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M’Vila MUST be coming to Arsenal now

With the news that Alex Song is off to Barcelona for a medical tomorrow, then surely this means that the long awaited arrival of Yann M’Vila must now be announced official.

At the beginning of the transfer window it was an open secret that the deal was certain to happen, but suddenly the rumour-mill went dead and we haven’t heard anything until this last week, when the Rennes chairman Frederic de Saint-Serni, said: ‘He has a concrete offer from England.”

This was believed to have been from Tottenham, but today the new Spurs boss Andres Villas-Boas has cast doubt that there is any chance of M’Vila going to White Hart Lane. He said: : “He is an interesting player, but I don’t think he will join Tottenham. He is a rather defensive player.

“We are looking for a more creative player. I won’t lie. There was an interest from us in that player, but now we are looking at different options.”

Now can anyone think of a team that now desperately needs a “rather defensive” midfielder????

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133 thoughts on “M’Vila MUST be coming to Arsenal now

  1. adzz

    Phuck The Spurs!! I just like to make comments about How Much I hate Spurs! Finish Anywhere in the table… Just finish above The Scum! And obvs do em both Games, home and away!

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  2. robo

    Got to be if he don’t sign I will not bother this season 3top signings don’t get me wrong but this is what wenger does buys and sells but never buys after he sells to make a profit gd enuf but why not just buy mvila and llorente we will win TROPHYS and the club will def av more supporters more ticket buyers and sell the shit players to make som cash BUY MVILA if not I WILL not be investin money on u this season

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  3. Leave a Reply

    I think we need CB, RB and CDM. Maybe Sahin is extra. I think we got CDM and Sahin and thats it.

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  4. Patrickfoo08

    Spur is so above us this season no more rvp to make miracle anymore as far ah know now there is no special player at arsenal

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  5. Patrickfoo08

    Dream on no more buying the board is putting all the money in their pocket

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  6. ice-ice-baby

    Jenkinson needs more confidence.He is still young and his attitude is rather vanilla! (if you know what i mean). I think he will be much better in central defence but his crosses are rather good tho. Walcott played bad for me…just like last year, not much new from him, he doesnt pass or take on players as much as i expected from him. Carzorla and Gervinho were good i rate them 7.5 or 8. The defence has not much to do so hard to tell if they played well or not, as with the keeper. Ramsey should move out on loan or should be sold, he is just like last year…CRAP!! Ox should have played and start rather than Walcott (over rated player). Arsenal should have got Afellay from or as part of the SOng deal! They should aslo bid for Victor moses!!! For me Diabywas p-laying rather well, he needs more first team action tho. M’VIla, Sahin, Sakho, Mexes, one cheap but rather good Striker, if they could sign those type of players, ARSENAL would be title contenders. IF thats the team for the whole season lets say, they wont win the league, 3rd or 4 th if they played like that but ppl should know Sunderland were defending with 10 men in the box so hard to score when the other team comes to play defence only!! :/ Lets not talk about RVP or SONG now! Forget them. HATE THE BOARD!! HATE KROENKE especially!! IF Arsenal dont win anything ths season, WEnger should also quit too!! And also board mebers should be changed!!!!

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  7. ice-ice-baby

    Guys dont forget….ARTETA was awesome!!! i rate him 7.5!! His work doesnt show much but he was doing a better job than song in defensive wise!! js

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  8. Bunmi

    Honestly,wenger is the greatest one.season after seasons our best have had to leave yet we take part in all that need to…but gambling with some squad members is questionable.let him bring in M’villa,a right full back and a back up keeper……nigeria’s Enyeama is ok….gunners till l die.

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  9. Ry

    gotta say we have more then plenty of cover at cb now vermaelan koscielny and mertasacker are three quality cbs with ignasi mikel and djouru fine back ups so I’m tired of people calling for another I just want everything thrown into a solid DM and an EPL proven forward if we don’t get those two the best I think any fan can hope for is a trophy-less season with a 3rd or 4rth spot in the league

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  10. Bensol

    We do need a DM badly,..Diaby cnt b trustd in dat position,he dribbles much n möst tim loses d ball.,wich is dangerous,n lik song,he is also attackin minded,we nid M’villa badly,only ONE gud DM is al we fans asks wenger 2 buy 4us 2 complete our team,he n d greedy board cn share d remainin money.. Reinforce our Arsenal wenger lets drink wit a trophy dis season.

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  11. olat

    You are very correct,but can AW see that not only jenkinson what about Diaby,and Ramsey for the little he came him playing as if nothing at stake.In all sincerity,Carsoria was fantastic.We cannot afford to loose players like RVP AND SONG and AW talking about frimpong as a midfielder,the tall german defender,Giggs infact with this players we cannot challenge bigger clubs like ManU,Manc,and chelsea.
    We need to win the league,but according to AW he is not ready,good money good players.

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  12. max power

    Arsenal have finished buying this transfer window, so forget about anyone coming in to replace RVP and Song.
    Arsenal will sell a few more players before the window closes. IT A Great time to be a Shareholder BIG FAT Dividends for them.

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  13. TRM

    RVP £24million
    Bartley £1million
    Song £15million
    Cazorla £15million
    Poldolski £10.9million
    Giroud £12 million
    + £2.1 million profit

    Unless you think we can sign M’Vila for £2.1 million or sell another player I don’t see it happening. More likely a loan for sahin

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  14. Alex Quayle

    Mvila has The right material to become a gooner, he has great quick passing we need him

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  15. Dunny

    No m’vila please! We need capoue. In the games i’ve seen m’vila play his energy level is very low and he moves about the pitch quite awkwardly. Capoue is bigger, taller, faster, and an absolute terrier in the middle in the form of tiote. He would add real steel and defensive solidity to our midfield.

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  16. Sirmose

    Now I know why Usmanov was right and shit Kroenke was wrong. Kroenke has some shady deals going on for him on Arsenal board that is why he does not want Usmanov there. Some fans were clapping for him (Kroenke) but now abusing him in shame of his poverty mentality. If Arsenal board cannot see more money making opportunities in winning trophies, then they are really short-sighted financially but only greedy. Its high time we fans made open protest for our dreams of siverware and sustained pride to be met. Or we keep dreaming on for another year until we finish mid-table (very possible with these crop of mediocre players), and very soon RVP will rightly show the world why he joined Nasri, Clichy, Cesc, Gallas, etc in dumping Arsenal, including Song for sure. For the board greediness, I have forgiven all these players who dumped us because they are all right. Any Arsenal fan who ever boo them is an idiot. The right people to boo are the board members, excluding Wenger for now.

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  17. Big Gun

    Spurs are out the race for M’vila, but I doubt Wenger will bring in anyone else besides Sahin. He did say in an interview after selling Song that there was possibility of a new replacement on the way. I would have bought Fellani quite honestly…great player with loads of PL experience and also an old team mate of Arteta, so already he would gel into the midfield fairly quickly. I really hope Wenger does sign someone else, just to add more depth to the squad and ease the pain of the fans. Everytime I see RvP in a United shirt I feel like throwing up.

    Not nice being the laughing stock once again this season. How far will the board stretch our loyalty???

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    If not b/c am real fan i would have ar d board but, i tink their is still room for changes. sahin, m’villa nd lioren are stil much needed let disgrace spur for their foolish thought about us ND next season may be we’ll be in need of coach who will always haunt for class nd reliable player.

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  19. Jonesy

    Rvp gone so what,more disappointed about …SONG…..I know RVP scored the goals last year but SONG was top quality last year.. Obviously the professor knows what he is doing …bit baffled myself…still believe in arsene.. Come on wenger sign someone that will replace the SONG and bring a trophy to the emirates…….

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  20. Pires.nuff said

    Jesus, christ, some fans calling wenger to be sacked…wtf??? yeah we should have won but its first game of the season, and we all rememberhow we started last time around..

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  21. Khanh

    I said this yesterday mvila is already a gooner was just waiting on song to leave. Hes flying in some point next week for a medical. Mvila is a definite.. Sahin not sure yet

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  22. barbes13

    the board is getting rid of all David Dien connected players playing for arsenal. hope song is the last.

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  23. ceezee

    Diaby /ramsey / theo r not arsenal quality ! 2 many flaws in there play.. Theo is not brilliant wit d ball,expecially when triangled.. While diaby thinks he’s a super man, unecessary holding d ball & breaking d flow of play..& ramsey as no clue! They r not just d tiki taka material. We need ǻ spainish lad & ǻ french import,”adrian lopez”, m’vila & sahin. Damn sick of d same & unchange above junky playerz! We need reasonable quality players.

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  24. Patrickfoo08

    Maybe we sign duric from singapore he 43 free n he the world top scorer check it out at fifa ha ha ha

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  25. xolani

    yip i can man united dey r da team hu has always made us said n get hurt coz we didnt sign dat player lyk kagawa remember we wanted 2 sign him i dnt think da mvila deal wil b done although i wld lyk 2 c him at arsenal bt unfotunatly arsenal dnt spend or buy dey jst replace luk at it as da board ciz it mvila costs da sym amount song cost barca n sahin cost nothing n nxt seoson dey can buy him 4 as little as 8mil wat option do u think dey will take mmmmhhhh exactly.

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  26. WalnutCreek Gunner

    Sunderland game was good lesson for Wenger. I pray that we lose at Stock City next week.

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  27. Felix kipngetich

    Wenger knows one thing 4 sure panic buying! Hope we lose 3-0 nxt n behold M’villa wil b our player. Pliz am appealing 2 fans in England 2 boycott matches until the transfer window closes. Dont just protest , demonstrate! Gunner 4 life

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  28. CN- the musician for champions

    Arsenal opening games in the last three seasons 2010/11 season liverpool 1 arsenal 1. 2011/12 season newcastle 0 arsenal 0 2012/13 season arsenal 0 sunderland 0. Give this team a chance. The season just began. And let us stop using negative words on our team. There is power in spoken words

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  29. kedman

    carzola was fantastic.. l think arteta, rosicky and carzola in mid field… walcot, giroud gervinho in att…

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  30. Asaba

    We need m’villa now as the song has went to bacelona.asenal need a comprensive defensive midfilder this week.we don’t need sahin.we need an exprence striker like liorente,adran lopes and jovitic now

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  31. jonah

    Pls i want to make an appeal to all North london based Arsenal fans to boycott home games until the Board and wenger do something to strengthen the squard.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH FOR MEDIOCRITY.

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