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It was quite hard to put your finger on what sort of Arsenal team we would be seeing tonight in Belarus as the Gunners take on BATE Borisov. With this Europa League tie being the second of three matches in just six games in a fairly horrible fixture pile up it was expected to be a heavily rotated Arsenal starting line-up, until Arsene Wenger started talking about it being an important game and not using many young Gunners that is.

And the boss has been true to his word, although the bench is full of inexperienced players, because we start with first team players like Giroud, Walcott, Elneny, Mertesacker and Holding.

Holding, Mertesacker, Mustafi
Nelson, Elneny, Willock, Maitland-Niles
Walcott, Giroud, Wilshere

The boss will be hoping that this experienced XI can get the job done because he has no big names on the bench to turn to.

subs: Macey, Dasilva, Gilmour, McGuane, Dragomir, Akpom, Nketiah.

I do quite like the look of this Arsenal team, with a strong back three to give the others a platform to play from, and with some real flair in the likes of Wilshere, heaps of promise in Nelson and proven scoring ability in Giroud and Walcott.


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55 thoughts on “OFFICIAL Arsenal XI for BATE

    1. Redmau5

      That’s bit rude. You get cordially invited to the arsenal party
      And complain about the food

      You sir are a ruffian

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    2. Jean MOUELI

      Why don’t you just relax, wait and see? Trust Arsenal. Trust Arsenal players. Stop being negative. Did you see Mbape last night? He is far younger than many of our players, but he had a positive impact on yesterday’s game. What will you say if Arsenal wins tonight? I am a Gooner for life!

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    3. gotanidea

      Nelson was horrible when against Doncaster. He always passed the back and almost never tried to penetrate Doncaster’s defense.

      Ramsey was tried in Ozil’s position in the last match. Now it’s Wilshere’s turn.

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    4. TheArsenalWay

      Not trying to stick it on you but do you really think being that negative is helpful? I know I’m commenting when it’s 2-0 but come on, support the team and believe in the players ability. I know it can be hard to support the team, especially the manger, but understand the season has began and there is nothing we can do now.

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  1. Joey Mack

    Good balance and a display of the kind of depth we finally have, even with our many injuries. COYG!

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      1. Redmau5

        Wenger has gave this man a speech impediment

        Life’s real when ur a gooner

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  2. xhaka16

    why is wenger bent on destroying players career by playing them out of position for christ sake

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  3. Eddy Hoyte

    Lol…Lots of pressure on Nelson cus of the expectations of fans then you decided to play him out of position??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Le Prof wouldn’t need a make up to be the next Joker in a Batman movie😏😏. Well Good luck lads😘😘

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  4. Vijay

    team looks like a pre-season friendly…The only thing i’m looking forward to see this season is our youth…hope these make the most out of these opportunities. COYG!!!

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  5. Kamikaze

    We will kill that boy Nelson earlier…why cnt he just play in his natural position so he can show his potential

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  6. Joel

    Once again the Manager has attempted to fit proverbial square pegs into round holes.A side that struggled to beat Doncaster has been weakened further and will struggle again tonight.
    Ozil hasn’t played more than a few minutes for 3 matches.Surely this should have been an opportunity to get him some way towards match fitness and the chance to prove that he “can be bothered”!!…Although it seems that in this case it’s Wenger who “can’t be bothered”!!

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  7. deleny

    our xi looks kinda ok but what scares my hrt to death is our subs. Jeez! Re we playing a friendly match or what???!! Shld incase this game starts goin south,who re we supposed to turn to? i think wenger isnt that old to be deployed as a defensive mid-fielder or even a centre-half. Lols #coyggsss!!!

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  8. Arsenal_Girl

    I hope we WIN
    But this team does not fill me with confidence
    We have a better chance of winning Europa than even getting in the Top 4 of the Premier League. But we can only win it if we take it seriously

    I think Wenger has gone mad

    Anyway, I desperately want us to win. I don’t know much about Bate but hopefully we will win


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  9. The barrel

    After Arsenal win this game, are you all going to apologize? The world is full of people who knows a lot, but can only talk. From this starting X1, whom do you doubt? All are good players

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    1. Godswill

      Some of those posting rubbish don’t even know that the match is on and that we’ve scored. If we win at the end of the match you should hide your face in shame.
      Wish the team well and forget about Wenger because Arsenal don’t have the word sack in their dictionary.

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      1. Godswill

        0 – 2 for Arsenal. Where are you guys? Walcot and Jack are demolishing Bate boys.

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  10. Fab

    Theo is the most underrated player, if he is fit guarantees you goals. This is 4sure!

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    1. Fab

      Let me make it clear, Not the most underrated, he is the most hated player. How can someone underrate player who is capable of scoring 20+ a season?

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  11. The barrel

    Its Walcott, the most hated player in Arsenal. But in front of goals, is one of Arsenal players that I trust. Fans hate Walcott for not tracking back but when Ozil doesn’t track back, people talk of statistics. Knowledge is killing you guys. The bench is weak, but the starting X1 is good

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  12. Goonerforever

    I’d still love to see Jack do well, which he is doing at the mo. He shows the heart and drive which Ozil never does, but who will still get picked. Keep fit Jack and show the class & win your EPL place back

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  13. Segun

    Quite a few humble pies served tonight by the boys and Wenger. In the end, we all want the team to win, it seems. A little bit more support and belief will help.

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  14. Gunners

    Damm, I am in Dubai and its not being screened live…Good team balance though but I fear for Nelsson!

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  15. Brian Smith

    Ospina at fault for both goals. how can he not catch a weak header for the 2nd, or at least do what your trained to do and push it wide of your goal. the 1st would have been tipped over the bar by any competent championship goalkeeper. Nonetheless, are defence Shite!

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    1. Ganja

      I don’t rate Ospina but the defense failed him on both goals. Elneny with a weak a** jump in the box from the cross and then the youngsters just stood there and watch as the loose ball was blasted in the roof of the net. Watch the replays!

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      1. Brian Smith

        there should never have been a loose ball!!!! thats my point. Ospina this last year has been worse than fabianski, Alminia and Szczesny put together. I was a fan in his 1st year at the club, but we need now 2 new Keepers, as Cech only has a year left as 1st choice. Oh dear, what have arsenal become????

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  16. Paddy Gooner

    WTF is winger doing. Need subs now! Walcott has disappeared and Nelson can’t do anything right

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  17. Ganja

    Must be a disease when a player gets in or around the 18 yard box they become selfish and force a glory move instead of passing to the wide open teammate.

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  18. The barrel

    Where are critics, people who can fore see the future? Make your comments as before kick off. Apologize and praise Wenger or the boys for the good job please

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