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Nigerian international confirms Arsenal have made a bid….

Last week, it was revealed by a Sky reporter that Henry Onyekuru was the subject of a interest from Arsenal and the Gunners had made an official offer for him. But a couple of days ago, David Ornstein of the BBC said that it was not true and was probably just the Nigerian’s agent that was spreading false rumours.

But now the player himself, who is currently with the Nigerian team preparing for the African Cup of Nations qualifier against South Africa, has openly admitted that talks are in progress and he is hoping to follow in the footsteps of his livelong hero. “Thierry Henry has always been my idol since I was a kid. I was watching him play, watching Arsenal and going to YouTube to watch most of his games,” Onyekuru was quoted as saying.

“I remember saying if I had to move to the Premier League I want to be like Thierry Henry, so it’s likely to come true and I’m looking towards it at the moment.

“It’s a good feeling for a club like Arsenal to make a bid for me, this is due to my hard work in training and games.

“I am waiting and working towards it and we’ll see how it goes after the qualifiers.”

So, what’s going on? Are Arsenal just refusing to tell the BBC about an official bid? Or is his agent going so far as to lie to Onyekuru about a possible deal?

I think we should be told!


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24 thoughts on “Nigerian international confirms Arsenal have made a bid….

  1. neil

    Arsenal never comment on deals until they are signed ! debate is one things but lets stop the endless yearly transfer speculation about rumours…

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      The transfer speculations are the only fantasies that we have left, now why would you want to kill that? ?

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    It was reported that Arsenal need to up their bid by £1million to cover work permit regulations. So basically, a bid has been made but nothing has been agreed yet and I wouldn’t be surprised if the extra 1 million scares Wenger off! ??

    1. Break-on-through

      Now that is good question.

      FFP has put a cap on external resources, that is why City Che Liv PSG Atletico and prob others are all looking into having bigger grounds. Spu just done it because they try to one up us, they are like that neighbour, or that brother, you know the one, unless you are that little wnkaer.

  3. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    Wenger: “We will make a maximum of three signings”

    The Frenchman told beIN Sports: “We cannot spend as much as every other club because some have external resources that allow them to be basically unlimited. That is not our case, but we can spend money because we have managed well the club.

    “Let’s not forget that the amount of money spent is not necessarily a guarantee of success. “Is Rob Holding a big signing? A big signing is not necessarily linked with the amount of money spent. When you buy a player for £40m everyone will make positive judgements at the start. When you buy him for £2m everyone will say ‘anyway he cannot be good’.

    ?? Well, the positives are ?he started off by saying one or two signings… Now he’s saying maximum three. ?? fingers crossed, next week it could be four.

  4. lord wafflebury

    Off topic for a moment… anybody else on here hacked off at william hill advert hijacking the site ??
    Admin…are you aware ?

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      Clear your browser history lol ?? you must have visited them before or another gambling site? I get it with porn ?? but, sshh, don’t tell anyone,though… Promise???

    1. Break-on-through

      You need to sign out first and then send your bank details to UK po box 8867.

  5. stefan

    I think the deal is close to fruition already…just got the feeling he will take the premier league by storm come next season and put to bench lacazette..u hear it first hear..lacazette’s coming but….onyekuru..hmm

    1. Break-on-through

      I’ll remember that, and I’ll give you your due props if it happens. I might even write my first article about it if it happens, and if I become a sports writer because of it, I will give you more props. Then I’ll give ya a mention in my autobiography.

  6. Break-on-through

    Yeah this is a first I have to say. You ask people who do you count on for transfer news, which are the legit ones. Everyone would say Sky Sports and the BBC’s Ornstein. So what do we do when they’re both at loggerheads. I’m inclined to believe Sky now, if the player is saying this I don’t think he would risk gaining a bad rep or risk ruining his chances of a real Arsenal move.

    His agent would, but his agent wouldn’t go as far as lying to the player would he, I don’t think he would.

    I seen some more clips of him, the lad wouldn’t have to lower himself into drumming up some fake interest, he’s got some skills. He has good control for a pacy player. Our British lads, thanks to them I was beginning to think that the pacy players don’t have a good enough control or touch. This lad does, he’s good at sneaking by his man with them. I’d still expect some trouble in the final third when he makes the move up. He scored well up to now but it’s much different when you’re at a club that expects big things, playing with players like Alexis & Cazorla can be daunting, we’ll see though because I’m wrong as much as right half the time.

  7. Rosicky29

    Sign the kid we need these type’s of investment’s as much as big name signings and seen this guy play for eupen before small team big player at just 19

  8. ruelando

    Reminds me of gervinho, looks better at finishing and passing, we need players like these who go direct at the defenders, we only have ox and sanchez who does this and sometimes iwobi, which gets us goals, fouls in or around the penalty area. Not a big name player, but lots of potential to become one.

    I can not see a loss in buying such a player, only draw back is getting the work permit

  9. ZEN2OH

    Let get his work permit sorted out and be used as backup striker after Sanchez, Perez, Giroud, Welbeck and Wallcot, maybe incoming Lacazette or Mbampe. He will certianly get his playing times in League cup and if he does well in Europa and FA cups as Well…Would be glad to have him and Mbappe for both to develop and learn Sanchez’s passion and Emulate is at Arsenal

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