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No way Ozil or Alexis will leave Arsenal in January

Arsene Wenger has made it clear that Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez (and Jack Wilshere) are nowhere near to signing an extension to their Arsenal contracts at the moment. Wenger has hinted that he may have to sell Ozil and Sanchez (but NOT Jack) in January, but according to his team-mate Nacho Monreal, there is no way that either of the pair have any interest in leaving before next summer, unless they are forced to by the management.

When asked outright if our two superstars will still be at the Emirates for the second half of the season, Monreal said: “Yes, the feeling is that they will continue. At no time have we talked about the possibility of them leaving. Not at all. They are committed to the group and we will see what happens.

“I can’t say much about it. It does not depend on me. The situation is clear. They are two vital players for Arsenal. They are two players who end their contracts at the end of the season. If the club want them to stay beyond December [the January transfer window] they will follow. Yet, I do not know the club’s intentions. It is other people who are the ones who have to make a decision.”

So the Spaniard doesn’t think that either will be going anywhere, and to be honest it would make a mockery of Wenger’s pledge to keep them for this season if they left in January. How would keeping them then help us regain Champions League football. Wenger made his decision and he really has to stick to it…


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9 thoughts on “No way Ozil or Alexis will leave Arsenal in January

  1. muffdiver

    dortmunds chief scout is now officially our head of recruitment..interesting timing to get him
    is someone going in January??
    ..yeah me to the gym…damn xmas food

    id sell ozil in jan if had to but not sanchez- risk the loss of money just to get few more months out of him-
    where will my alexis teddies and shrine go?
    my two sons atom and humber arent gonna be impressed

    1. Nayr

      getting a new chief scout definitely something is going on behind the scenes.

      might even be wenger going at the end of the season..who knows.

  2. jon fox

    As if Monreal is in the managers confidence! Get real! In any case he was actually saying he did not know their futures, which is clearly true. Arsenals tragedy is that NO ONE not even Wenger has a clue what is going on. The ludicrous thought that some forward planning might impinge upon Wenger , the loopy board and the appalling owner, is too laughable to even imagine. Forward planning and Arsenal go together like porridge and cucumbers.

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