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Official Arsenal XI at Stoke – Ramsey starts

Arsenal have started to put to bed the idea that Stoke City, especially away from home, is the sort of game in which the Gunners come unstuck, and we really need the lads to carry that on today because the Premier League title is already looking like a very tough challenge and we can ill afford to drop away from the pace setters.

So it is good to see names like Coquelin, Mertesacker and Mustafi back in the matchday squad, although only the latter is set to start today’s game against the Potters and it looks like he will be the right sided defender in a back three, with Monreal and Kolasinac completing the back line. Hopefully the Spaniard will have a better game than last week when he really struggled against Leicester.

Instead of Coquelin coming back to partner Xhaka in the middle Arsene Wenger has gone for Ramsey and that should add a lot more attacking threat but could leave us a little exposed at times, so the Welshman needs to be aware.

Up front the boss has stuck with Welbeck, Lacazette and Ozil pulling the strings, with super sub Giroud o9nce again starting from the bench and hopefully the new striker will continue on from where he left off on his EPL debut, with a goal and some impressive play.

Mustafi, Monreal, Kolasinac
Bellerin, Ramsey, Xhaka, Oxlade-Chamberlain
Ozil, Welbeck, Lacazette

Subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Coquelin, Elneny, Iwobi, Walcott, Giroud.

Let’s get this done You Gunners!!!


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126 thoughts on “Official Arsenal XI at Stoke – Ramsey starts

  1. Janssen

    Here we go again… Ox on the left and Kolasinac as CD and Bellerin as wingback. Hard to get excited about this line-up even though it should be good enough to beat Stoke.

    Risky none the less.

      1. Janssen

        I would put in Mertesacker in for Bellerin. Put Mert in the center, move Montreal to the left CD move Kolasinca up to left wingback and move Ox to the right wing back position.

    1. gotanidea

      Agree, Mertesacker must have an issue, otherwise he would start. Ozil got robbed a lot in the previous game, but off course Arsenal will keep using him as a starter, until there is a club willing to buy him.

      Looking at the squad and bench players, I think Perez, Joel Campbell, Debuchy, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Chambers and Sanchez will leave Arsenal soon. I don’t think any club is interested in Ozil and Walcott currently.

    2. ZA_Gunner

      Absolutely ridiculous line-up. Where is Holding by the way, is he injured? If he’s not and is not playing because of last week’s blunder then I’m worried he’ll become another player with huge potential turning average because the last thing you want is to destroy his confidence and shy him from valuable game time, the only way to learn is to play.

    3. ZA_Gunner

      I’ve said many times on here not to play Monreal as CB and still people will disagree. He doesn’t have CB attributes, hellooo?

  2. ozil10

    This Wenger is a Muppet.. Is he insane? He saw how weak we were defensively when Monreal & kola played together.. He has lost the plot.. Stoke will score goals for fun! Sigh

    1. Gunners

      We could utilize Kola’s energy as a wing back but whom am I. Our defence was very weak last week and Wenger thinks it will improve by changing one person in there!

  3. Dawit Asregedew, Hailu

    honestly, I predict no goal in the 1st half. But, in the second half only Olivier Giroud will score and the game will ended up with 0:1.

  4. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    we all can go on complaining about the team as we all have valid reasons too…like kolasinac being at CB..Ox still being under utilised at the LwB…or we could just support the team and try enjoy the game…#COYG

  5. ThirdManJW

    WTF!!!! Two LB’s at CB again! Does Wenger ever assess a game? Our defence was a nightmare against Leicester, so what’s Wenger’s solution…rinse, and repeat! Laughable, that people actually he’s changed this season.

    Ozil starting a really tough away game, where we need players to stand up, and be counted! Got to be kidding me! Elneny gets dropped, but not Ozil. Classic favouritism again.

    Come on Arsenal! Need to win this, but Wenger wants to do it the hard way…as always!

    1. gotanidea

      Ozil has to start, no matter what, because Arsenal has to make him look fit in front of potential buyers.

  6. Gunners

    I don’t think we will ever be contenders with this coach. he sees something which we are not seeing. Why playing players out of positions when we have the right players!

  7. Goonerbeaĺl

    Typical, Gooners and their predilection for criticising manager before the ball has been kicked sickens me.Are you the managers or fans? Everywhere they are laughing at us.

    1. waal2waal

      canon on their shirt – tails between their legs –
      wouldn’t want to be in the trenches with ’em
      not an ounce of confidence before the kick-off…
      *…weak hearts

  8. Peter

    And another thing, why has only Arsenal had over the last few years captains who are never on the pitch… month after month after month.

  9. Krish

    As i am always saying its embarassing to read the comments of ‘fans’ on here before a match.. you guys cant even support the team on matchday.. ridiculous ?

    1. Rkw

      Oh god … do u even care about this club or what … I want us to challenge for epl and it’s though to watch this mediocrity and believe we can … it just is … anyone with even one fball cell can see that Perez is way better than welbeck but our idiot yoghurt man sells the quality option … not ffing serious

    2. Gunners

      We support the team but we are tired of seeing the same coach making different mistakes season after season . We have the players and we just want him to play them in their positions. I tell you, if we can play without a coach, I tell you we would be contenders!

  10. Chuks

    Arsene is a joke.Monreal playing central again.Arsenal will never win d league with Wenger in charge.

  11. Kiko

    Koscielny suspended
    Mustafi due back late
    Gabriel injuried and now gone
    Chambers probably next
    We were always an Arsenal injury away from having a makeshift defense, then BAM! Mertesacker is out with a head injury. 4 CB’s were already ruled out before the season even started. Poor planning and preparations again by a club of our stature. Even though he was impressive last season, poor Holding gets tossed right in the fire and had a nightmare against Leciester on opening night. Thank God at least Mustafi is now back.

  12. Ronny

    I’ve got no issue with one lb in the back 3 by why are we playing both there? Holding injured?
    And why the he’ll is bellerin left wing back? Is arsene trying to keep ox and bellerin happy during the transfer window? Also midfield as always looks thin with Ramsey and xhaka.

  13. Ronny

    Counter attack and bellerin at lb shi*e!! Grrr.
    Also Ramsey could have stopped that break on the end of the box made no challenge at all.
    This is painful. Why do we play everyone out of position?

  14. gunnerman8701

    Xhaka has given the ball away twice in dangerous areas. He needs to improve in his awareness.

      1. Rkw

        U my friend are one of the most clueless football commentators I have ever read u really know absolutely nothing u really do … bugger of and support Sydney kangaroos or someone … pathetic

  15. Ronny

    Winners do not do what Monreal just did they put it in the back of the net whilst the players face down,(different for head injuries obviously).
    Weak weak weak.
    And why is xhaka not tackling!?

  16. Tidan2

    Stoke have only had one decent chance. We should be at least 2 goals up. Ramsey has been dangerous. Xhaka has been terrible.

    1. Tidan2

      Also, on a side note, when did Stoke become such a wussy team.

      Booing for a tired Diouf, Ramsey not even touching Butland and they get a foul. Other players complaining about nothing tackles.

  17. HA559

    Lacazette isolated. Welbeck sees more of the ball but doesn’t do anything with it.
    You don’t know what to expect from the wingbacks becuase half the tiem they go up there and don’t deliver.

    See out 15 minutes in 2nd half then get Giroud if nothign changes. He will give their CB more trouble and turn attention away from Lacazette and Ozil, that will open things for us.

  18. Break-on-through

    Need to get the ball to Lacazette quicker. Ozil should step it up and try to find him ..quicker. Ref seems a bit of a tool. Up the tempo, pass it quicker, act like these points mean something.

  19. Paix

    Other than some poor mistakes by Xhaka we look a lot better in defence and expect to become even better when koscileny comes back next week.

    Ozil another tasteless performance. He does not deserve a contract expansion. Better sell him to barca if they need an I will play well once every 10 games player. I am starting to thinking that ozil is the reason that we always loose the midfield battle.
    Kind like both bellerin an Chamberlain but they both suck at the final ball.

    Welbeck can not find the target in a million years. He is putting so much effort but all of this goes to waste. He should be sold immediately. Get rid of him. He is the type of guy that he thinks he is shagging a poor girl but he is just rubbing it between her thighs. How did we end up with this of incompetency. Who the hell buys an injury prone striker which cannot score and plays him regularly.

    Starting to love ramsey again. Lacazzete good hold up plays at time but still needs to get in better positions.

  20. Kiko

    Our midfield will have a great game or two then we forget the partnership doesn’t work. Seriously Ramsey as frustrating as he is at times should be playing where Welbeck is playing right now, nothing against Danny because I love his fight. We need a better partner for Xhaka so when he has his lapses he has the right cover. Ramsey the biggest goal threat so far in the wrong position. Am I the only one that sees this? As for Lacazette I’m feel sorry for him today because we’re making our record signing look less than with our approach. Balance needs to be struck quickly, last week we defended badly but out scored our opponents now we’ve been able to keep a clean sheet so far but can’t score. Might be premature but this looks like a draw or a 1 nil game so far.

  21. COYG_CA

    I get the very uncomfortable feeling certain players get the nod to appease them or due to favoritism, instead of seeing a line-up, which is engineered to take of specific opponents. I would prefer to see 4-2-3-1 or even put pressure on with 4-4-2. Stoke is always a grudge match, having too many lithe players in the lineup is dangerous. Certainly, with this opponent, wouldn’t you want Giroud up there with his physical presence and maybe Laca on with? I hate to complain, but Wenger’s decisions seem to be based on reasoning beyond the tactical focus, per position (formation), you’d expect a top manager to make.

    Wait for the 70th minute for changes . . . . like clockwork . . . the only difference at the 70th each game is if we are up or down, other than that, you could pretty much bank on the same ol’ same ol’ with Wenger.

  22. McLovin

    Our defense is a joke. Also our midfield as well.

    Thanks Wenger, for doing absolutely nothing once again.

  23. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    People can thumb me down all they want but Wenger has not made the right signings and he has not fixed any of the issues of the last decade.

    This is 4 goals in more or less 1.5 games and people think stuff actually changed!!!!

    1. Gunners

      Its not about the signings but the team setup. That was too easy for Stoke to score! Diouf at RWB was there for the taking but eish… we dont have any tactician on the bench to change the game around!

  24. Ronny

    Xhaka has been told to improve his discipline that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a cynical yellow.

    Weak and pathetic. See the pundits on bt sport 4 missed tackles on the counter attack.
    Xhaka is having a mare today!

  25. Ronny

    We look like a championship side today. Right Wenger put the players back where they belong. It’s the old arsenal.

  26. Paix

    Welbeck can not find the target in a million years. He is putting so much effort but all of this goes to waste. He should be sold immediately. Get rid of him. He is the type of guy that he thinks he is shagging a poor girl but he is just rubbing it between her thighs. How did we end up with this of incompetency. Who the hell buys an injury prone striker which cannot score and plays him regularly.

  27. COYG_CA

    T.V off again, like last week, hopefully another miracle will occur like last week so I can watch the recording and have some happiness . . .

  28. Maj

    Why is Bellerin not playing right back, Mustafi in central defence and Monreal left back with Kolasinic in left wing back where he will be more offensive? Sometime I wonder if Wenger has a mental problem. Cannot understand why Bellerin is playing left wing back.

  29. Ronny

    Just dreadful if that African guy I blame coming out and saying he’s going to buy the club and sack Wenger look at the players now. Subs arsene one at least!

  30. Me

    Stoke one up.
    That sinking feeling already and only 135 minutes into the new season.
    I always said it was a massive massive mistake giving him another contract.
    And I am absolute certain I will be proven right – same mistakes repeated over and over.
    Wenger is a dinosaur – stop living in past glories and push to get him out.
    Or you will have years of this.
    Do you support Arsenal or the manager?

  31. Me

    Dominating possession.
    Creating very few chances.
    Probably going to lose the game.
    And still no one can see that this same scenario was played out countless times over the last god knows how many seasons.
    What are peoples loyalties to ? the club or the manager?
    Every other club claiming to be a big club would have booted this old fool out years ago.
    This is not loyalty – this is simply laziness and a lack of ambition from the club.

    1. Gunners

      That old man is heartless and stubborn. believe me you, he has attributes of a dictator! Always quote history!

        1. COYG_CA

          True. I was referring to the state of the club. I think most of us would agree that an owner, really focused on winning, would have made a change awhile ago and would have shown the fans the club’s desire to win by making top signings (and not allowing players’ contracts to go down to the last year).

  32. Ronny

    What is xhaka a box to box no, dm player no? So what us he? Poor lacazette crying for service. Without sanchez we don’t have enough creative players.

  33. Ronny

    83rd minute and we finally put in a strong challenge! F off stoke you’ve been kicking lumps out of us for years!

    1. Highbury44

      I don’t know what you expect .This season won’t be any different than the previous 10 years.Just accept it and move on.

  34. Elliot

    $hit manager and it’s rubbing off on the team. I’m done with this. START THE WENGER OUTS EARLY!

  35. Me

    FFS just go Wenger.
    What is it with Arsenal thats puts the feelings and welfare of the manager before success on the field.
    The only way forward for Arsenal is if he drops dead and that does not look like that is ever going to happen.
    Why does Arsenal persist with someone who has shown for YEARS he cannot deliver when needed?
    This is just so f**king frustrating that we have to endure this every season with the same players failing to deliver every year.
    Arsenal are done and dusted as a big club..

    1. COYG_CA

      Majority owner very happy to make $, that is all that counts for him, a win is just a plus to get fans to purchase more sheit.

    1. Adam Criniti

      Dude you realize he is surrounded by the likes of Walcott, Welbeck, Ramsey, etc.

      He has his faults but do you honestly expect him to be a difference maker when playing with squad players and for a Manager who tactically still lives in the past.

      Arsenal is F$#%D and nobody of consequence at the club seems to care.

      I haven’t watched since Bayern, won’t until Kroenke and company are gone.

      We All deserve better

  36. Ronny

    Dreadful? Do we all agree?
    Ozil creative player wih vision where are the rest of them?
    We screwed when sanchez goes in the next two weeks this is what we need to get used to.

    1. COYG_CA

      More important – a manger need to setup his squad for success. My 15 year old kid looked at the formation and player lineup and ask me, “what the heck is this?”, “this isn’t going to go well!”. Even a damn kid can see the squad was thrown out to fail!!!

  37. J GOON

    did say this during the leicester match, big changes needed.

    how about starting a game with a defence.

  38. Perry Ames

    All I would say is so many decisions going against arsenal 4 possible pens and a goal disallowed you cannot beat a team if you are up against ref who quite clearly is not above given everything to Stoke and nothing to arsenal I’m not a bitter fan just one who watched the game though football eyes I’m gutted but not supprised because who the ref was

  39. Me

    Well I can write our season off right now.
    Its over and finished.
    Arsenal are just incapable of learning from experiences – Wenger is incapable of learning. Wenger is incapable of improving Arsenal. Wenger is incapable period.
    And like a lot of people I am tired of being bothered with a club who puts its manager before everything.
    A club who does not see success on the field as success.
    Who puts results on the stock market above results on the field.
    A club like that deserves to fail and I expect them to.

    1. COYG_CA

      More importantly – Kroenke and company OUT!!!!!!!!! If ownership wanted anything differently, a new motivated manager and top players would have been brought in . . .

  40. gmv8

    The problem is all in the defence. They had only one, and I have to say not too easy chance and they scored, whilst we had hundreds of chances and didn’t. We were too soft with them, they were playing dirty tactics and we were playing Marquis of Queensbury. It was smash and grab. We really have to sort out the defence, it looked shaky against Leicester and shaky today. I really hope Jens Lehman isn’t buckling to Wenger.

  41. OxInTheBox

    wengers subs were bad and killed what fluency we had. we penetrated the box a lot of times before the subs, with no efficiency, but never got in after the subs.
    a squad full with one dimensional players will get us nowhere. xhaka and ramsey are squad players, playing two LB’s as CB’s after it proved disastrous last week is just insane, we should have started holding or mert, or go 4-3-3.
    without two top midfielders and top CB we will finish outside the top 4. but wenger won’t buy, because we have new signing whillsher and cazorla who will play 2 games each this season. CBwhise he won’t buy because defense is not important for this football prof…
    realistically we improved slightly but no where we needed it the most, other teams improved more than us. prepare for a long season…

  42. LL_cool_gunner

    My girl laughing at me, so I bought cigarettes and started smoking, it pisses her off, funny enough she’s an arsenal fan, why do I love this club so much? am so pissed at the way we lost, the ref,wellbeck and wenger are to blame, and my manure mate is fvcking annoying, he decided to watch the match with me, cos he somehow knew we would loose, I can’t deal with him tonight and am also high, so it makes me emotional..

  43. COYG_CA

    Whatever happened to the rule that being even with the last D is onside? For that matter, whatever happened to the notion that close offside calls should go to the attacking team? Wasn’t this stated a few years back by FIFA to increase the scoring in football matches? I am not trying to give Arsenal an out by any means, but I am curious regarding the offside rule!

  44. Jay

    The moment you see Walcott coming in for lacazette then you realize wenger is past due and our transfer is a lil off once again. Over and over again. Enemies to the north, south east and west all know what we need to do to take them down yet our commander in chief (wenger), fails to see. ONLY HIM AND NO ONE ELSE.

  45. Kofi?

    Absolutely shambolic performance.
    Wenger must just leave.
    He sits down from the beginning and only gets up to shout once at the players later when 1 nil down but not when we were dominating with the scoreline goalless. He must leave.
    Our team is far from a top four contender.
    Struggling against Stoke City at this time of the season is so unacceptable. Wenger plays people out of position and expects excellence?
    Lacazette obviously suffered as he wasn’t given enough chances and Welbeck who had the chances just ruined them all.

    So frustrating to be a Gunner.
    Wenger Out. I don’t see us winning the league with him and this team he has pampered for years.
    Tell me change of manager can’t change anything and I’ll show you Chelsea’s Conte.

    We support the team not Wenger.

    So painful.

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