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Nketiah shows that Arsenal can still produce quality Academy players

Could Arsenal take a look at more academy players after youngster steals the show? by Konstantin Mitov

I must admit that I didn’t really see how young Eddie Nketiah would come on with 5 minutes to go and turn the game on it’s head, but it happened and it is so nice to see. Once he scored, every touch he made just lifted the crowd and a start like that puts high expectations on a player.

With the Europa league at hand and the Carabao cup, we have a much bigger chance to see players like this emerge. And with all the negativity surrounding the club in the past year considering the amount of players underperforming, wanting to leave and so on, it feels like some of the youngsters have come out with more desire to prove something.

It’s kind of worrying seeing academy lads shaming performances of players like Walcott on 140k a week and I continue to wonder why we didn’t take 30 million for him when Everton wanted him? But the big question for me is will Wenger trust those kind of players enough, so that they don’t just disappear?

Alex Iwobi is the most recent example of a player who came out of the academy and is getting some first team time, but there have been a few noticeable under 18 players who’ve made a case for themselves this year like Joe Willock and most notably Reiss Nelson.

Joel Campbell is a player who was performing well in my opinion for the part time role he had here, but Wenger doesn’t seem like he trusted him enough to keep him in the side. Rob Holding also had a lively start to his career, but is yet to develop as the real deal. If we manage those players right, than maybe when the ever approaching time to replace some of the older players at the club comes, we will have a new Arsenal star born from the academy!


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21 thoughts on “Nketiah shows that Arsenal can still produce quality Academy players

  1. Gunner22

    Well no one will play as bad as xhaka or Ramsey, hence nothing wrong with trying academy players who wish to proove themselves, guys like apkom, not worth trying

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  2. Simon

    He really saved our Ars-enal

    Iwobi, and Jack tried everything they could, but rest looked stagnant. No 1-2’s to carve open their defence.

    I’m not Xaka’s biggest fan, but missed his long passes too

    A neutral may say Norwich deserved to win

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    1. gotanidea

      I thought Nketiah came from Chelsea’s academy? No one from Arsenal’s academy (including Nelson) could match the talents of Mbappe and Dembele.

      Clubs with less resources produced better talents. Like Mbappe and Kurzawa (Monaco). Or Lacazette and Martial (Lyon).

      The last great talent Arsenal produced was Ashley Cole, that won many major trophies. Arsenal should invest more in their youth development, if they want to compete with other clubs.

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      1. chris

        A feature of the last few years has been a LACK of star players turned out by the Arsenal Academy ! (Wilshere, Cole …. ?) We have had to raid other clubs for their young stars.

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      2. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

        Just because Nelson didn’t cost £100m+ doesn’t mean he is not a too top player

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        1. Tony

          Top player? define top players plz
          i thought messi ronaldo neymar roben
          mbbape etc r top players. Nelson?

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      3. funkyrith

        Arsenal dont scout South America, the talent mine is missed from Arsenal bus

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    2. Bond 007

      Anyone heard of Raül Sanllehí joining Arsenal from Barcelona, as Sports Operations Director?

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    1. Arsenal_Girl

      That’s an immature comment. I always want Arsenal to win and win trophies. Obviously I out PL, Europa and FA Cup over Carabao Cup, but will still be thrilled to win it.

      Your attitude sucks

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    1. stubill

      We didn’t steal him, Chelsea released him as they thought he was too small.

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      1. chris

        That’s odd. How did Chelski know when he was about 16 …. how big he was going to grow ?

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  3. the barrel

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    1. gotanidea

      Both should not be extended and be sold whenever an opportunity comes. Both players do not offer penetration, often easily get robbed and very predictable.

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    2. Zad

      do u think any EPL team will buy Walcott???? this guy has not developed. the sooner he leaves the better for him and the club

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    3. Adam Criniti

      Thx for the laugh, always appreciated.

      Walcott is a Championship or MLS player on his,m best day @ the moment.

      He should NEVER feature for AFC again and be sold if any club is dumb enough to show interest in January.

      Including Ozil and Walcott in the same futbol sentence is simply asinine.

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    4. JPS_AFC1

      the barrel,
      Your an idiot . Wally Walcott is the one off the worst players at AFC. He got shown up yesterday by a 18 year old kid. He was born offside and we should have taken the money from Everton and ran. We will be lucky to get 10mil GBP for him now .

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  4. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    There are no graduates except for Wilshere who is just a fringe player. Iwobi too but he isn’t really a starter. Bellerin is another academies player.

    But this kid scoring and rescuing us is something else. Loved his celebration too.

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