DM REGARDLESS! We don’t have enough experienced cover in this role. I don’t know why people are calling for Cabeye, he’s another CAM that we don’t really need. Fair enough he might add more creativity, but defence is still a weakness even though we’ve not conceded a goal in 2 games.

    I never wanted mvila or any other DM over Song, but now that the Cameroonian has left, we’re left with scraping for orts from the transfer barrel. The Board are to blame for this! They refused to discuss an extension with Song because that would have meant more money so they decided to sell him as his requests for an extension pestered them. That’s disgusting! The fans deserve the same loyalty shown to the club. Even Song admittedly stated that he wanted to remain at Arsenal.

    Another striker would be a personal preference on top of a new DM, but maybe Wenger feels Walcott, Giroud, Podolski, Chamakh and Park can all share forward roles. This probably explains why we could possibly be after Cabeye. I actually think we have quality in attacking midfield this season, but we lack another quality striker.

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  17. Simon

    Do you watch arsenal or what ? We need mvilla why = if you looked at the last 2 games we played arteta is beang played out of position his a “central” midfilfer not a DM ,,they is a gap in the central role ,,it does not have to be mvilla but we need a DM so mr cool arteta can play the free role in the middle coz I think diaby is not ready yet ,,, but anyway what do u and I know I trust mr AW will do what he needs to do as he promised up 1more player

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  18. Sam

    This is fruitless dialogue, It obvious Arsenal no longer interested in sighing M’Vila and he is due to join Spurs soon, in fact Arsenal is not going to sign any more players in this window, so please find another useful subject to talk about!!

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  19. Ben

    PS I’m still amazed that people can’t distinguish between box to box, holding and defensive midfielders. Cabaye is a box to box midfielder, just like Diaby and Wilshere. Sahin is a holding midfielder just like Arteta. M’Vila is a defensive midfielder just like… uhhh… Ummm… No senior midfielder that we have (except Frimpong and Coq but they are still very young and very raw). Song is not a defensive midfielder. He developed himself into a genuine box to box player. Still f*cking amazed……………………….. Some thing Denilson is a defensive midfielder… Haha…

    Ohh I’ll say it again, f*cking disgraceful article.

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  20. Patrickfoo08

    Hey lad had u heard abt alex song said that he want to extend his contract but the board keep on delaying the meeting so he sign for barcelona any truth abt it n why we have to extend the contract when the player have only 1 season left to go why not extend when they perform well n increase their wage as way of saying thank u the player will be super appreciated

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  21. ASNLthruNthru

    Diaby is diab-olical.Almost every time he loses yhe ball in midfield he creates near goalscoring opportunities for our opponents.

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  22. Baylow realone

    All i knw is dat arsenal need a great defensive midfielder dat will nt let d team miss d departure of

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  23. Cosca

    “He also picks up silly cards, going into reckless, badly-timed tackles.”

    I don’t understant this comment about reckless tackles, he only had 4 yellow cards 2 seasons ago and 2 the last one. Plus no red cards.

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  24. globalsafe

    So you reckon that Diaby is any good? Quite frankly if he would not have played the last two matches we would not have missed him, AT ALL.

    Regarding to attitude issue of M’Vila. How about Who We Shall Not Name? based on your assessment and opinion about attitude he has never became an Arsenal striker until AW put him into his place. After a long treatment table familiarisation and a shorter repay, decided to leave for greener pastures. So I do not take this as a real excuse about attitude.

    The best one we could have is playing for Everton and out of financial reach. Would love to see him in Arsenal colours, but we will not.

    All I know, we lost the two best player, We brought on 1 which is an instant success (Cazorla) and two to be seen.

    Currently we are stronger in defence – coaching change – but this is still to be seen once we start to see much better attackers than what we have seen so far. We are considerably weaker in attack as we do not have a clinical finisher( to be seen in future and hope is not the same as to score) like Who He We May Not Name.

    We also lost a very good defensive / attacking (was forced to apart from being good at it) midfielder and I have some very strong doubt about Diaby, not even talking about Ramsey. We need a real agro, a beast who WILL break up attacks and frightens opposition.

    If we just hope that Giroud and Podolski will become better and score lost of goals (I agree they need time to settle, the issue is that the EPL has started which someone forgotten) and Wilshere will return (when, what form are two BIG questions as he is while very good, not a super player), so if anyone gets injured we will face the same rubbish as last year. maybe we will not get so many goals, but we will not score either, net result against some team with real strengthening like Chelski and maybe L’Pool and even some others we will have issue to stay in the top four!

    The AW and the board can cry that we are poor as we are 20 million down and maybe increase the ticket prices which are already makes Arsenal supporters the biggest suckers in the EPL. There is an interesting link which show which team is the most expensive to support in the EPL. Very interesting reading and I put the link on another thread.

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  25. Sank

    We just need to be patient.
    let d team gel together.
    buying mvila or cabaye or anyone means stoping d growth of youngsters like coquilan nd frimpong.
    plus wilshere is coming.
    in last 2 yrs we have totally overhauled d team.
    we r going to win non stop frm liverpool onwards.
    i totally agree dat more dan mvila we needed a player in mould of sahin.
    our sahin wil be wilshere.
    keep faith in wenger.
    we should had appointed bould earlier.

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  26. John Legend.... Truth is bitter

    What is it with Diaby?????? He has been awful, he did not make any sensible or useful forward pass in those two matches. Diaby must have paid yoυ τo post this. #angry#

    M’Vila can be reshaped into what Wenger wants. Song did not become what he was last season in one year, he improved over those years, ever since he joined Arsenal.

    Now, what if our Arteta gets injured???

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  27. Kobi

    Rubbish article. Guess we dont needed Sahin either!
    If he would be signing this article would read:”Why Arsenal Need Yann M’Vila”

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  28. Arsenal007s

    you’re just saying we don’t need M’villa because we can’t get him.

    there was this article on how we don’t need Sahin. And it’s because we couldn’t get him.

    We need to wake up as a team and smell the coffee.

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  29. blackorwhite

    Time is going wats wenger stil waiting for, is he waiting for dead line day wen clubs wont let their playa go cause dey cant replace them? I believe wont sign any more playa, well i hope he does

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  30. peterrichard

    we need him coz diaby is not good for our dm arteta is good if arteta injured who can replace him u see diaby not diaby we need mvilla n one striker like lewandosk,lorrente,jovetic one like as we see our team change n we get some trophies

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  31. GUN

    Hope to see Isco(the new Fabregas as he is called)or Cabaye. Isco should be the first option because Malaga are ready to sell the player. He has a buyout clause of 16.5 million but will be availabe around 10million. Read that Tottenham bid 8 million for him which was turned down.He will be the real replacement for fabregas

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  32. stan

    Whoever is d originator of this blog, it seems that you are part of arsenal problems. How can you use only France game against Spain to judge him. What of the endless games he played well that even attracted the attention of the world to him? I don’t care whether it is M’villa. Let Arsenal reinforce the team and win trophies. Everyday arsenal is linked to this and that player yet they cannot buy. The board enrich themselves at the expense of the fans who continually pay increased fees to watch depleted arsenal squad. If those guys in the DM role present at the squad were as good as song, y didn’t they replace song last season? Someone should get across to wenger and tell him we are tired of his pranks with the board.

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  33. landmind111

    M’vila wud be a very good signing, Deadline Day Wenger will show his Hand.

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  34. goonergod

    we neeed wingers loook at united they have nani valencia young who are good wingers who can deliver…

    how do we expect to challenge with walcott and gervinho they would never make it into uniteds 11…

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  35. Dan Parkin

    As much as I agree with this article, I think we should sign m’vila, I mean, let’s assume Diaby gets injured before next game, who can fill his role?

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  36. Amien

    I’ve been waiting for this artical finaly someone that shares my view, yes his a talent and would add to the squad but he is not our saviour. He’s 21 playing in a lower league and a average team in france and got like what ? Less then 10caps for france wow, the way people go on and on about him doesn’t make sense to me he’s not gonna walk into the team and suddenly we improve that’s not to mention his attitude. I would be prefer an older more experienced matured and level headed someone who knows their role and does it well and not get drawn away from his deffensive duties in attack like song did often

    I don’t think we need a traditional dm we need a classic cm that is equal in deffence and attack and will do both effectively

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  37. Gunnerineverylife

    Why the number of ridiculous writers who write ridiculous article keep increasing in this site.Its obvious that Diaby is not good enough to play there.Arteta can do well but he should rather play in that bow to box role so that we can use his attacking ability as well.We definitely need a good DM.M’vila has lot of potential.Just look at his stats from last season.And the most important thing is all our midfielders are injury prone.Arteta,Diaby,Ramsey,Rosicky,Frimpong,Jack are all injury prone.We definitely need a DM.I dont care whether we buy M’vila or not.But whoever we buy must be good

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  38. Gunnerineverylife

    Why the number of ridiculous writers who write ridiculous article keep increasing in this site?Its obvious that Diaby is not good enough to play there.Arteta can do well but he should rather play in that box to box role so that we can use his attacking ability as well.We definitely need a good DM.M’vila has lot of potential.Just look at his stats from last season.And the most important thing is all our midfielders are injury prone.Arteta,Diaby,Ramsey,Rosicky,Frimpong,Jack are all injury prone.We definitely need a DM.I dont care whether we buy M’vila or not.But whoever we buy must be good

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  39. michaelch

    are you kidding where are your eyes.. DIABY, WE GOT SQUILACHI, n DJOUROU ANYONE IS BETTER THAN THOSE THREE
    They are third raters..Woud not make it in Barcas third team.. We need quality not would bees.. Lets face it Djourou
    isnot a defenders toe nail n Diaby weak n indicisive n awkward, how did miss that easy goal chance?/
    Gervnhio another physically weak excuse does not possess power in his legs..
    get rid of the dead wood bring in quality n PAY OUT

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  40. Deejay

    i dont care if diaby gets injured… any player can fill his space… even if is to empty the space it wud be better than diaby..
    he is worthless

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  41. Idi

    Blessings 2 all gunners fans, i wil b kindly saying this 2 AW if nt he shld leav dat trone he is siting. 4 hm 2 hv any silverware this season he shld quickly run 2 mrkt 2 accomodate d players blow 1. Clint Demsey 4 CF, 2. Cabaye or Tiote 4 DM and a beta RB 4 injury cover 4 me Diaby can’t cova that hole. I rmain Gunners til i die.

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  42. Rikki

    Sorry but you clearly dont know alot about M’vila! In the next couple of years this gut will be the best DM in the world! His attitude isnt as bad as made out its press hype in France. Arsenal need this signing more than any other and Cabaye is over-rated! Not good enough for the Arsenal

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  43. arse01

    I think we still need a DM in the form of m’vila… If you base your argument on poor showing against SPAIN then you’re totally wrong because 1) there are no silva and iniesta combination in the EPL..2) pirlo had a poor outing in the finals with SPAIN operating in the final third also…so would u say that pirlo is not a good DM…i think wenger operating both diaby and arteta in CM and DM is simply because neither of the pair is a pure DM so in the absence of one.. The two can be regarded as one… Wenger’s gonna get a DM no doubt..because arteta needs to get foward more to support carzola,podolski and giroud…so i think we need m’ doubt he is going to bring depth to the squad.especially in games when we need to defend and attack.we have played two defensive sides this the DM role is not needed.but when we meet an open side(LIVERPOOL). We might be made to lick our wounds without a natural DM(M’VILA)…

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  44. bac2basics

    really rikki the best dm in the worldin in a few years no attitude problem and yet at less than 15 mill only spuds have put a bid in for him no disrespect but i dont think u have to be a genius to work out somethin doesnt quite add up here wenger not goin for him with the player practically beggin arsenal to bid for him speaks volumes in itself not to mention that at that price the number of teams that can comfortably afford him easily runs into double figures. I suppose all the drivel on here and all fans forums and blogs jus shows why truly good fball managers are so few, i cant be the only one who cant wait for saturday and sunday to come so we can put all this unintelligent we need this and that behind us. Roll on saturday.

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  45. stephen187

    being fickle again…”songs brilliant” yet when hes leaving “hes crap cant defend” etc end of the day we have to face the facts we are always missing out on quality players then making excuses. im not happy we going into the season without an out and out dm even for the sake of plan b

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  46. liam stack

    diaby is so shit i dont get it do people watch the same games as me he loses the ball all the time then we get caught on the counter attack his is tall but is so inaccurate at heading and doesnt have a good final ball so he is just simply not up to arsenal standards if we wanna compete we cant play him ask yourself this do you think he could play for united,city,chelsea the answer is no!!!

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  47. Jim A

    Ben said wait till we see Chelsea Man U Man C etc. Most teams play like Sunderland and Stoke against us. We must be aware of that and game plan against different teams. If Ox was fit he should of got Diaby’s minutes last game. Why because we needed to attack. Sorry Mert your game plan is to handle P Crouch by yourself. Get used to handle all the bigger attackers in the league. Kos handle the speed out there. Gee I’m game planning as I go.
    If we can game plan and play for situations we will become a better side. What it comes down to is more than 1/2 of the league plays negative football against us. Plan for that and use subs according that plan.

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  48. tosaino29

    yeah…we need a dm…mvila or not….buh guyz av u 4gotten we has ROCISKY?…i cant wait 4 him to partner cazorla…arteta…

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  49. sundram

    M’vila is definitely not need….theres Coquelin Wilshere and frimpong coming back….mid way through the season Eifeld and Gnabry will be introduce……it will be attacking football….if arsenal really needed a DM, Vermalen can play there too… or Djorou can play as a DM…just to tackle and Defend…

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  50. RBrown

    Im sorry Mr writer, diaby is absolute b*ll*cks n shud b given away to a team in the conference division. It absolutely bewilders me y AW continues to play him. Evrytime he gets the ball he does absolutely nothing! Anytime he has ever done sumthg it has obviously been a fluke. Pls AW get rid of tt w**ker ASAP. (sorry fr the harsh language bt I feel tt strongly.)

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  51. AmericanGooner

    I wish Arsenal would get Fellaini and Jovetic, but that will not happen.

    Just give me Cabaye and maybe some other player and I will be satisfied.

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  52. planex

    hazard was a player i have known to be linked with arsenal for almost 3 seasons, today he is tagged the most wanted player who would have been in arsenal. hmmmm.
    now it m. villa, take it or leave it the lad is what it and at 15 euro the lad is sure to land in arsenal. sahin is a fine player but offensive and not defensive. to me m.villa is a perfect replacement for song and that diaby is zero defensively. up gunners

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    As much as i hope Wenger makes some world-class additions to the squad and i would be relatively pleased if he was to sign Cabaye, i find it strange that there are people now commenting saying ‘We need Yohan Cabaye’ ‘Cabaye is better then m’vila’ when this time last week not one single person was commenting anything of the sort? Why do we all of a sudden ‘need’ Cabaye ever since the newspaper said we were interested?

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  54. Dadista

    People are getting closer to the obvious view : mvila is marginally good.
    Make VERMALEN a DM and give some few games to Coquelin. The later is young but already gaining experience since last year.
    Those who watch the French league will know that mvila is extremely over rated

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  55. minty

    Lots of bollocks being talked on here.

    1 – Arsenal typically do not play with one defined DM, and probably never will. All players have license to go forward. LAst season DM duties were split between Song and Arteta. Both were solid. Song actually won possession back more than any other DM/CM in the defensive and midfield thirds of the pitch last season. Arteta lost possession less frequently than any other DM/CM. Both contributed a great deal in attack.

    2 – The goals conceded last season argument is a bit weak. Take out the obvious outlier (when we had 2 almost totally fresh FBs againt MU wingers on fire) and we actually got the 5th best defense (not ideal, but nowhere near as bad as made out).

    3 – Arteta this season has played much more of a defensive role to date, and has been just sublime. He has averaged 5 tackles per game, and approaching 3 interceptions per game. This is actualyl much beter than M’Vila has managed, or indeed managed last season. In addition, last season Arteta had a tackling success rate of 83%, second highest in the PL for DM/CMs. M’Vila averaged around 70%.

    Simply put, as a DM Arteta > M’Vila (or Capoue, or Tiote etc) by country mile. The Arteta is out of position as a DM argument is nonsense.

    In addition, his passing is ina different league to M’Vila, CApoue, Tiote etc. His deep lying playmaking abilities are just immense.

    4 – Diaby is nowhere near as bad as smoe tool’s here are making out defensively. He has good tackling figures and good interception figures. He will never be the seasoned passer that Arteta is, hence why Arteta is now more defensive than last season. Diaby is more box to box, strong, good dribbling skills etc. Playing a plaler like Diaby next to Arteta makes much more sense than playing someone like M’Vila.

    4 – Given how good Arteta is, there is no way we need M’Vila. Now as cover or rotation, fine.

    But is he required? Is it worth spending the ridiculous sum o fmoney Rennes want for him (very overpriced for his ability), when we have Cqouelin is is pretty mich a M’Vila clone, only 12 months behind in development. No would be my opinion.

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  56. ERG

    Totally agree if wenger wnats to play a playmaker in the defensive role who rotates or at times in tatem with another midfielder like diaby or ramsey why not.
    better to have as many good passers of the ball on the pitch then a 1 dimensional player like makelele was or obi mikel is now.

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