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NO DEAL! Arsenal to start again after transfer blocked

I must say that I am not all that surprised to hear that Arsenal will not be allowed to sign another player from old rivals Manchester United this summer. There were some Arsenal transfer rumours this week suggesting that their England international defender might be moving on and that Arsene Wenger was keen on finally bringing him to north London after failing to land him from Fulham years ago.

But the pain at Old Trafford from their sale of Danny Welbeck is still obviously fresh in the memory, especially after their former star punished them in the worst way with the winning goal at Old Trafford to knock them out of the FA cup and end their last chance of some silverware this season. The fact that their strikers have been struggling to locate the rear end of some cattle with a stringed musical instrument has not helped.

So as reported by The Mirror, the powers that be at Man United have let it be known that they will not sanction the transfer of Smalling to Arsenal this summer. Whether that means that they will keep the centre back themselves or merely try to sell him elsewhere is unclear and I suppose it does not make much difference to us.

Back to the drawing board then Arsene!

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12 thoughts on “NO DEAL! Arsenal to start again after transfer blocked

  1. juhislihis

    Smalling is plain average. Don’t want him near Arsenal.

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      1. CraigZWE

        Smalling WC, he played for most successful team in England snap him up.

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    1. jermaineBryan

      In terms of quality merts and kosc are better

      He Has played veRY well this season and his performance have been of similar level to kosc. I wouldn’t mind having him as long as it doesn’t mean Man U go for a star.

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  2. fred cowardly

    I’m not sure why we want Smalling (if the story is true)

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  3. JAmerican

    I count Per, Koss, Gab and Chambers as our 4 CB’s, Debuchy and Bellerin as our 2 RB’s and Nacho and Gibbs as our 2 LB’s. Debuchy and Monreal can fill in as CB if really needed and Jenks is on loan. The only way I see us getting another defender is if 1 goes that’s if we don’t just promote 1. Unless we’re trying to up our homegrown quota with Smalling I don’t see it happening anyways. Could be wrong though

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    1. fred cowardly

      You make complete sense.

      CB: Mertsacker, Koscielny, Gabriel, Chambers (Debuchy and Monreal)
      RB: Debuchy, Bellerin, Chambers (Jenkison)
      LB: Gibbs and Monreal

      It seems the only thing missing is a third LB. We need a young LB backup (either sign or from Academy)

      The only reason to get a new cb is if Mertsacker leaves or Chambers is made to focus on RB or DM Or Wenger finds a Top quality CB at a fantastic price, but that isn’t Smalling

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      1. SD

        I think Coquelin probably counts as a backup LB. We do need a young player there though.

        Also, please don’t list Chambers as a RB, it makes my stomach churn.

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  4. NIKK

    Thats the best news from Old Trafford…an overrated player only because he is playing for manure!

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  5. SD

    Smalling is average, but he is English. Would help the quota, especially if Jenkinson moves at the end of his loan. I would hope we sign someone better, but Smalling would be a very good backup.

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