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OFFICIAL Arsenal team for Bournemouth – Alexis benched

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal team are in desperate need of all three points from our Premier League match today, so facing AFC Bournemouth, which is one of the few teams to suffer an even worse start to the new EPL season than we have is just what the doctor ordered.

On the other hand, failure to beat the Cherries at home today will confirm this as the worst possible start to a title challenge from the Gunners under Arsene Wenger and will send the already seething Arsenal fans into meltdown, so the boss needs to get his team selection and tactics right today.

Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal
Bellerin, Ramsey, Xhaka, Kolasinac
Ozil, Welbeck, Lacazette

Subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott, Iwobi, Coquelin

At least the defence looks better and that has been a major flaw so far for us. I also like the fact that Kolasinac is furtgher forward as he looks a real danger. Bellerin back on the right where he is best is a good thing as well and putting Lacazette back in the team is a no brainer, but Alexis Sanchez and Giroud starting on the bench seems a bit odd.

I am also a bit confused about why the badly out of form Granit Xhaka keeps starting while Coquelin who has looked good is left on the bench, but as long as Arsenal win I could not really care less. The question is, will we?


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61 thoughts on “OFFICIAL Arsenal team for Bournemouth – Alexis benched

    1. Anko

      Let’s hope that is what we get. I am so tired of losing. And a clean sheet will add some value. But a win please!

    1. JJPawn

      To make room for Welbeck…

      Wenger has to get Welbeck into the game and get his confidence back. He does well for English, or at least did, when he started.

      He is one English player I really like would like to keep.

  1. Okayblack

    Bob… You should worry about Ramsey being there rather than Xhaka. And why are we still playing 3-4-3.?
    I can’t wait for ArseneWenger’s Death!
    I want my Arsenal back!!!!

  2. gotanidea

    Arsenal might win against weaker teams like Bournemouth. But they will not be able to withstand heavy pressures from stronger opponents, if they keep using underperforming and weak players as starters.

    Manchester City showed how a three central back formation and “pretty” football system should be used. There is no special player, regardless of the player’s big price tag, and everybody works hard to retrieve the ball.

    If Wenger insists he doesn’t want use pragmatic football ala Mourinho, Ranieri and Simeone, he should learn from Brazil, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Currently Arsenal is neither very pretty or very pragmatic, it is something in between, and they cannot decide.

    1. BuddReloaded

      Pretty football my bottoms. Up until Mane was sent off Liverpool ran riot in City’s defense. Also, would like to hear the experts explaining how Liverpool collapsed after playing with 10 men. Because sure as hell they had a field day when Koscielny was sent off at Munchen.

      1. gotanidea

        Liverpool were very threatening, but Manchester City dictated the tempo. It was difficult for Liverpool to rob the ball from Manchester City players.

        The result could go the opposite way, if Salah managed to score. But Manchester City’s system is something that Arsenal need to learn from.

        Wenger has to get more skillful players in January to create better internal competition. I think PSG is going for a big sale in January.

  3. Mr pat

    I really don’t care at the moment, breaking news man City 4 l/pool nou plan, take that yu ox twat 3 points today I reckon don’t care how that happens come on yu gooooooners

  4. bran99

    3 points needed only.. Ramsey again in the starting lineup, Wenger should get ruthless and tell him to not imitate Ozil.. Xhaka another weak link. We might win today coz its just the mighty Bournemouth, but the reality is still there, too many avarage players in this team

  5. bran99

    Liverpool is getting humiliated, so average. But we failed to score a single goal against them, shows how weak we really are.

      1. bran99

        Didn’t watch the match, just reflecting on the scores. And we were 11 and still played like school kids

    1. Lexynal

      Footballl doesn’t work that way. We may not be fantastic this year but we still didn’t field the best team against Liverpool… to be honest, you really don’t have the right judgement here.

  6. gentlegonner

    y’s welbeck & zhaka in starting eleven……can’t just understand Wenger anymore. Expect 2 many misses in dis match…… and b4 l 4get-wishing ox a wonderful debut

  7. Lexynal

    It’s all over at Etihad and Liverpool have been whipped 5-0. I know Arsenal isn’t good but being a man down (striker) doesn’t explain the performance of the defence line. Wenger out? Klopp out? Sorry the Ox, 9 goals in successive games and 5 goals in debut games isn’t that welcoming!

  8. ruelando

    Stop watching liverpool loss it was a good game before mane was sent off, they were awful defensively. Wenger has actually put out the team which i thought would have played liverpool, let us see if we can get the three points.

  9. damigunner

    now I can confirm this wenger totally out of it…. what is this….. is it a given that you play 3 4 3…. what sort of formation is this….. when are we going to have enough of this welbeck starting for us…. what kind of a soft midfield pairing is this…. over and over again it has proven not to work but this deluded man won’t stop using it…. get the fu** back to basis…. 4 defenders 3 midfielders 3 attackers…. enough of this delusional 3 4 3…. if we switched to this formation coz we concede too much goals but at least we use to score more…. what is the essence of the change if we still keep conceding more even with these 343…..we may beat Bournemouth but am not even sure we will but play this against a close to decent team then we will get whooped just like in the Liverpool game…. I just pray Bournemouth isn’t decent today for the sake of coupons …..

    1. TH14atl

      Say it man. 3-4-3 needs to go. Served it’s purpose last year, but now it just has us unbalanced and doesn’t allow us to have our best 11 on the field and in their most comfortable positions.

      When will he learn?

    1. Anko

      I can’t figure him out at the moment but if he left because of trophies I think we have a better chance of winning the FA and Europa! And he will not be on the bench! Funny enough I really will not miss him!!

  10. summerbreez

    the Ramsey, Xhaka partner ship is not a balanced one as none of them are truly defensive midfielders and I know from our previous experience they are no good at all what is going on at Arsenal with this kind team selection it will probably be a draw if not a loss hope I would be proved wrong

  11. Arseneout

    ozil is not RW he is a playmaker
    monreal is not a CB
    ramsey is not a CM
    3-4-3 need 2 strong midfielder like matic and kante
    but still i think we will win ✌?

  12. Arsenal_Girl

    Theo must be one of the highest paid bench players in the league.

    This is actually an improvement to the Liverpool match. In that match Lacazette, Kolsanic and Mustafi didn’t start. Neither did Giroud or Theo. Shocking that we didn’t start Lacazette at least instead of Welbeck (Away to Liverpool we should have started Lacazette and Kolsanic). We should have played Kolsanic instead of OX.

    Alexis is probably not physically fit

    This looks good enough to beat Bournemouth (home). But our last home match was very tight, so we need to expect a tough match

    As usual all I want is a WIN

  13. Vijay

    27 minutes in and kolasinac has an assist and lacazette scored…wonder what arsenal was thinking when he dropped them on the bench against liverpool

  14. Krish

    great play nive goals and to the haters yeah of course reading/writing 245 times of your confusion why laca/kola didnt start against liverpool isnt enough.. come on write it another 265 times.. go for it…

  15. Okoro E Alaebi

    Enough of the excuses Alexis had no business in that team that played away to Liverpool so he is better off in d bench for now. Yes most of d players r lazy need to work on their physical strength. If d team has 3players that as d strength n skill of Kolasinac just imagine what they would do to their opponents. Rather than looking @ Ox who lost twice in a roll while don’t we look inwards,n stop butting into other clubs business. Ox moved on so we should move on n tink of ways to win small n big teams especially big teams.

  16. the barrel

    Elneny and Wilshere might do better than Xhaka and Ramsey. People complain about Welbeck, really I dont get it. Welbeck is a hard worker who can challenge defenders. Have anyone seen Giroud challenging defenders since his arrival to Arsenal? When he gets the ball, he turns around and faces his own goal keeper. Wenger has an obsession of Xhaka, Ramsey, and Ozil. I really dont see what he sees. maybe I dont understand football. I dont see anything good in these three players, plus Giroud

    1. JJPawn

      “Elneny and Wilshere might do better than Xhaka and Ramsey.”

      Wilshere? What team can he get into given his injuries? His style of play means he gets tackled often, and hard.

      Elneny has a role for this club. I like his work rate.

  17. Burton

    The team is doing well as at now and congrats to them , but if can be keen you can tell we are not strong as a team.

      1. Krish

        haha you are a great fan lol if they were winning you would have wanted to replace ramsey and xhaka with king and arter xD this opinion of yours is a joke to be honest

        1. Wengerforlife

          I’m not a manager so I don’t know who exchange who, from the match I watch we look like Real Madrid. Most of time we make team look like Real Madrid but today a team make us look like Real Madrid so feel good to see that’s a team worse than us. Lolllll

    1. summerbreez

      I am happy I was proved wrong and liverpool losing 5 nil I am so happy but still disjointed at why did we give a way a win to liverpool

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