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OFFICIAL Arsenal XI and preview of Community Shield v Chelsea

Whether you see this Community Shield clash between Arsenal and Chelsea as just another but maybe slightly more important pre-season game or as an indicator of how the respective sides are set and ready to go for the new Premier League season, we all want our team to win and this London rivalry makes it all the more important that Arsenal play well and lift the trophy at the end.

Both sides have a few key players out with injury but both of us have big squads full of quality, so it really could go either way and a lot depends on just how well the teams perform on the day. From the respective team sheets I would say that Antonio Conte is slightly more desperate to win, as he has picked his strongest possible team, while Arsene Wenger has decided not to start Alexis Sanchez or Laurent Koscielny.

Neither is even on the bench and I hope that does not mean that there is a problem, just that the boss wants to make sure they are fit for the start of the season on Friday and I assume that is also the case with Mesut Ozil who is not in the squad today. Wenger has also left Giroud and Walcott on the bench, with Iwobi, Welbeck and Lacazette the front three and he has opted for the more defensive central midfield of Elneny and Xhaka, with Chamberlain and Bellerin as the wing backs.

Holding, Mertesacker, Monreal
Bellerin, Elneny, Xhaka, Oxlade-Chamberlain
Welbeck, Iwobi, Lacazette

Subs: Ospina, Kolasinac, Willock, Nelson, Maitlaind-Niles, Walcott, Giroud.

I am not all that confident after seeing the teams, to be honest, so can this Arsenal team prove me wrong and give Chelsea the blues?


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119 thoughts on “OFFICIAL Arsenal XI and preview of Community Shield v Chelsea

  1. Gunners

    The season had already started and this buffoon of a coach hasn’t fielded his strongest line up yet!. He will try that against Leceister and will lose! What is the purpose if the preseason then?

    1. Napersie

      Oh Lord from what I’ve seen this preseason, I hope this won’t be our team in the EPL cos Niles, Willock, El Neny, Walcott doesn’t breed confidence especially when other team have the likes of Matic, Lukaku, Silva, Danilo, Aguero, Bakayoko etc.
      To be sincere I expect this team to lose but wish them the best.

      1. Napersie

        And what is wrong with Arsene, what is wrong with trying out your best team 6 days to the start of the season proper. Why Kolasinac on the bench? Is it until against Leicester that he will bring on his team and probably they’ll struggle to gel together? Seriously don’t understand what he’s trying to do.

        1. Napersie

          And hope we don’t get trashed by 3 goals because it will bring back the tense atmosphere of last season and when it happens Wenger will have himself to blame not the supporters

  2. Victor victory

    Ox on the left and welbeck on the right? I am confused. The last match against sevilla, ox changed the game when he switched from left to right. Why is Wenger repeating it again?

    1. HA559

      Only creativity will be from Xhaka (long through balls) and wing backs running down channel and crossing.

      Thats it.

      I think it’s more important to get the next Cazorla in CMF to partner Xhaka. Someone who can run the midfield from collecting from CB to passing the ball over to the more attacking players and getting goals.

  3. Ronny

    Oh dear not even started and lost of a few players which demonstrates our b side is poor.
    Saying that though let’s see how they do.
    Nelson on the bench? He can have a go at opposition.

  4. Coldzero

    Where is Ozil? Alexi? Kos on the left? Ramsey? What just happened with this weird side he is fielding?

  5. citrenoogeht

    I am not happy with this line up. There are too many weak/doggy spots in it. I question the likes of Holding, Mertesacker, Elneny, and Bellerin who have been very shaky in preseason . As we know, Wenger never changes anything before the 60th minute. By that time Chelsea could be out of sight. I predict we’ll be 2 – 0 down by half time.

  6. Rkw

    LOL .. Doubt this team would get out of the group stages of the EPL … The ostrich is taking the club for a ride already … Can add his idiot football brain to death and taxes

  7. Dennis the Menace

    though it will pain me, still i want chelsea to humiliate arsenal today. Atleast then Prof. Fraud might be forced to strengthen the team.

    1. citrenoogeht

      I understand where you are coming from but I think you under estimate our leader’s stubborn fortitude. Remember Chelsea beat us 3 – 0 in China recently. This clearly has had no effect on either his transfer dealings or his team selection for today. I made a promise to myself to give the team a chance this season but I can already see that that is going to be very difficult.

    2. desire to excel

      Wishing humiliation on your club? Even if you don’t like Arsene or the players?
      Glad I don’t think like you do.

  8. Raj

    What is wrong with Wenger. Why is kolasinac on bench? Will this be how things will be played this season.Playing people out of position?
    He is really lost it .We have to get ready for a long season ahead.

  9. Jay

    Guys let’s give these players some breathing space. These were the players who had good preseason.Xhaka and Elneny played against Chelsea in their former club.

    1. citrenoogeht

      If today’s game goes tiiits up and Lacazette doesn’t score, Morata is going to look like the signing of the transfer window!

  10. Ronny

    Not a bad move starting your new striker on the bench mind get into the game and the atmosphere first. Lacazette looks very nervous.
    What’s with ox giving cahill the loving? Connection to Chelsea or England?

    1. Nothing changed

      what excuse does Bellerin have to be rusty? He was always poor going forward with his final ball IMO.

  11. Arsenal_Girl

    Lacazette has Alexis type of work rate. Love players who work their behinds off for 90 min +

    I’m liking Lacazette more and more each match

  12. Gunners

    may someone tell Holding to take it easy and make it simple!hes does not have to dribble past everyone. A simple pass will do!

  13. rkw

    decent but just not enough creativity in the middle of the park … elneny passes the ball backwards more than ramsey … xhaka does not move ball on quickly enough … iwobi fine but ox and bellerin looked very poor
    so still the same issue … quality midfield ballplayer and attacking options still needed

    1. lcebox

      Bellerin is only back from short break so his fitness isnt up to speed yet Ox is on his weak side as you see when he turns back always so give them a little leeway.

    2. Adam Criniti

      Broken Record reality for years @ the Emirates but Arsene is unwilling to make the necessary upgrades and move on from player’s like Ramsey, Jack, El Neny, etc.

      Imagine if Le Prof simply would of signed Kante last summer and Seri earlier in the window. PROBLEM FREAKING SOLVED

      Sadly the man won’t make those difficult decisions for the betterment of the club.

  14. TongaBull

    Half time yes but im happy with our perfomance. I hope someone tells Holdings that he is not Ronaldihno for our sake

  15. lcebox

    Good first half we looked the better team and still most are moaning this and that come on guys its friendly at the end of the day it wont give us 3 pts.
    You can see who hasnt been back as long as others i think we look good and should be well ready for Leicester on friday.
    Players are injured and we can only play what we have same as Chelsea and i can tell you i think im happier fan now than Chelseas.

  16. Krish

    LOL What is wrong with the fans who commented here?. Seriously toxic attitude before the game and the season have even started.. you all should go to some self-control-therapy xD you guys are too pessimistic for your own health 😀

    1. Gunners

      Because it has been more than a decade without winning a league with a coach who is not very serious and many fans are tolerating him. Why is he playing players out of positions? Why dont we have real defenders on the bench?Why is he resting players who are not tired? Wenger is creating a toxic atmosphere himself!


        And with all you’re whys we still won. Wenger’s new signing scored the equilizer and the Chelsea side most put faith in couldn’t even shoot on target in the shoot out. I hope this will be a lesson to all those that write off Arsenal before a ball has even been kicked.

      2. Dee23

        ll you’re whys we still won. Wenger’s new signing scored the equilizer and the Chelsea side most put faith in couldn’t even shoot on target in the shoot out. I hope this will be a lesson to all those that write off Arsenal before a ball has even been kicked.

  17. Ronny

    Considering the sqaud put out I’m surprised and pleased.
    I think you can sense Conte’s discontent amongst the team.

  18. ozil10

    Elneny has impressed me.. Sometimes a bit of assurance is needed in midfield.. He’s not your Santi but passes and retains the ball well.. Some people were concerned with our ball retention.. It’s not a coincidence that we enjoy more possession with Elneny on the field rather than Le Coq or Ramsey.. Elneny won’t dribble past players but play it safe .. Look I’m not saying there aren’t better players out there but IMO he’s a valuable squad player!

  19. gunnerman8701

    Nothing surprising here. There’s always that moment and gap for weakness with this team. Push enough and you will get a goal. I won’t be surprised if Chelsea goes ahead to score more.

  20. ozil10

    Holding was switched off there.. It was at fault.. Eyes on that ball . Didn’t track Moses’ run

    1. John0711

      Holding is the only CB in a back 3
      Where’s chambers ? He played the same tournament holding did who left him out
      Why not play or have mustafi on the bench Elneny the 5 choice CM is playing(although defensively he’s done ok)
      Lacazzette thrives on quick play Elneny only passes back and Xhaka passes to slow. Welback has the technique of a 12 year old centre back
      Guess what we knew all this months ago yet what has changed ???

  21. Ronny


    I agree nothing like making the striker feel like he’s made the right choice! Hopefully he’s seeing enough in training to be happy.
    Still think in a back 3 as long as they are playing in the right side sometimes lb or rb is a good option.
    Kolasinac and Monreal but never ever bellerin!

  22. Gunners

    Oh it looks like Wenger was expecting to win! It looks like we deserve him after all. I am getting so many vote downs when I highlight how not serious he is! Thats how dictators thrive, by fooling the masses! Now instead of introducing Reiss Nelson he is putting on Giroud and Walcott!

  23. gunnerman8701

    love Iwobi’s movement. Lacazette should have stayed on with Giroud joining him upfront.

  24. TH14atl

    We now have 0 technicians on the field that can make the first line of defense miss, or thread a properly weighted pass into the final 3rd.
    Arsene has to see the transfer requirement, no?

  25. Nothing changed

    One guy will make me happy this season win or lose, Kolasinac!!! He reminds me of when we had a team of man. Love the guy.

    1. Nothing changed

      He has to because he is on the left and needs to cut back to cross the ball. He should had been playedat the right side. Iwobi prefers the left they could have been switched.

  26. Gunners

    Elneny is my man of the match. No wonder why Wenger wants to sell him! Oh red card for Pedro?

  27. TH14atl

    I’m not sure our formation benefits our personnel anymore. No 10 on the field; Theo has no footballing ability to be in an inside channel; both our cms are in their comfort zones going sideways or negative = ball may circulate, but likely won’t purposefully penetrate.

  28. Ronny

    Never rated him bit elneny had been great today, good feet, mobile positive. We so need some more creativity in the mf though. It seems Ramsey is the only option in the middle.
    Jack? Cazorla one day?

    1. TH14atl

      And Ramsey doesn’t have the requisite technical ability or creativity to do the job, nor does he have the positional discipline in a 2 man central midfield pairing. How many years until people realize we’re not good enough to win with Ramsey as a maninstag in the 11? We might a well be west ham/Everton/crystal palace with a midfield 2some of Xhaka and Ramsey.

  29. Arsenal_Girl

    Kolsanic was an excellent signing
    A solid defender
    And can score once in a while lol
    We got him for free too

  30. Ronny

    I used to watch kolasinac for schalke and he’s a monster he’ll of engine and fast too when he’s sharp. He’s an incredible signing for free.

  31. Ronny

    Walcott is a spanner!
    Overall win or lose pretty happy with the showing considering the players missing.

  32. RSH

    Horrendous games from Walcott and especially Bellerin. Xhaka I thought was great today and decent from Elneny, but something is clearly still missing in midfield and no endproduct up front

      1. Nothing changed

        I have to say that it is a bit harsh to critisice Theo. He didn’t get a lot of playing time and wasmore dangeroud than Iwobi on the right.

  33. Ronny

    Ox doesn’t look happy today I think he wants and thinks he’s a Chelsea player already!
    1st game and a cup!! Beauty coyg……

  34. gunnerman8701

    Well done to the team!! Let’s try to treat every league game as a final. Morata is no where near the level of Costa.

  35. lcebox

    Just beat the best team the Premier league has to offer and beat them well you see its not as bad as half our fans think some very good performances today some dodgy but we still looked the better team.

  36. desire to excel

    Arsene said Morata is less of a scorer and he proved it straightaway. Am lovin’ it

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