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NOW who thinks Arsenal were wrong to snub Balotelli?

When a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours were linking us with a move for the AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli, in the early stages of the World Cup finals, most Arsenal fans were not that keen. Even though the striker had played well for Italy and put England to the sword, it was the attitude and off field baggage that put us off. And then Wenger said outright that it was not happening, so all was forgotten.

Until near the end of the transfer window, that is, once Olivier Giroud had been ruled out for about three months. Then Liverpool snapped up Mario while Arsenal signed Welbeck. All of a sudden, many Arsenal fans forgot about the reasons for not wanting the fiery Italian and focused instead on his ability to get goals.

The comparisons really started flying when our new centre forward missed chances in Dortmund while Mario took his chance against Ludogorets. The TV pundits were full of it and seemed delighted to tell us that Welbeck was not a natural finisher and would not be the player Arsenal needed.

Fast forward two weeks and the tables have quickly turned. That snatched goal against the minnows from Bulgaria, while Danny has got four in five games. And when you add the goals to his all-round contribution to the Arsenal cause, including an assist for Ozil’s goal at Aston Villa, Wenger’s decision is looking better all the time.

Then there are the two personalities to consider, with the new Gunner settling in like a long lost family member and showing humility and a willingness to learn and work hard. Balotelli, on the other hand, is beginning to show his petulant side, according to a report in The Mirror, offering little to the team, nearly getting sent off and failing to acknowledge the away fans as Liverpool slumped to a defeat in Basel.

So who still thinks that Balotelli would have been a better transfer for Arsenal?

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27 thoughts on “NOW who thinks Arsenal were wrong to snub Balotelli?

  1. Twig

    Uhm… Bob. Lets wait till the end of the season shall we?

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    1. kzm

      Did you see Dannys Celebration for the last goal? the lad just ddnt knw how to feel, its like your after your first time ( doing you knw what ), it was amazing !

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      1. muffdiver

        oh yeahhhh i know what ur talking about….that first bite of kellogs frosties…il never forget it

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  2. Robin Vanpayslip

    What is painfully obvious now is how much Ozil is enjoying himself when playing with a fast striker.

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    1. Big Gun

      No one enjoys passing to a totem poll. Also Wenger MUST play him in the middle right behind our strikers to get the best of him. Ozil might not be the hardest worker, but his vision is almost unparalleled. Dare I ask under what rock his critics are hiding under??

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  3. Chima

    Who needs Mario Balloteli 1 when we have got Danny Welbeck 4???? Falcao 0 Welbeck 4…who needs a Falcao when we have got a Danny Welbeck..Its time to be behind our manager and support his decisions.

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  4. Skandalouz

    Waaay to soon to make statements like these. Balotelli generally performs loads better when he has a striking partner, so we’ll see what changes when Sturridge is back for Liverpool.
    Also, I still think Balotelli could’ve done good things at Arsenal, but neither I or people that think we’re right for snubbing Balotelli will be able to know for sure if we were right to do that.

    I still strongly believe that we were never interested in him, it’s all a Daily Mail/Mirror/whatever rumor paper made-believe story.

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    1. Gunnerphyte

      Retards like scandalouz just can’t stop complaining. welbeck just scored a hat trick, why is it so hard for us to be happy for him? He misses a few chances, people start calling him a flop. Now he scores 4 in 5 games plus a world class assist, people say its too soon to believe he’s good. Really? Those goals were top class! He ran behind defenders real good, isn’t that what we have been missing?

      I say if you not happy about yesterday’s Performance, then go join burnley or something!

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      1. Arsenal1Again

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    2. DennisTheMenace

      when was the last time sturridge actually “partnered” with any other player…..

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  5. ruelando

    i have said it when arsenal signed Welbeck he fits arsenal perfectly, the pace we had up front years ago is now back in the team, couple more scores like that will start building a fear factor, meaning we will have a mental edge even before a ball is kicked.
    I have no doubt that Balotelli has talent but lack a consistent work rate, he has pace, power and technique, but lacks the will to perform consistently, it is going to be left to Rodgers to unlock this individual talent and at the same time keep Balotelli personality in check.
    I think welbeck can only get better with the players around him(because he is a team player) and we have already seen his growth progress, Balotelli on the other hand seems only focus on his bad boy image on and off the field, which stifles his football potential.
    Therefore i can honestly say Danny Welbeck is a better buy than Mario Balotelli

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  6. John Legend

    At the same price? I would take Danny. However, adding Balo since the beginning of summer would have ensured we don’t have Olly as our first choice striker because I wonder what would be happening if “the hold up Guy” did not get injured.

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  7. 007

    I said this on an earlier article but its more relevant for this (the force is with us currently we the fans are thinking ahead of our time too, lol) were wego:

    Eissssssh, we dodged a bullet with Baloteli huh.

    I know its too early but even in his best form I cant see how he can fit into our system. I know I was one of the people calling for his signing and therefore I eat humble pie and apologize because I made a dodo there. He just looks so lazy and disinterested to play. The pool funs are frustrated with him there already and his already cathching negative articles about him in the media.

    Wenger was right, ON THIS 1!!!

    Glad we signed Welbeck on a long term contract rather than a loan move, I feel he will come good, now imagine Man U calling him back in January and cancel it. That would be murder and knowing there sticky habits they would have done it.

    Danny over Balo any day, and not just based on last nights performance!!!

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  8. Big Gun

    Never wanted Balotelli, he has always been a controversial figure, I guess they needed a suitable replacement for Suarez in that department! Welbeck is faster, works harder and has a much better attitude.

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  9. Matt

    Lineup and bench v Chelski:

    Chambers Mert Kos Gibbs
    Sanchez Ozil Wilshere Ox

    Subs: Ospina, Bellerin, Coquelin, Diaby, Cazorla, Rosicky, Poldi.

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    1. Kayz30

      Nooooo…lets play the fantastic team that played last night …JAck can come on later in the game..we just need to shut out Cesc, Koscienly on Costa and we are good..Hope Flamini wont get a red card

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  10. Enygma

    Deluded guys here have already started over praising Welbeck and Ozil.If they under perform against Chelsea,the same women here will be cursing them and ranting on how poor they are.

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  11. fred cowardly

    Welbeck never got a teal chance as striker at United. He was used as a winger. He is much more better value than £300,000/week Rooney. I hope Welbeck ends up scoring more goals than Rooney and RVP. He can start at Chelski

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  12. coolsharp18

    Great to see Welbeck playing in front, someone who looks like is not only taking the chances that others create for him but also capable of creating chances for himself (and others). The finishing and some of his play had shades of Henry i felt! Hope we carry this confidence to Chelsea and come off with a result. COYG!

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