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Official Arsenal team and preview for Man United away

The big question on the lips of most Arsenal fans this week as we prepare for the big Premier League clash with Manchester United at Old Trafford today was about the fitness of our Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez and whether or not Arsene Wenger would risk him after the injury concern surrounding him during the international break.

The good news is that Alexis is in the starting line up for the Gunners today and for those who were worried about the possibility that he would be back out on the left can relax as Olivier Giroud starts from the bench. There are a few changes to the team made by Arsene Wenger and not all force on him due to injury problems.

Carl Jenkinson comes in for Hector Bellerin at right back as we all expected but a lot of Arsenal fans will be surprised to see Elneny in the team and Xhaka on the bench. Aaron Ramsey also makes the team and I can only assume he will play out wide as Ozil will be in his usual number 10 role.

Iwobi drops out but Walcott keeps his place but I wonder if he will switch flanks to allow the Welshman on the right, especially with the need to boost that flank with Jenkinson coming in. Theo has previously done well on the left so that is what I think we will see today.

Jenkinson, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal
Coquelin, Elneny
Walcott, Ozil, Ramsey

Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Gabriel, Xhaka, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi, Giroud

Is this the right Arsenal team to get a long awaited Premier League win at Man United?


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103 thoughts on “Official Arsenal team and preview for Man United away

    1. TH14atl

      2 games Ramsey has been back, 2 games we drop points. Him on the left (or on the field) completely disrupts all balance and movement.

  1. Twig

    I hope Walcott isn’t going to be playing on the left. He’s really ineffective there. I’ll like to see Giroud get at least 30 mins to take advantage of Jenko’s crossing ability. COYG!

  2. Uzi Ozil

    Ramsey starts probably to help out with the defense as he tracks back properly. Then again, hope it works out.. We need Jenkinson, Ramsey and Elneny needs to be discipline. Come on you gunners

  3. Arsenal_Girl

    I think Ramsey will be on the right
    He usually plays on the right when he doesn’t play central position
    I think he is there to help Jenks too

    Hopefully both (and everyone) will play well and we get a win

  4. Break-on-through

    Utd/mour are going with three in the centre per usual in the big games. We on the other hand prefer a no10. If we sit back a bit and allow them to have the ball in non dangerous areas, then I think their three won’t be as significant as they want it to be. Also Mour teams usually prefer the other team too take chances and leave space behind. Would love to see a similar performance to that manc away one.

  5. Dr Dremotosh11

    Guys am so nervous,I don’t no what’s gonna happen today,am not worried about jenko seriously, he is a good guy,but Ramsey??anyway I hope we win,need to get to bottles of water ready for this,I swear we can do it!! Come on Gunners!!

  6. rkw

    Unadventurous …. Ramsey in at any price doesn’t instill confidence but he tracks back better than iwobi Walcott did nothing in the internationals so much will depend in whether ozil shows up and sanchez’s fitness … Man utd look understrength .. No idea how this one plays out … Down to which manager motivates best especially from start

  7. Disturbance

    Jenkinson is a major worry for me. First pl game in 2 years… It’ll be a really tough game. Arsenes record there is terrible. He’ll need a miracle honestly…

  8. Adienl

    Ramsey has been clueless in midfield. He will at least do his defensive duties as a winger. But we really need another winger to challenge Iwobi.

  9. vinie2000

    Would have play xhaka instead and ramsey with iwobi or ox on the wind so valencia would not push forward.

  10. Invincibles49

    Big match? Players leave their balls at home. So much caution and nervousness. We lose all the killer instinct that we show against smaller teams. Ughhhh!!!

  11. Invincibles49

    God i miss Cazorla. Elneny rarely passes the ball forward. Only sideways and back. Its almost like playing with two DMs.

  12. Charlie Nick

    Think I might have wanted a pen there if that was us…
    Good to see Mourinho’s face though..haha you git

  13. vinie2000

    Theres no cohesion. Some players arent in the game. Were giving the initiative. Wingers are gone awol . Changes need for second half. Xhaka will give more balance instead of sideway passes and winger is a must.

  14. rkw

    Couple of teams vying for 4th place .. No way a team with elneny jenkinson Ramsey and Walcott can win EPL … Not in a ffing million years … Xhaka and iwobi on at half time for elneny and Ramsey

  15. Roe-hahn

    Extremely poor first half. We have not been able to create a single decent chance. No shots on target. United are targeting our wings with the ball and without the ball they are quickly closing down the spaces on the wing. The only space is thrugh the middle. Ramsey has been poor on the wings and Elneny has done nothing special. Maybe move Ramsey to cm and bring on Ox for Elneny. Need to bring on Giroud as well. Another concern, we favoured Ramsey and Elneny for defensive duties but still look shaky at the back. Need a big performance in the 2nd half and have to score the opener if we want to win this.

  16. Break-on-through

    No one player has stood out either way. Mourinho has instructed his defenders to go long, which means we cannot pressure into making errors, on the other hand we’ve been told to play out from the back, almost cost us once or twice.

    We don’t have anyone making good forward runs in between the defence, Ozil should be doing it seeing as Alexis is coming back into midfield for the ball. We need Ozil to step it up, never mind just Ramsey. Ozil Theo and Ramsey need to run between the lines.

  17. vinie2000

    How long to make a change? When we fall behind? No intensity, lack of move. If this Utd beat us then only assume we will go back to fight four 4th place.

  18. Juhislihis McLovin

    That’s it then.

    One can wonder what the hell was Elneny doing in that goal? What the hell has he done all game long? What is his role anyway?

  19. Adienl

    Stupid! NO URGENCY from the players and the manager. Not one chance has been created. It means that a tweak needs to be made in midfield. What the bloody hell. THE MIDFIELD HAS BEEN OVERRUN TOTALLY> DO SOMETHING WENGERRR

      1. Juhislihis McLovin

        We’ve seen this before mate.

        Choke against Spurs, choke against United, then we will choke at Anfield and Stamford Bridge, probably at St. Mary’s too. Etihad, quite likely as well.

        At the end of that choking, we will finish 10 points behind the leaders but manage to qualify for Champions League. Next season – repeat.

  20. Invincibles49

    Thr same old Ramsey question will haunt us for the rest of the season now. Why is he on the pitch?

  21. WiserthanWenger

    Elneny is finally exposed ! When I said he is not worth to be in 1st team , many disagreed , he’s worth only 5m that’s it , nothing more ..

  22. gmv8

    Why is Wenger doing this? Not one change on a clearly underperforming team against a sub standard Manure side. Ramsey does NOT play on the wings, what will it take to get that into his head??????

  23. reddb10

    what amazes me is that people are amazed. Wenger is a joke and will never learn. no matter what players we bring to the club with this manager we never win the EPL

  24. WiserthanWenger

    Jenko can never fill Bellerin’s shoes , not now not in future , their Football sense r a different level !

    1. Juhislihis McLovin

      Everyone knew this. That’s why he’s 2ND CHOICE.

      Can’t blame him from this defeat. The goal came from Monreal’s and Ramsey’s side, no surprise there.

      1. WiserthanWenger

        But there r fans saying Jenko will improve with more games which I don’t think so !

        I don’t blame him alone but the whole team & their coach Wenger !

  25. arsenal_canada

    Where’s the damn passion? We saw this when we played spurs… Looks like no one cares at all.

  26. Adienl

    “This has not been the Arsenal we have seen so far”- Commentator
    Answer: We have no replacement for Santi Cazorla and we are playing Ramsey.

    1. Juhislihis McLovin

      Who’s fault is that? 2 seasons in a row and the excuse is the same:

      “B-b-but Cazorla was injured..”

      2 SEASONS in a row and this team is a one man team. Pathetic.

      1. Adienl

        Not a one man team. But if you lose the battle in the midfield then in all likelihood you lose the game.

  27. vinie2000

    Wait the end of game inertview. We lack cohesion, intensity bla bla. 2nd rate Utd team bea us? Shockingly lackustre tactics as usual.

  28. vinie2000

    Really the worse i see from Arsenal for long while. No shot on target in 80 mins said it all. Same old story against Utd

  29. Charlie Nick

    Not one player apart from Cech has done anything
    Everyone static, getting the ball standing still.
    Embarrassing performance.

  30. Adienl

    Does someone defend the position of playing Ramsey?
    Why is Ramsey a guaranteed starter if not injured?

  31. Adienl


  32. Onochie

    Maybe Wenger likes messing himself up.,why not involve Iwobi and Xhaka from the start of this,they have been part of the consistent winning team.

  33. gunnerman8701

    Wenger not winning Mourinho today is just a sign of weakness. This is a Man U side that is low in confidence and we can’t even beat them?

  34. Tidan2

    This is the worst performance I have seen in a long time.

    Sanchez was horrendous. He spent most of the match playing as a deep-lying midfield instead of making runs or holding up the ball or even just staying in his own bloody position. Would have played Iwobi up there at instead if I had known that’s what he would do.

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