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Not even Arsenal boss expected Ramsey to go TURBO

Everyone concerned with Arsenal, fans and players included, are gobsmacked at the way the young Welshman Aaron Ramsey has hit the ground running this season. Even those who supported him against the general fans’ feeling last season did not expect him to be pulling up trees the way he is, and that includes the man who stuck by him and had the confidence to stick with him, Arsene Wenger.

After the 22-year old scored for the sixth time in seven games last night, sealing a vital away win against Marseille in the Champions League, he was understandably the hot topic of Wenger’s post match press conference. Ramsey himself spoke about how Arsenal’s usual passing game was disrupted by a difficult pitch, but it is going to take more than that to stop Rambo making his mark on a game.

Wenger said, “Honestly, I didn’t expect him to score so many goals. He’s especially improved in his passing, his technical quality. He was always in good positions in the box, but scoring is a bit cyclical. You have periods when it goes in and others when it doesn’t. For me the most important thing is the quality of his game.

“I decided to be patient with him because when you have been injured for such a long time it takes a while to get back to your best.”

Well we are all glad that Wenger did have that patience with him, because we are reaping the rewards now. On Sunday, Ramsey will come up against Ryan Shawcross, the Stoke defender who nearly ended his career over three years ago. Running rings around the Potters and beating the defender to score a goal would be a brilliant way of putting a line under the years Ramsey has spent getting back to his best, while an Arsenal win will be the perfect way to finish a great week.

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17 thoughts on “Not even Arsenal boss expected Ramsey to go TURBO

  1. Tobiasnewman

    Ramsey will be pivitol to our season i have no doubt about that
    i just hope he isnt over played

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  2. OhToBeaGooner

    What do you guys think Ramsey’s natural position is ? He seems like the next fabregas a box to box scoring midfielder oh and Ramsey is still young! Imagine him at 24 !

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    1. Tobiasnewman

      For me he is a box to box midfeilder however with his passing ability and work rate he could easily play any position in our midfeild

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  3. ger

    Ramsey is only 22 yet he is already starting to look world class. Wenger is such an astute manager and Arsenal fans are now reaping the benefits of having such a stubborn manager, he refused to bench Ramsey when he was out of form and kept the confidence that it appeared few Arsenal fans had in the lad. Also I think Ramsey is benefiting from not being the main man, nobody thought that he would be the star man this season considering the midfield that we have but my god he has proved all his critics wrong and I can’t wait for the Stoke game, I really hope Ramsey is riled up to find some sort of retribution for the thug that is Shawcross’ shocking tackle. COYG!

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  4. Mertinho

    In January we should bid:
    – 35mil for Reus (Plays anywhere in midfield and can do a decent job up front to)
    – 45mil for Suarez and 25mil for Lewandowski (Fingers crossed one works out)
    – 20 mil for Hummels or find another young defender in the 10-20mil range.
    RB doesn’t seem as important right now with sagna looking solid and Jenkinson fit and in decent form as of now.

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    1. Tobiasnewman

      Instead of hummels we should go.for ginter/popadopilys as we already have ghree solid cbs (asmuch as i would love to see hummels play for us as i rate him as one of the best cb in the world)
      or evan richards as he is only 24 and can play cb,rb and evan cdm if needed
      i think we would have a better chance of signing lewendoski as his agent stated that he is open to options other then bayern and dortmund would rather sell him abroad rather then lose another star to.their biggest rivals…id say 30m for dortmund and 150k wages would do the trick

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    2. RSH

      dude, we’re not going to spend big again for quite a bit. We have money, but we’re never going to spend like a Chelsea or Man City, and I’m fine with that. Our youth academy should still be very important as well as our other young players, and only spend big once in a while. And honestly, nobody ever spends even close to 100mil in January.

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    3. henry12

      Suarez wont go to us we already tried

      hummels and reus wont leave in january unless we make a ‘bale’ bid

      We should get zouma for cb and i agree with lewandowski but rb is one of the positions we need the most we should get richards

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      1. Tom.R

        We are NEVER going to spend that much… Most you could wish for is one of those players

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  5. Greg

    Aaron ”rambo” ramsey has really been a revelation for arsenal this season! He is definitely a renewed player, and has showed the gifted midfielder that he really is to be, and what wenger saw in him, to sign him from cardiff! I just pray that his great form continues as long as possible, and he remains fit and healthy, as well to keep scoring those ”remarkable” goals that he has been delivering! Keep it up ”rambo”! Coyg!

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  6. permagooner

    Finally a little honesty and rationality about Ramsey’s awesome rise. There was NO “master plan” as some have suggested.

    Very simply, Wenger had faith in Ramsey’s talent and his own ability to assess talent. And to be honest there were times that Ramsey really hurt the team last season. But, all’s well that ends well

    The current run of form was just a pleasant surprise, even for Wenger.

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  7. Manofsteel

    I remember last season, Ramsey was having one of his many off days and we were behind but Wenger refused to substitute him and the commentator said Wenger knows what he’s doing because at such a tender age if you take a player off because of his poor performance it could cause some serious damage to his confidence.

    All in all, Wenger is a f#cken great manager.

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