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Now which Arsenal team would you pick to face West Brom?

Now that we have had all the players returning from the internationals, and have been given a full injury update by Arsene Wenger, how would you pick the Arsenal starting XI to face West Brom on Saturday?

The best news we’ve had is that Hector Bellerin will be back on the firm, but that has been tempered by the fact that Laurent Koscielny has got Arsene Wenger worried about his state of mind. The big problem with that is that Gabriel only arrived back from South America yesterday, along with Alexis Sanchez, and their fitness will have to be taken on trust. It is going to be hard for Wenger to choose who partners Mertesacker (who has had two weeks rest) at the back.

With the Ox and Ramsey still unavailable, Wenger will simply have to give in to Alexis’ desire to play again, despite playing two full games for Chile in on the other side of the world in the last fortnight. Let’s hope he doesn’t suffer from jetlag. I know I do every time I return to the UK…..

One thing is absolutely certain is that Olivier Giroud will be leading the line as Theo Walcott is still going to be out for another “week or two”, and I think, without any other options, Campbell will yet again play on the right. So anyway, I am going to take a stab at predicting Wenger’s choices for tomorrow with the limited assets at his disposal…..


Sanchez Ozil Campbell

Coquelin Cazorla

Monreal Gabriel Mertesacker Bellerin


Can anyone see Wenger changing any of those?

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16 thoughts on “Now which Arsenal team would you pick to face West Brom?

  1. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Admini, your guess of the Boss’ starts is good. But you’ve not accommodated Debuchy in your starts but I’ve accommodated him in mine. And I believe the Boss will also start him if he’s startable. I prefer to see the Boss starts Bellerin on the bench and starts Gibbs at left wing-mid while Sanchez is started on the bench. My starts: Cech; DebuchyRhino’DeAberuMonreal; CazorlaCoquellan; CampbellOzilGibbs; Giroud. My bench: OspinaBellerinChambersFlaminiKoscielnySanchezAdelaide. Cazorla MUST wake up from his Arsenal slumbers and score a couple of goals or give assists to score goals on Saturday against West Brom at the Hawthorns. He has scored 3 goals for Spain so far this season, but scored zero goals for Arsenal in as many games he has started for the Gunners this season. Why this lackluster performance for Arsenal by Cazorla? Let him answer that question with a remarkable performance for Arsenal tomorrow.

    1. Ezat

      The reason he is not scoring much is because of his role in Arsenal. He has defensive duties here and creates chances for Giroud to squander. This the problem , in Spain there are lots balls created by other greates easy for him to score. Arsenal lacked finisher since Henry left. Lamp posts like Giroud don’t score they just tap the ball in.

  2. Robertthegooner

    I think Campbell should play on the left and Alexis on the right as so


  3. Bill William

    Due to state of mind of Kos and Sanchez’ fatigue, I would deploy:




    Is Ospina back? Otherwise
    Sanchez, Koscielny, Debuchy, Iwobi, Gibbs, Macey.
    As Wenger said, there is no easy game. No jock plz!

  4. Bill William

    …hino and Rando.. whether singly or plurally should be dealt with by the back line, and the 3 points are ours.

  5. arsenalkid1970

    Got to rest A S and stick MF out there as he can play all over the park. Just for the EPL game this week why not. CL game well I would piss it away as we don’t want Thursday football at all. Good luck Arsenal keep a clean sheet

  6. Twig

    The main sticky point is who get to play the wide roles?

    Sanchez (LW) Campbell – What Wenger is probably going to go for
    Gibbs (LW) Sanchez (RW) – This got us the goal against Spurs and balances the team well…
    Campbell (LW) Sanchez (RW) – This could work but I really don’t see it happening
    Sanchez (LW) Ozil (RW) – This allows Cazorla to be in a more goal scoring position as CAM. Ozil can also play the RW well by his own admission.

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