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New leaked Arsenal kit to end Alexis goal-drought

Alexis ChileArsenal’s new strips for the upcoming season have apparently been leaked online, and they have a striking resemblance to the colours of Chile’s international football kit.

TheĀ Gunners striker Alexis Sanchez has recently revealed that he has struggled since coming back from injury, due to nursing a hamstring injury, and now it appears that his club are looking to do all they can to settle him for the upcoming season.

Arsenal’s supposed new kit has pretty much the same colour regime as that of his home-country.

Alexis has 28 goals in his 83 appearances for Chile since making his debut back in 2006, and is widely considered their man star, much as he is ours when he is on form.

Unfortunately for us, he has only managed three goals in all competitions since returning from a hamstring injury in January, lowering his previously impressive goals/games ratio. The forward will no doubt be a big player for us again next season, and he should be more than comfortable in our new strip.

Social Media has not taken the new kit well however, with most being unhappy at not having white shorts for the first time since before 1900, while others simply do not like it.

Personally what is most displeasing for me is that Theo Walcott’s name is plastered on the new shirt, further strengthening the theory that he will be playing on again into the new term.

Does the resemblance to the Chile uniform take some of the hate away, or do you agree that is simply displeasing to the eye, and that the white shorts are a must?

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17 thoughts on “New leaked Arsenal kit to end Alexis goal-drought

    1. sevenitti

      Shirt looks butt ugly imo, hope they don’t go full Poland on it

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  1. G-Rude

    Blue Shorts look okay. Sanchez certainly looks happy to be wearing them in the top pic!

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  2. Tamkin10

    I personally really like this kit a lot! Puma really brings out good and different designs, unlike Adidas who’ll have 3 strips on every kit and Nike, who’s kits are always more or less very plain – this btw is coming from a Nike fan myself!

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  3. davidnz

    I like the blue shorts.
    Red and white is so boring
    because it’s so common.
    In the EPL
    7 teams play in red and white.
    5 in Blue and white
    2 in white
    3 in Claret blue and white.
    Norwich in Green and Gold stand out.
    Watford in Gold and maroon stand out.
    Newcastle in Black and White stand out.
    We need a uniform which is
    totally original and stand out.

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    1. Trevor

      Nowich Watford and Newcastle have the worst colours, that’s why the stand out. Do people not realise our colours are our colours, it’s important.

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  4. eloaking

    How about adding Wales and French colors as well so as to help Ramsey and Giroud respectively

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  5. Trevor

    It looks nice yeah, but only if you’re a Chillean national. It’s not Arsenal and having any colour other than red and white just won’t do. These are our colours for gods sake, you don’t go changing the bloody flag. Blue on the home kit and supposed fans are ok with this? Puma try to mess around too much with a clubs identity, and someone mentioned how adidas is just plain awful. Nike are the best for kits, especially when it comes to a teams identity.

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    1. Trevor

      Ps, I know a long time ago we wore blue shorts, but that was before the move and before the name change.

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  6. georgie b

    If I’m wrong let me know, but I thought yellow and blue are our away colors and red and white THE colors of AFC.
    I think the red and white uniform is simply stunning.

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  7. Bumpy

    Arsenal should play in red and white – end of. In any case, the early kit leaks are often wrong so this should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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  8. georgie b

    Sure hope so Bumpy. I guess there are more important things to worry about.

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  9. Bolly from Borehamwood

    Will be very happy to see us play again in red white and blue after all these years. A nod back to the Royal Arsenal. Check your history you new boys!

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  10. Bolly from Borehamwood

    You obviously do not remember the kit of red shirt white shorts and blue/white hooped socks.

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