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Next Arsenal manager? O’Neill? Mourinho? Henry?

I was just browsing around the internet aimlessly (as I do!) and I found a website that is advertising prices on who will take over as Arsenal manager if and when Arsene Wenger retires.

So I thought; That’s an interesting question….

So, according to the two bookies offering prices, the two favourites are Martin O’Neill and Jose Mourinho. O’Neill I can understand. He is used to spending little money but still being reasonably successful at Aston Villa, but Mourinho? No chance! I could never see the board offering to give him £200million to buy his own team, and the Arsenal fans are unlikely to look favourably on an ex-Chelsea coach anyway.

But there are some good possibilities on the list. What about the great Thierry Henry. He definitely loves the club and having works for years under Wenger certainly knows the way that Arsenal operate. One bookie gives him at 12/1 but the other will give you 20/1. Would that be the one for you?

What about Owen Coyle. He is definitely the up-and-coming young English manager. His exploits at Burnley and now Bolton have made him stand out. Surely he will move to a bigger club one day? And David Moyes has quietly made Everton into a regular top 6 team although I doubt he will ever leave Goodison Park…

Or perhaps Liam Brady? He is Arsenal through and through, and as head of Arsenal’s youth development, he will know most of the players intimately. He is only seven years younger than Wenger though so may be overlooked?

A couple of names made me laugh, like Roberto Mancini and Raymond Domenech. Surely not? And who the hell is Co Adriaanse?

Who would YOU like as manager? Or who do you think the Arsenal board would pick?


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55 thoughts on “Next Arsenal manager? O’Neill? Mourinho? Henry?

  1. 9milimita

    I cnt wait to see the great TH14 replace Wenger! He knows the club in and out, but i doubt is he ready to do such a job? If yes why not.

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  2. Asquare337

    Yea I think therry henry will be the best because he love arsenal with all his heart, and is better to give a person that love the club than giving some one that will just use that for job not achieving something good for the club…

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  3. Capegun

    Rijkaard, made barcelona what they are today, true visionary wasting away in turkey, nuff said

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  4. Lanz

    It is the club making Pep look fantastic. Same happened before with Frank Rijkard. Does Frank look that fantastic now? A good manager is he who can make champions out of minnows. That is why we love Arsene. He turned Arsenal from a small club in England into a big club in the world. He made world class players out of minnows. Vieira, Henry, Anelka, Fabregas, van Oersie, Ashley Cole, etc. Name just one that Mourinho made or Pep G.I choose Brady or Moyes.

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  5. Fred Matsheza

    I would prefer Owen Coyle, did well with Burnley and now with Bolton on a shoe-string budget. He can be ideal, and has age on his side. However, he does not have big-match experience like the Champions League which can count against him.

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  6. jj the gooner

    Er, correct me if i’m wrong but owen coyle is scottish and i’m not sure he’s that young. Good manager, but i’d prefer somebody with big game experience. Hiddink perhaps

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  7. Phoenix Gunner

    Joachim Loewe, who coached Germany’s world cup side… belief in youth, master tactician

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  8. FAB

    not mourinho atleast. i like arsenal for the beautiful football that they play…….cant see that boring style of game by mourinho…..let the right one in

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  9. Baz

    Owen Coyle is a very good manager, but he wouldn’t thank you for calling him English.

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  10. Greg

    Not sure Owen Coyle will enjoy being called an English manager!! I’d like to see Steve Bould step up to replace Pat Rice at the end of the season, and eventually think he could be given a crack at the top job. He’s worked with almost all of the young players we have coming through and it would fit the developmental approach we’ve taken in the last few seasons. I pity anyone who has actually put money on Mourinho coming to Arsenal!!!

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  11. kel

    ” Joachim Loew ” 50yrs old and brilliant at working with young players just look at the way germany performed in the world cup!! could you just imagine Arsenal with there natural passing and movement cobined with some German Efficiency 🙂 imo he is the best option out there. .

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  12. dw

    Pep guardiola ant a good maneger he was giving a good team ,
    Mourinho ant a good manger he is very smart in whats teams he
    Picks he goes to a teams thats allready made buy some one’s
    Els work and he comes in for two years and
    Takes all the glory then he moves on ,

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  13. Yusuf

    i cant imagine Arsenal Without the gr8 wenger he created the club if he retires i can see only 1 replacement thats Dennis Bergkamp

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  14. Mimmsy

    Sorry Baz but we were never a ‘small’ team, i believe we were 4th most successful English team b4 the Weng came in but ur right that he totally changed us as a club. Really he changed the face of English football…… Pep is the boy, but i also like the idea of a Bergkamp/Henry dream team, theres no one on earth that wudnt be inspired to play for those two!!!! (accept Adam Kemp) who wud rather play with Klinsman and Mabutt lol

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  15. Dave

    O’Neil? Really? Hugely overrated and cannot coach the Arsenal way. Why don’t you put yourself up for selection? You always seem to think you know better than Wenger.

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  16. bc

    Draks, Rossi and the Doc might not win every week but will be the best 2nd anyone has ever seen.

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  17. Scotty RSA

    I heard quite a while ago that Denis Bergkamp is couching somewhere out there trying to get experience behind him in the hope to take over at Arsenal some day. Does anyone know if there is any fact to this or if it was just another blog that made it up to get attention as many other sites out there do?

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  18. Vinay

    Joechim Low if he can come, Steven Bould and Owen Coyle aint bad either but Henry sorry the king has never coached and he just cant manage such a big club as ours without first having coached for a few years. Pat Rice is retiring this season they are saying but if we can coax him to replace wenger then that would be a master stroke, but first things first let Wenger continue as long as he wants.

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  19. Arsenal1Again

    LOL. Martin O’Neill was good at Aston Villa like you said, but he was good at Celtic before that and Leicester City before that. His Managerial career is excellent. I’ve wanted him as the England Manager since before Ericsson so yes, definitely, besides Tony Adams (in the future) I would like O’Neill as the next manager.

    It’s really difficult isn’t it to see beyond Arsene Wenger. To me it seems the system at Arsenal from the boardroom down to the grass maintenance on the pitch all hinges on Arsene Wenger. I can’t help feel that it’s all going to collapse when he retires. Maybe because of gung-ho tactics on the pitch or perhaps poor transfer signings, something will definitely destroy the balance at the club … certainly many players will leave and this isn’t going to be healthy either.

    Manchester United have the exact same problem approaching with Sir Alex Ferguson. The truth is, neither Arsenal or United can do anything to replace irreplaceable managers … the logical thing would have been purposely trained replacements, trained and coached directly by the managers to do things exactly like they do – to think like they do.

    I can’t see any other manager keeping us in the top 4 let alone being successful. As for Thierry Henry being the next manager. Noooooooo. I would pick Liam Brady over him, at least he has managerial experience and was as big a legend as Thierry. I love the guy, but he’s not the man.

    We all trust the judgement of Arsene Wenger (I still smart a bit about Merson’s transfer to be honest) and he judged Patrick Vieira to be the next manager.

    At the end of the day, sometime in the future, I know Tony Adams will be the Arsenal Manager. I can’t even begin to describe the anticipation. That man IS Arsenal.

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  20. Chris G

    Its so difficult to imagine Arsenal without Arsene Wenger.. Having said that there will be a day when he has to go.. I for one don’t want it to be in the near future, fear for the football we play, exodus of players leaving and the management of the club as a whole.. As arsenal1again stated, the only way is for our successor to be trained by Arsene himself, so that his legacy lives on.. Would be nice for Joachim Loew to be that man as i can see him becoming the worlds best under Arsene. Difficult thing to even discuss at this moment. “Only One Arsene Wenger”.

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  21. dan

    Scotty rsa yes bergkamp is defo coaching,his coachin ajax I will love bergkamp bac at arsenal 1 day

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  22. Norwaygooner

    I hope Wenger will be at our club for years to come.

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  23. Gil

    The supporters that is… The article talks about Keown or Adams but DB10 in this role would be ideal…Sorry for the confusion

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  24. Jim.

    Id love bergkamp

    If we got that jumpy leprechaun oneill i would not support arsenal.

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  25. Young Gunner

    Mourinho would be ideal first choice, with Pep Guardiola 2nd choice.
    Mourinho will use the talent we have and ADD the talent we NEED.
    Guardiola likes to play football, respected by players anf fans alike and also likes to add to a team if he thinks they need it.

    But i doubt either of those two would come and i wouldnt like Henry or Bergkamp because they have no experience, just because you was a great player doesnt mean your a great manager!

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  26. BP

    Brady!!! check his track record. Co Adriaanse is older than Wenger. Pep Guardiola all day long.

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  27. bilzo

    i like the idea of yokem low (excuse the spelling) what he did for germany was excellent. might bring some of his german favourites over as well. ;). however.. bergkamp or henry would also be great.

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  28. kel

    lol whats wrong with you guys DB10 can never be manager until he sorts out his fear of flying!! joachim lowe all day long for me. . .

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  29. NaijaBoy

    Joachim Low, Laurent Blanc (will we get an ex-Man. Utd player to coach us?).. and whats the name of that former Croatian coach? That beat England in the World Cup qualifiers??

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  30. brAndon

    slaven bilic or joechim loew is the ones would love mourinho but cabt see it happening

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  31. elvi

    as arsenal play beautiful football since long time under wenger…i doubt henry14 will need some experince to play same football,bergkam is good choice but he cannot travel as club have to travel lot…he’s got air phobia…my choice would be roy kean…but it is difficult n impossible..but if it happen he will succese in arsenal.

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  32. Charlie

    It will be Gilles Grimandi, trust me. He works closely behind the scenes with Wenger. The arsenal board are clever and will have Wenger nurturing him behind the scenes.

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  33. Bretty

    I would like to see Van Basten with Bergkamp as his assistant. They have the necessary class to run our great club. Guardiola would also be a great appointment if he wants to leave the easiest job in the world! 🙂 A no, no for me is Mourinho as the man lacks class and can only work with a huge budget these days! Just my opinion. Gooners forever!

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  34. nigel

    Edu would be the perfect manager! he used to play for arsenal now he manages Corinthians! he has hinted that he wants the arsenal job

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  35. eze

    Mourinho would be my first choice, Pep Guardiola 2nd choice.
    Mourinho teams may not play the ‘beautiful football’ that Arsenal did up until this season but he gets results and winning is more important than playing great whilst winning nothing.Look at Arsenal under George Graham, defensive football with long balls to the strikers….it got results, we had the best defensive unit in the country and Wenger inherited this defence. Wenger cares little for defensive football and likes to play a fanciful passing game that looks great but does not always score goals nor win games.

    If we do aquire a new manager and I hope we do, then that manager will have to look at bringing in 4-6 decent players in his first term.
    The question remains if Arsenal fc will be willing to spend £100-150 million for new talent and if they will be willing to break their wage structure, I doubt it somehow.

    Give me Mourinho, a great man manager, who has not lost the ability to win things.Wenger will be gone at the end of this season if we do not qualify for Champions league football.

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