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Of course Arsenal will make Top Four this season if…..

Arsenal are currently in 5th place in the Premier League after unbelievably losing to Man United at home this weekend, and it has been great to see the teams in Champions League having tough midweek games today and tomorrow. It has been most pleasing to see Tottenham implode since the Gunners destroyed them a couple of weeks ago, despite their great form in the Champions League.

So although Arsenal lost this weekend, their performance will have given them a bit of a boost, if they can only stop making silly defensive mistakes and stop shooting straight at goalkeepers they should have no problem reaching the Top Four, which is their usual trophy at the end of the season.

The Arsenal legend Emmanuel Petit is not worried about the Gunners getting their goal, in fact he doesn’t even rule out Arsenal challenging for the title this early in the season. “The Gunners showed huge passion on Saturday and they need to hold onto that mentality moving forward,” he told Paddy Power.

“The way they played with desire and offensive flair reminded me of how we used to play.

“In the second half, I saw a great Arsenal team on the pitch – they showed fantastic character and personality.”

“Arsenal will definitely make the top four if they keep that level of performance up,” he added. “They are probably out of the title picture, but anything can happen – in 1998, we were 12 points behind in February and pulled that back.

“If City lose at United and then Spurs, it could be wide open again.”

City are yet to have their blip, and we all know it happens to every team that plays in the elite European competition, especially as they progress further and face tougher opponents, so I am not going to argue with that. And of course Arsenal have the added advantage of NOT having those problems. I am certain that if we play like we did in the second half against United and buy a top, top class defender and a holding midfielder we are nailed on for Top Four.

What do you think the Gunners need to do to ensure the Wenger trophy?

Sam P

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5 thoughts on “Of course Arsenal will make Top Four this season if…..

  1. summerbreez

    With determination every thing is possible the main question here are we determined enough to succeed ?????


    Man if we can show the kind of performance against united-character,determination,hard work and team spirit minus the defensive mistakes and woeful finishing over the course of a whole season,we can be serious title contendors,let alone a top 4 finish..

  3. Me

    Of course they can qualify.
    But its a sad day when a once competitive club like Arsenal see fourth place as an achievement..

  4. Nothing changed

    4th place would be great and crucial in terms of trying to recruit new players and at some point in the future a new manager hopefully. The longer we are out of 4th the harder it will be to get back to the top 4.

    The somewhat worrying thing to me is that we have not yet had our weak period around Christmas and the early months of the new year.

    4th place is doable but by no means certain. I would not put any money on it today.

    One way or another we need CL football in a big way whether Wenger stays or leaves.

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