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New low for Wenger as Evans snubs Arsenal transfer

It is not getting any better for Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger, and instead of the last few days of the transfer window being a period in which the problems of the team could be sorted by spending some big money on the right players after a poor start to the latest Premier League campaign, it is turning into a time of even more misery as we lose key stars to direct rivals and are unable to replace them because players do not seem to be too keen on signing for the Gunners anymore.

I mean Jonny Evans, the Northern Ireland international defender who was sold by Manchester United to West Brom not too long ago is not even a player that many Arsenal fans would have even considered at the start of the summer transfer window but now the situation is bad and he is one of Wenger’s solutions.

However, the Daily Mail is reporting that the 29-year old is not interested in a move to north London and will reject the transfer, preferring instead a move to Man City even though he would be the fourth choice centre back there. Seriously, Gooners, how low has the stock of Arsenal and our manager become when we cannot even tempt a United reject like Evans to sign for us?


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28 thoughts on “New low for Wenger as Evans snubs Arsenal transfer

  1. McLovin

    – Krychowiak available (even on loan)
    – Draxler/Lucas, either one of them available
    – Manolas/Tah/Gimenez/De Vrij, one of them is certainly available as 2 of them will be free agents next summer

    Wenger: “Quality weren’t available”

    I’m sorry but soon it will be personal if he isn’t going to pull a rabbit out of his Puma jacket.

    1. Joey Mack

      The suggestions that Krychowiak could be going to West Brom or Stoke are insane: why isn’t Arsenal going after him? Defense is in crisis and we have 2 days to do something about it.

    2. Me

      This is not football manager.
      Nothing will happen.
      When you have someone as inept and incompetent as him “managing” the team you cannot expect anything good.
      Players are likely to go but none will come in and Arsenal will sink further away from the top teams in the league.
      Arsenal are not rubbish – they have lots going for them. Sadly Wenger is not one of those things. Sooner he leaves the better for all of us.
      He is yesteryear.

    3. Spectrum

      Wenger does not know what he is doing. He has no plan for fixing things, and if he did, he’s not capable of doing so. “Le Grove” website has, though. Here’s what they had to say….

      The Plan:

      If the club had any backbone, here’s what should happen.

      The board should form a united front against Arsene Wenger. They need to pull together a dossier of things that have gone atrociously wrong this summer, and present it to Stan Kroenke with a plan of action how to rectify it. Wenger staying on is no longer a matter of opinion or debate, it’s a fact he’s finished. If you’re supporting him now, you don’t have the interests of the club in your heart.

      Ideally, the short term plan should be to bank as much money as we can. Force out every single player we don’t want right now. Give Chamberlain no airtime. Take the maximum for Sanchez. Flog Ozil for anything you can get. Ship Jack Wilshere off. Move Ospina. Ruthless culling.

      The manager should then be told he’s being moved on at the end of the season. The club should launch a search programme to identify the best Director of Football available in the world. The project at Lille is super interesting at the moment, identify the architects and interview them. Dortmund, Juventus, Monaco, Atleti the Redbull enterprise. Speak to them all and make an informed decision. Offer the best candidate a deal they can’t refuse.

      Hire that person before Christmas, allow them time to assess the squad, the scouting network, the medical setup, the backroom staff.

      Then draw up a plan of attack. Set the vision for who Arsenal want to be for the next 5 years, and dictate how that’ll play out. Then build out the new team over the final months of Wenger’s contract, and hire the best possible management team possible. We don’t want a Pep G who’d come with 50 staff. We want a hungry coach we can make king. We should look at Sarri, Tuchel, Sampaoli, Nagelsmann, Hassenhutl, and Allegri. We should make them an offer they can’t refuse and work with them on recruitment like City did with Pep.

      By next season, we ship out 10 players, bring in 10 players. Spend the preaseason restaffing. Remotivating the staff we want to keep. Retraining the players. Reworking the wage bill. Signing down the players we want to keep. Remaking Arsenal for the 21st century.

      We start the new year afresh. New vision. New setup. New hope.

      That’s how this should roll. No more f***ing about, the gig is up. Time for a new band.

      Won’t happen though, will it?

  2. Jaguda

    Our squad is good enough , we just need to gel as a team. Chelsea got beaten 3-0 by Arsenal early last season and still won the league. I don’t know why fans here think it is the end of the world after we lost to Liverpool . Support the team guys .

    1. Akan

      Your a deluded lunatic like Wenger if you think this team of overpaid underachievers are going any further than a mid table finish

    2. Richard Roberts

      We haven’t just lost to Liverpool, we scraped through against Leicester (a team well beaten by United), lost to Stoke and got humiliated by Liverpool. We are near the end of the transfer window and could lose Sanchez, Ox, Mustafi, Gabriel, Gibbs, Szceney and only get in Lacazette and Kola (for free). I think the delusions that Wenger had loosened the purse strings is well and truly over, seems he will turn a profit at the cost of results. We are going absolutely stale as a club something has to change!

  3. leo

    What a disgrace… What shame.. What an eyesore… What insulence.. What debasement.. Other clubs buy our players when they are at their prime.. But we go for their crumbs… Wenger is a dog.. We bought sylvestre after he has given his all to utd.. Welbeck has no story (what a fluke).. We got Benayoun from chelsea the other time at the wrong end of his career… All deadwoods.. Now even a reject is rejecting us.. I have nothing more to say i’ll just keep watching as things unfold… #the_arsenal

  4. Uzi Ozil

    Fans like us are worried.

    But I doubt Wenger gives a hoot.

    A huge fan of Wenger but he needs to go. Wenger has a way of messing things up, getting some results, winning the FA cup and make fans feel He knows what He is doing. He does a remarkable job at brain washing the fans and make us see reasons why he is the man.

    Sorry Boss, your time is up. Don’t make us see you now as FRAUD. Most of us love and respect you for what you have done to the club but it’s time you show us the same love by LEAVING.

  5. arsenal_epl_champs_2018

    I think from this current low
    may come a lot of good.
    No one expects us to win the league.
    Top 4 will be an excellent result.
    The Europa League is very soft even 6th place Man U won it.
    So to me this an excellent time to begin the long overdue rebuild.
    The Neymar 200m transfer has sent prices into the mega sphere.
    So let’s cash in big for Sanchez and at the same time get rid of
    a lot of our deadwood at ridiculously over valued prices.
    A shame we did not have a young fresh manager to make these changes.
    Sanchez to City for 50 mill plus Leroy Sane (not Stirling).
    Give Ox to Liverpool for 30 mill before they realise he
    has no end product, gives away goals and gets injured easily.
    Sell Wilshere 15m so he like Jenkinson can get injured on debut.
    Sell Wellbeck 20m and let him miss barn doors somewhere else.
    Let Kieran go and get more game time some where.
    Please make sure Debuchy has his suitcase on the front step (with him in it) 🙂
    Put the likes of Ramsey Ozil Xhaka on notice.
    Shape up or be shipped out.
    The 125m will allow us to buy another CB + AM
    Promote the likes of Niles Nwakali Nelson and Akpom.
    Could be the turning point the wake up call, the new dawn.
    Mind you we have heard that before once or twice this last decade.

    1. Akan

      Agree with everything you say except that Ramsey and Xhaka are both rubbish and are the main reason why the team are not firing yet the manager cannot see it.
      Xhaka cannot tackle which is amazing considering he is supposed to be a defensive midfielder, Ramsey lacks discipline which he has always done and regards himself as up there with Messi & Neymar which is he is nowhere near, both of them lack the athleticism which is necessary in their positions in today’s game as could be seen from Sundays performance they were completely outplayed some fairly average players on the Liverpool side. Add to your list of potentials Jeff Raine Adelaide. We do not need to buy anymore midfielders, I have seen Adelaide and Maitland Niles control a game and set up a 5-0 win for Arsenal in an FA cup tie against Southampton so we know they can do it. If Alexis goes we should keep Perez he works hard and scores.

  6. Gar14

    Don’t sensationalise! He’s not rejecting Arsenal. He’s choosing Manchester City, probably because of a big wage packet and back to the city where he used to live.

  7. Zad

    if Evans was good Manu wouldnt let him go for sure. why sell Gabriel at 11mill and buy Evans at 30 mill??? doesnt make sense at all

    1. arsenal_epl_champs_2018

      Because Evans has played at
      Man U and WBA so will know
      their tactics. So we will beat MU
      and WBA twice and those 12 points will see us
      make the ECL which is worth 42mill and 12 cents.
      So it does make cents after all 🙂

  8. Chekwube Kwentua

    This is just the beginning of the season film…watch out as players reject us like we are plagued…#amenjoyingthismovie

  9. Gunner 71

    Arsenal is a great club and a well known Brand worldwide. It is not that these players don’t want to sign for Arsenal it is that they don’t want to sign for Wenger. We can dream all we want about getting world class players in and we can have as much money to splash out on big name transfers but it is not going to happen until there is a change of manager.

  10. Turbo

    Wow, that’s really embarrassing. Good for Johnny who shows some sense in preferring City. Just keep Mustafi! If you can bring in additional quality great but why shoot yourself in the foot by considering sending out Mustafi? Not really sure why Gabriel was a fire sale either, esp. if we’re really serious about a back three formation, he was easily our 3rd or 4th best (or you could argue for 5th, but we have lots of matches this season!) center back and showed potential as a winger also. So give him a freaking crash course in English with accelerated learning tapes if necessary.

  11. AngryGunner

    Jonny Evans can choose whatever he wants , he has free will and prefers to be on Oil City’s bench rather than on Arsenal’s starting line up ! it’s his choice ! no one can blame him for not choosing us.

    Can we choose our owner too ! do we have the same kind of freedom that Jonny has ! If no then a revolution is required to get the biggest sport’s con man of history out of our club !

  12. Okoro E Alaebi

    Non of us should put d blame on Wenger alone he is senile that I have always know but I guess it some time for others to know,but Kroenke n d mediocre board of directors r another bunch of failures interested in their pockets alone,. Has long as Wenger, Kroenke n d board of directors r running d affairs of d club, we d fans should continually kiss goodbye to world class players. The bunch running d affairs of d club especially d senile coach does not not have what it takes to win so Co-fans do not expect a world class players that as a winning mentality to come into a suck boat. It’s such a pity that a club we all love has come to these well may be relegation might d club’s salvation from these bunch of lunatics.

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