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Official Arsenal team and preview for Man City at home

This home game for Arsenal against Manchester City is a huge one for so many reasons, not least the fact that anything less than all three points today would leave the Gunners way off the pace in the fight for the top four and still lagging behind Manchester United back in sixth place.
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Arsene Wenger and the players are all under pressure to get this right but they also know that a win would significantly change the modd around the club, even if it would not change the view of most Gonners on the managerial situation.

A win over Pep Guardiola’s team today would get the EPL season back on some sort of track but also give us a psychological advantage when it comes to the semi-final of the FA cup against the same side later this month. So the boss will be glad to be able to name a strong starting XI, with Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal
Xhaka, Coquelin
Walcott, Ozil, Welbeck

Subs: Gibbs, Gabriel, Giroud, Iwobi, Martinez, Elneny, Maitland-Niles.

There is plenty of pace in that Arsenal attack and I like the balance of having Xhaka and Coquelin as well as Ozil in midfield, so now our manager has done his bit, can the Arsenal players do theirs?


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89 thoughts on “Official Arsenal team and preview for Man City at home

      1. RSH

        you’re right. But as usual, you feel the need to start arguments with me. Not interested today.

  1. Fatboy Gooney

    I can’t see us winning this game,
    City have much more pace and trickery in their attack.
    I’m expecting another ass whipping and the Wenger Out brigade to get even louder after today’s game.

      1. RSH

        Kind of sad Xhaka-Coquelin midfield is the best we can do. Elneny available today, I wouldn’t have minded if he started. Coquelin has not been good all season.

        1. antbadapple

          Yeah Elneny has got something to offer… it is unsurprisingly Mr Wenger who seems to have lessened his form and potencial.

        2. TH14atl

          Le coq’ struggles this year are down to Arsene. Than is pure 6 – win the ball and give it to an 8 or a 10, and the starting the position is directly in front of the back four.
          Sadly this year Arsene has tried to play him and xhaka together, but has asked Francis to play slightly in front of xhaka and his starting positions are more advanced than they should be, like an 8 of sorts.
          He can’t do that, hence his struggles. It should be xhaka or coquelin, not both.
          This a problem that takes care of itself if santi is fit

  2. Charlie Nick

    Today will be interesting…any player that can’t step up with a committed performance in this match should be shown the door at end of season.

  3. jamaicanarsenal

    bellerin is the weak link in the arsenal team but you fans will never realize when other defender are out if position he never tuck in woest left back in the league

  4. gunnerman8701

    Mustafi went from a 20 game unbeaten streak to now going on a 20 game unwining streak?

  5. E90_Anderson

    I think we have stepped it up a notch after Bellerin’s poor positioning (a lot lately) put us on wrong side of the scoreline.

    1. RSH

      still losing but first game in a while we haven’t gotten progressively worse. Really the only positive so far because we’re still losing

      1. E90_Anderson

        Got my fingers crossed we will sneak one before the break.
        Buh, they better ensure City don’t get another

  6. RSH

    All City have to do is put 1% effort in and they can destroy our defense. Sloppy sloppy play. Not nearly good enough as usual. You equalize minutes before 1st half ends, learn some discipline and manage the game! How do these players not know that by now? Terrible.

    1. gmv8

      Bellerin needs to seriously look at himself, and I’m not just talking about his hair – don’t know what’s happened to him, but his play seems to have gone down the same road as his hair – absolutely horrendous.

  7. gunnerman8701

    The positive in this game is that Arsenal is one goal down. I expected worse. Thought it’d be 3 down in the first half. No effort from City at all.

    1. E90_Anderson

      In that half it was Shitty who were SHIT!
      We shouldn’t have let in the second!
      That’s just poor, especially after just restoring parity

    1. RSH

      All of Wenger’s staff have one purpose, and that is to say yes to whatever Wenger says. I doubt Bould has as much influence as you think he does.

  8. lcebox

    Xhaka gets yellow for rash tackle Navas does 2 rash tackles the second studds showing and catching the player half up the leg why the hell isnt he sent off cause i think if it was Xhaka that did what Navas did it be red and people would say he deserves it i dont know why but this crap happens us always.

  9. RSH

    City was not putting in max effort that 1st half and they easily score 2 goals against us, essentially at will. Arsenal has no clue how to defend. Baffling how this team was ever good at the beginning of the season. Ozil has had some nice turns and stuff but doesn’t do enough still, and harms us more than helps. Seems like Sanchez and Welbeck rely on each other more than Ozil doing something. Coquelin again terrible, none of our CDMs can defend, don’t get it at all. And let’s not even talk about back 4…

    1. gmv8

      It would be sensible to change Coq for Elneny, he’s already on a yellow, and hopefully Elneny would provide a bit more steel at the back.

  10. JAmerican

    We have no RB to challenge Bellerin.
    Mustafi plays as if he’s midfielder.
    Koscielny isn’t immuned to criticism either.
    Monreal better than Bellerin so far but needs replacing.
    If Cech can’t play we need better than Ospina.
    Coquelin is rubbish.
    Xhaka needs a Viera slap.
    Ozil walks back after giving away the ball for their 2nd goal.
    Alexis needs others on his wavelength.
    Walcott scored but his limitations can’t be masked.
    Welbeck needs time and proper coaching.

    1. RSH

      couldn’t agree more with Welbeck. I can see him being so good if someone just guides him a bit more and refines his skillset. If SAF didn’t retire, Welbeck would be quite the player.

  11. gmv8

    Looking at Wenger, you have to be worried at his health – Kroenke and all those idiots on the board should be looking to save him from himself in the most humane way possible, rather than just thinking about making money.

  12. Robin Vanpayslip

    It’s almost like People said to his team – i don’t want to be that guy. If they okay up just score another but don’t thrash them. I do that want to be the one that out the OAP out of a job. But if they get rude just walk straight through them…..


    If I say am surprised then I will be telling a big lie n to compound it all D Boss is going off, I sense a Bayern match here… so sad 2 B a Gunner Fan so Sad n now Wenger n his fans would say we lost cos d boss went off…

    1. JAmerican

      Seriously we should give him a run of games as a DM and get another CB just incase. That might be his calling!

  14. RSH

    First time in a while these players actually tried. Still not good enough but at least we didn’t lose


    Le Fraud and Chip must be celebrating this NOT LOST…… and the Fans relieved we will not be mocked cuz another crushing defeat, this is the current state of afford at AFC

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