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Official Arsenal team for West Brom clash

With Arsenal still carrying a pretty hefty list of players on the injury list, Arsene Wenger is having to cope without big players like Santi Cazorla and Shkodran Mustafi, and while the latest injury news on the in form Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is positive he will not be able to face West Brom today.

Aaron Ramsey was a possible inclusion but after some time out it would be a risk to throw him straight in and with quite a few options in central midfield I did not expect the boss to risk him. Ramsey has made the bench along with Mohamed Elneny and Wenger has stuck with Coquelin and Xhaka to control the centre.

The one major change is up front and judging by the fact Theo Walcott has not even made the subs bench suggests to me that Wenger’s hand has been forced a bit on this one, especially with the Ox unavailable. However I do think that he may have been thinking about going for Giroud as well as Alexis Sanchez anyway.

Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Gibbs
Coquelin, Xhak
Sanchez, Ozil, Iwobi

Subs: Ramsey, Lucas Perez, Ospina, Holding, Monreal, Reine-Adelaide, Elneny.

It will be interesting to see how Arsenal set up today and I would like to see us go for two up front, but as long as Arsenal win the game I will be a happy Gooner.


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53 thoughts on “Official Arsenal team for West Brom clash

  1. Arsenal007

    I remember when Arsenal signed Sol Campbell.
    That was when Arsenal still showed lots of guts in the transfer window.
    That signing is the equivalent of Arsenal signing Harry Kane today.
    Wishing the boys an injury free win today.

  2. JAmerican

    Why can’t Lucas get a start? I would have liked seeing him a Alexis on the wings today with Giroud up top.

  3. Arsenal_Girl

    I was hoping to see Lucas on the left but this line up looks fine. As long as we win. We must win.

  4. SoOpa AeoN

    Wilshere has played more games in half- a season in a bournemouth shirt than he has for Arsenal in 2yrs……

    This got me thinking!

  5. highbury44

    We won’t score today in fact I can see us losing .Today could be the beginning of another failed season?

  6. luvdaguns

    watching giroud off the ball reminds me of the last 4 yrs of misery… the goal is that way > not that way <

    1. luvdaguns

      giroud for 3 seasons was a 13 goal per season in the EPL striker, he is perfect for 13 goals eash season, if thats fine for you, great. enjoy 2-4th place. you need a 20+ scorer to win the league in that CF position. I want him to be successful, and often he is, but he could be much more successful if his positioning on the pitch was better, and especially if he quits complaining and just plays.

  7. Fatboy Gooney

    What a load of rubbish ?
    Too much Christmas pud? Or maybe there’s a lot of sulking going on over the presents they received from uncle Wenger?
    There’s no desire, creativity or motivation and we’re Absolutely clueless in and around the opponents box. I’ve Seen this Xmas movie many times before, we will probably go a goal behind before our lot remember how to score themselves.

    1. luvdaguns

      its a conspiracy, every time OG is on the pitch, they dont cross, last year when OG went 11 matches without a goal, it was because they decided not to cross

  8. Adienl

    West Brom have 9 defenders and a goalkeeper whenever arsenal attack. Change the ducking tactics already.

  9. sanmi.marvellous

    When we say the truth, some Wenger fanatics think they love Arsene or Arsenal more than us.

    Arsenal will never win EPL as long as Arsene is in charge.

    1. Juhi McLovin

      It’s funny, that same sentence has been said so many times in the past seasons. Still some people don’t get it. Some of us will find a position we are ‘lacking’, but this season that’s not the case. This team should be in the title race. We are not.

      Players have come and gone in the past years. What’s the one position that has been occupied for the past 12 years?

      1. Break-on-through

        Yes but some of the players who were needed are only new to the club. Mustafi we see we needed, but he’s missing right now at the same time our former first team CB is out. Xhaka will get better, but he’s not exactly slotted in like a hand/glove liken a Cazorla. He’s new to the club and that is a hugely important position he plays in. Perez is only new to the league also, and we know we needed more firepower. He hasn’t got ideal body strength yet, and the Arsenal way of playing is massively different to what he’s used to. These are positions that needed doing, but not everything happens/gels in an instance.

  10. Adienl

    Passing in and around the box against 10 players. What does Wenger think? Pass pass pass. Put the ball inside the penalty box through the wings, take some shots. Try VARIETY. This crappy tiki taka doesn’t work for Arsenal.

  11. Break-on-through

    Never in doubt, must applaud my fellow Gooners here for keeping calm in waiting. The calm before the storm ..or is it the other way<

  12. seatofthesoul

    After reading through these comments I am left astonished.

    A great win after a difficult period, do you not remember your Chelsea gold standard played almost the exact same game as us when they played WBA. Difficult, hard to break down, but got the essential 3 points.

    Let’s move on and gain some confidence as we have some very beatable games coming up, gain some momentum and let’s concentrate on ourselves.

    Also, some of you talk about an inferiority complex, or a losing mentality, the only side I truly see that constantly perpetuated by is our fans.

    Grow up, support your team, for fux sake you children.

  13. ruelando

    I have seen West Brom played Chelsea and they was just as stubborn one error cost them the game, we were far better in the attacking third than chelsea versus them, so i will say a well earned three points, i know we are pissed off from the past two games, but this was not a easy team to beat.

    Let us hope clean sheets continue as we start building up steam, still a long way to go. WELL DONE GUNNERS

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