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Nicklas Bendtner will only move to a Champions League side

There was much discussion about what three conditions Nicklas Bendtner put on any club that came in to buy him from Arsenal, in fact we had a few humourous predictions made on JustArsenal yesterday in this post.

So obviously this got the journalists thinking and it was only a matter of time before someone tracked him down to get clarification of his demands and it looks like Sky Sports got in first.

The first and foremost demand is that the club must be playing in the Champions League and also that he must be in commuting distance to London so he can visit his son regularly.

The other conditions are a little more vague (and I think that he probably thought these up on the spur of the moment as I don’t think any contract could possibly guarantee them! The Sky report quotes him as saying:

He continued: “Secondly I need to be happy. A lot of people think that it is all about the money, but money does not matter if you are not happy.

“I have been in a situation before where I made a lot of money without being happy. I need to be happy when I come in which is universal for everyone.

“You need to be excited to come in to work.”

Asked about the final condition, Bendtner concluded: “Playing regularly.”

So that tells me that one of the other conditions is certainly about money. Probably he wants a substantial increase on his current wages at Arsenal (which may or may not make him happy!)

And as for the last one. Is there any top Champions League side that doesn’t have a choice of strikers in case of injury or confidence problems, so no-one will guarantee that he “plays regularly”.

So, if we assume that the demands he has quoted are true, is Bendtner likely to find a club that can accomodate those terms?

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48 thoughts on “Nicklas Bendtner will only move to a Champions League side

  1. AdamJM

    So what he wants is to go Chelski,Man Shitty or Manure then????…..Champions league football and can get to London easy.GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!

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  2. Gbt1love

    did he ment championship side or champions league? coz am confused here. Sunderland even don’t wonna buy him, they are going for wolbves st.

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  3. Taiwo

    Is it so difficult for Bendtner to eat his words about being resolute to leave Arsenal? Check out the conditions, its as good as wanting to root permanently on Arsenal reserve bench as best. Any difference btw this and Adebayor saga with ManShitty?

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  4. craig2500

    Send him to Russia then, only chance to get what he wants and the weather might help cool his ego

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  5. Amol

    malaga is likely destination
    they’re playing in champions league

    they can afford his salary

    wenger should try swapping him for isco…

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  6. gooner4v4

    Im sure its championship, playing regular, an he cant be happy playing for arsenal,If i was on his wage an cleaning thier boots i would be deliriously happy.Go join eto and co,he should get 150g a week no probs over there.

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  7. Kwadali

    I cannot imagine Bendtner setting conditions for suitors! What could it be if he had qualities like van Persie?

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  8. Awesome Gunner

    LOL. LOL. LOL. This is so funny it brought tears to my eyes. He has demands. Here are my Demands to him.

    Number 1: Please learn to score goals when you are one on one with the keeper especially if its in a semi or quarter final of the champions league.

    Number 2: Buy other soccer boots. Maybe if you werent wearing pink boots you wont play and moan like a little B#tch.

    Number 3: Just F#ck off already. If Arsene Wenger cant make you into a world class striker then no one can. You are destined to be a crap striker.

    One last time. LOLLLLLL

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  9. gunner

    what the hell ? Lol,so he wants to play for a champions league side and also have guaranteed playing time.most probably,no club will offer him over 60k as he hasnt proved anything yet.if he is demanding for a hike,then he is most likely to go on-loan again…he shud either go to turkey or russia,if he wants playing time and prove himself that he is gud or atleast half as gud as he claims to be…then he can revitalise his thinks arshavin atleast has that natural ability to thread defense splitting passes while the only gud thing i hav seen in nicklas at arsenal is his aerial threat..

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  10. Ben

    Okay, F.C. Copenhagen? They have CL, not far from London. Or Anderlecht? Let’s be honest, he’s probably not going to any top four sides in Spain or Italy. Send him to France to replace Giroud at Montpellier. Either way, get rid of him.

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  11. Patrickfoo08

    Frankly ah can see arsenal just cant sell these unwanted playerS why AW need any profit from them just get rid of them n get some defenderS

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  12. th14

    he needs to release hes not messi and take what hes given or he’ll end up stuck at arsenal playing no matches so no champions league and very unhappy which = no conditions met

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  13. bry

    kk,bendtner really has issues,but i just watched kevin mirallas that guy aint bad at all,reminds me of a confident gervinho,i sall bendtner use the money to add to mirallas and pls whats happening to squillaci?

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  14. leoj da gh GUNNER

    then ac milan should be the perfect option. come get the best striker in the whole universe milan. and we want no less than 10 million from the ibra cash you got

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  15. KickuPtheArsene

    Hahahahaha …. What a knob. If he had a brain, he would just move to a club that enabled him to play. If he really thinks he is the end all and be all, then as long as he’s out on the pitch, surely (in his own mind), he will score. Score consistently, and other clubs will want him.
    …. But that’s how normal people, with normal functioning brains, think. He really is a tool.

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  16. dan

    Looks like were lumbere with the useless pr..k no decent club would touch bendtner with a barge pole!

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  17. teddy

    I love BENDtner’s ego, ignorance and cockiness. i’ll bet he’d live a hundred years. Only he can take shit and still look cool. Original! He should be our mascot.

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  18. tommy_gunner

    is he messi or c ronaldo? oh I wont blame him. he is doing all this because he has a current contract. if he was on a free, he wont be in such driving sit to dictate……

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  19. Gunner

    we better start to earn money by winning than selling players. today i checked how much a team earn via winning throphy.

    capital one: 100,000 even though it is small amout, it is worthy to win it to have a pride. arsenal have a strong chance winning this.
    FA CUP: 2,000,000 :- same as capital one, we have the squad to win it.
    BPL: 60 mil:- this will make us mega rich, and we have the squad to win it
    UEFA CL: $73.1 million.

    so winning all compitution will make us, mega rich and our profit will double.
    but can we win them all? yes. last seaon was our learning season, we learned to buy smart, quality, and we were the come back kings that shows our mental to never give up. one new thing we need is BELIEVE. we won over ac milan 3-0, the fans were amazing chanting we believe, so lets believe and make the chats against who ever team we meet.

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  20. OnDGooner

    Which other clubs are near London and in the CL? ManC, ManU, Arsenal & Chelsea.Only if he is talking about Spurs in which case I’ll be his chauffer for free!

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  21. Jim A

    All these transfers should have even done before any pre season friendlies. I can’t believe we have to deal with players leaving the club or for that matter trying to have new players trying to gel as the 1st game is a few days away.

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  22. SeansterB

    Ironically the only club he is likely to find all those things is the one he is currently at…so perhaps a slight change in attitude and a respectful conversation with Arsene and you may make yourself happy Nik as lets be frank on footballing ability alone we would probably keep him over Park and Chamakh as cover

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  23. S.H

    We need to offload him so yes I hope a team will buy him ASAP. I have a feeling Chamakh might not go to blackburn on loan as Wenger will need another striker when RVP leaves. Giroud and podolski are good additions but we need another strong striker to come on board for more depth.

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  24. Nick

    Someone needs to inform NB52 to wake up already. His ego is causing his career to be pissed away slowly. He’s not gonna just walk into a CL side and be a starter. There’s only 2 CL teams in London and Chelsea don’t want him. Send him to Spuds! They think they’ll by in the CL, need a striker and can’t afford Adebayor’s wages so NB52 is the next best thing (but not in his mind).

    The only good point he makes is that he needs to be happy, and that if you’re happy money shouldn’t matter. Hear that RVP?

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  25. Dan

    Not his biggest fan (esp with his inflated ego), but he is no Chamakh let’s be perfectly honest. I’m surprised no club needing a striker (whether it’s Juventus, Milan to even a club like Sunderland) would not take a punt at him.

    And it’s not even really a punt. Especially if his value was say 7m+. He’s a striker that can hold up the ball, play up top on his own or with someone, still very young and is the main striker for Denmark’s national team after having a good Euro’s and season at Sunderland.

    Just surprised we haven’t got a concrete offer. Crazy to think Fletcher is going for £14m! I hope he goes soon for our and his sake.

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  26. Michael Senior

    The highlight of Bendtner’s career will be his time at Arsenal,he won’t ever play for a club as big again,not sure why we had him playing for us in the first place.

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  27. LinhDT

    Empty bottle with strong sounds… Sell him to Turkey or Greece. He can’t do anything at Sunderland. All he can do is to talk so much.

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  28. Prinsity

    These condition’s demand a lot of hardwork from him.
    He need to put on xtra hard work to improve on his mentlity. I wish him al the best

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  29. Jerrycool

    Just an aside… news is that M’villa has just snubbed spuds. Its hard to know what to believe thess days, but if Song is keen on moving to Barca, then lets get M’villa as replacement and Llorente for RVP. COYG!!!!

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  30. bergkamp

    Okay we will put up a tag if you buy Van Persie ,Bendtner comes free and you have to fulfill his conditions. Easy idea to ward off interest to Van Persie.

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  31. coolfool

    he is a complete and uter ass on the field and off i think arsenal should take any offer above 5 mill to get shit of this problem.


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  32. bergkamp

    An imagination of what might have happened between VanPersie and Arsene for new contract
    VanPersie: What’s your future plan about Bendtner
    Arsene: He demands three conditions to find a new club.It’s hard to sell him .
    VanPersie: You promised me you will sell him last season itself and you are telling me the same this season.
    Arsene: You know i tried to my best to sell him but still i am not. I will sell him this season.After hours of talking with him to find a new club , i got tired.
    VanPersie: I will not sign a new contract if he stays in the club this season.

    Van Persie gives out a statement that the ambitions of the club is different from his and won’t sign a new contract

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  33. Joe Joe

    He is not as good as He thinks He is!!!
    I wonder how many top four clubs are booting down Arsenal’s doors for his services.

    He is putting off any middle table clubs who are interested in him!!!!

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  34. Czech-high grade

    Adebeyor has agreed to join Spurs only if Bendtner joins, so he has someone who is worst than him and he can slap around every now and then

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