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Now or Never for Arsenal in Dybala transfer bid?

The talented young Palermo striker Paulo Dybala has already been the subject of quite a few Arsenal transfer rumours, and that trend looks likely to continue until somebody signs the 21-year old in the summer transfer window. That does seem likely to happen as he is apparently being tracked by a number of big clubs like Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, Man United and Barcelona.

It was being reported a week or so ago that his current club’s chairman was coming to London to meet with representatives of the Gunners about a proposed move to Arsenal at the end of the season. Now a Metro report claims that Arsenal are willing to meet the valuation of almost £30 million that the Serie A club have slapped on their starlet.

The news from Spain is that we are determined to beat all the rival clubs to the player being compared favourably to his fellow Argentinean Sergio Aguero. There is another big reason for Arsenal not to mess about on this one as well, because Dybala himself has recently declared that he would love to play for Barcelona.

However, they cannot register any new players until next January and so we have this one transfer window left without them being able to beat us to any player, unless they want to pay big money for a player they can’t use of course.

So is Dybala our transfer priority when the season ends?

VIDEO – Danny Welbeck’s winning goal at Old Trafford

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31 thoughts on “Now or Never for Arsenal in Dybala transfer bid?

  1. ClassiqueGunner

    Off the topic..::
    “Danny Wembley ” is not the standard required in Manchester U-Divers ” — Louis Van Gaal…. sorry brov… he just did you that guy Welbz… Coyg***

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    1. Mick The Gooner

      Van Gaal is such a bad manager. Just look at how Falcao is treated. Very little playing time and gets hauled off immediately after any missed chances whilst RVP, Di Maria and Rooney continually miss theirs. Falcao is even being played in the reserves now.. Let’s not forget this is a player who has just returned from a cruciate ligament injury like Walcott too..

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  2. Hafiz Rahman

    Dybalaa is world class

    at 21 yo he has already won many top scoring awards

    hes a very experienced striker…

    lets meet the asking price and pay him whatever he wants….

    at 30m hes already a bargain for a top top player

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    1. Robb

      I Believe you are always high or an absolute troll. How is a 21 year old experienced. WorldClass?

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        1. jonestown1

          Exactly – think most of the old hands on here “get” Hafiz now – but still too much troll feeding. I used to quite enjoy his ironic AOB pi** take but bit of a blunt instrument now – he wheels it out on every comment. Very boring now.

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    2. French

      At this point I trust whoever Arsene decides to buy. All of his recent purchases have been spot on. Yes in the past there have been some flops but since the Giroud, poldi, Santi transfer window all of his buys have been fantastic. Even his targets have been class, like the Greek central defender that chose Roma over us. Saw him play recently against Juve and he was Roma’s best player hands down.

      If Arsene decides dymbala is worth it then by all means drop the cash.

      I may be alone on this one but I feel like next season is going to be a very memorable one for arsenal. Finally breaking the premier league drought.

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    I just love how people jump onto player band wagons season after season.. Now it is the Dybala and lacazette flavor of the month..

    Last season is was “Lets get Balotelli, Cavani or Falcao at all costs.. Anyone remember Draxlar??? lol… And I remember since 2006 everyone was crying out for us to sign Mertesacker, all the blogs were about how we need a big and commanding Mertesacker. lol.


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    1. Champagne Charlie

      Remember Draxler? Uhm yea…i’d have him in a heartbeat, he’s unreal.

      But you’re right about the level of hype players get when having a decent season.

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      1. jonestown1

        Agree on Draxler – a “Wenger player” if ever I saw one. Appears injury prone though – shame didn’t see him tonight but looks as if Schalke didn’t need him. Think you are a bit generous with the bandwagon rolling with a “decent season” – see it all the time after just a decent game, hell I’ve seen it for Coutinho after a decent shot!

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        1. Champagne Charlie

          haha that’s very true. Better than Ozil now isn’t he Coutinho??

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    2. juhislihis

      I remember rooting for Lacazette signing over a year ago since he reminds me so much of Henry. Got comments like “what’s your obsession with Lacazette” and “he’s a one season wonder.”

      Don’t wanna sound all too smug but damn how right I was. At this rate he’ll break some records.

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    3. RSH

      so now we’re going to pretend Mertesacker’s Arsenal career has been a failure? You’re a hypocrite because you’re jumping on the Mertesacker hate bandwagon which is the flavor of the season among Arsenal fans.

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  4. fred cowardly

    We MUST get a top striker in summer whether it’s Lacazette, Dybala, Cavani or Bendtner

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  5. Mick The Gooner

    Never seen Dybala play. Everyone seems to be raving about him though. Must be a reason why, but I can’t find it, his goalscoring record is good for a 21 year old, 12 goals in 25 appearances, but it’s not really any better than players like Berahino, also 21, with 13 goals in 28 apps, in the Premier League compared to Serie A too.

    Why is everyone crazed about Dybala? Is he a great dribbler? Is he more of a team player? As I’ve said, never seen him play, so can someone let me know please?

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    1. Champagne Charlie

      People have seen him getting some praise, seen he’s having a decent season, and watched a couple of YouTube clips to come to the conclusion he’s the new Aguero. I bet nobody here has seen a half dozen of his games live. He’s talented, bout it.

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    2. juhislihis

      He’s quite one footed and lightweight but he’s extremely skillful, his dribbling is amazing.

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  6. HA559

    Didn’t he say he wants to go to Man city or Barcelona, you should just forget him.

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  7. HA559

    There is no reason why we shouldn’t score a minimum of 3 goals next week vs Monaco next. Look how Schalke played this evening. All is not lost yet.

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    1. Champagne Charlie

      That the same schalke that got eliminated? Cracking example.

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      1. ArseOverTit

        If they played with the same flow, directness, effort and ability and scored the same amount of goals as Schalke did in the bernabeu against Real Madrid then they would have gone some small way to redeeming themselves after their1st leg debacle against Monaco at the Emirates!

        White flags at the ready…

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  8. calvinr

    The ties over, so I would try to win the game but the players are only playing for the shirt imo, it’s not impossible, but highly improbable they have a mean defense, let’s cement 3rd and retain the fa cup (relatively poor) I know because of the expectation and all the noise the club was making last summer but its a slight improvement.

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    1. calvinr

      Haha wrong article, aimed at the “lets rest key men for Monaco”

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      1. ArseOverTit

        AW: ” yeh who is this Messi kid anyway. Nothing special here!”

        I think AW will not pay out £30mil for a 21 yo even though at that price he is a bargain. Forget Aguero, this chap is the new Messi if he keeps developing and his head screwed on.

        And I have watched more than youtube clips. Even if you have only seen YouTube clips and had only half an idea of what seperates special players from good ones you would want to secure his services.

        Having said that he is 4’2″ so AW might go for him:)

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  9. Hafiz Rahman

    lets sign everyone….we have 3 billionaires and heaps of funds coming in from the new tv deal…

    spend spend spend

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