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OFFICIAL Arsenal XI for Brighton – Koscielny OUT Iwobi IN

Well as we expected there were no surprises from Arsenal’s Premier League rivals yesterday, apart from how much better than Chelsea Man City were perhaps, so as well as holding onto some hope that Newcastle can take points ioff Liverpool later, we Gooners just want to see Arsenal do what they have to do and take all three points from our home game against Brighton.

Arsene Wenger has been handed a few selection problems ahead of this game, but he did the right thing by resting most of the regular first team stars in the Europa League win at BATE Borisov, so there should be no excuses about tired legs today.

Holding, Mustafi, Monreal
Bellerin, Xhaka, Ramsey, Kolasinac
Iwobi, Lacazette, Alexis

subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Wilshere, Giroud, Walcott, Maitland-Niles, Elneny.

Wenger has some very good attacking options on the bench but hardly any back up in defense with Koscielny having joined Calum Chambers in the always busy Arsenal treatment room. However, as long as the lads do not take the visitors too lightly and play with the right amount of effort then we should see a good win from the Gunners today.

The pressure is on though, as anything less will make this upcoming international break an unhappy two weeks for us all. COYG!

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54 thoughts on “OFFICIAL Arsenal XI for Brighton – Koscielny OUT Iwobi IN

  1. Godswill

    If Iwobi and Ramsey do well, Which I believe they should, and carry on we may not be missing Ozil though I like him.
    A win is what I expect. By a wide margin is an added honey.
    Arsenal all the way.

  2. Rkw

    The difference between us and them is Sanchez and lacazette … If they can begin to forge a partnership today then it provides platform for creative midfielders to build on if they can avoid injuries …. Hole left by carzola looks bigger every game … Only supply routes look like bellerin and kolasinac and while both have potential they are not completely reliable yet … Hoping to see wilshire on at some point

  3. Ken Robertson

    Good to hope beyond hope for the best. But it should be obvious that the season is already over. City will win it. Palace are relegated. There’ll be some mixing around these two at the top and bottom. But mid-tablers like Arsenal are just going through the motions for another year.
    In 64 years of supporting Arsenal, I have never felt so dispirited with an obsessive autocrat as manager and an obsessive, hidden financial autocrat as owner. Both only care about themselves. They are blind to the passions of supporters, win or lose, which we have done over the years. Wenger is probably building his own statue, North Korea style for eternal worship, as we drift into another pretty pointless game with a Brighton non-event.

    1. JJPawn

      In a hundred years, we have not seen this much money in the league.

      Get used to it. There are two sides, maybe three, that can win it all. Arsenal is not supposed to be one of them.

      1. Coldzero

        He isn’t injured- there is clearly something going on with him, another players whose head isn’t with Arsenal.

        1. Vijay

          he’s not even travelling with the german team during the international break because he’s injured

          1. JJPawn

            Conspiracies and the internet!

            (12 people here greened that post! Ha! Ha! That is why Trump won; people believer, for example, that Hilary had was organizing some red-light stuff!)

  4. Redmau5

    Big game for holding . A rising start last season. Shaky start this one
    Mustafi without kos is also a worry
    He needs to give that reinforcement that kos gives .
    Holding without that is Bambi

    Luckily it’s Brighton .
    3-0 arsenal

    Up the gooners

  5. Arsenal_Girl

    I could really do with a big win today to build confidence. As always though I’m happy with any win

    We have an excellent home record so far let’s continue it today

    MY prediction are at least two goals by Lacazette and one or two by Giroud. I think Giroud will be buoyed by his 100 goals to score more I think.


  6. Ronny

    We need to get another 1 or 2 quickly championship sides are always a potential banana skin big and physical players on set pieces.
    Everytime we get a corner or free kick against us I’m terrified!

  7. bran99

    Laca that’s so selfish of him, gr8 move but he ruined it in the end, Sanchez was gonna score that

      1. Krish

        real talk.. before getting somebody out of the club i would like some so-called fans who just hate on the club to leave it

  8. bran99

    And that’s how we do counters, 5 against 2 and still finds a way to miss ??? and still dream of winning the title?

  9. Rkw

    Until we move beyond likes of Ramsey iwobi and Shaka as the creative heart of team it’s always going to be a struggle … Since the goal they have been the more aggressive side … And deserve a goal

      1. Quantic Dream

        Lol! He’s just a bit nervous…i’ll admit though, the goal has certainly woken Brighton up..they seem like they will score at some point so we must increase our lead immediately and get a cushion.

        1. Krish

          true, i dont have any problem with constructive criticism like you do, but really i just can’t stand rkw he has almost everything i dont like in a human

      2. Rkw

        That’s right a fan not a fanatic …. Just my reflections on why we struggled to break down a team we should be opening up much more comfortably if we are going to be serious contenders over a season which, as a fan, is what I want … Can’t speak for fanatics it’s a mind set i dont understand

  10. McLovin

    First half sums up why we are not Champion material.

    80/20 possession, post, miss from 5 yards and 2-on-1 certain goal bottled.

    Do these guys practice finishing? Certainly looks like they don’t.

    We will see another nervy second half because Wenger still dont know how to kill the game.

    1. Lexynal

      You have to go teach Spurs (zero trophies) how to kill game if AW has 3FA and 2 CS trophies in the last 4 seasons. You are sure deluded.

  11. Krish

    lets be honest lacazette’s shot was very poor but ramsey’s was well placed against the moving direction of keeper, hats off to the keeper for still stopping it

  12. Krish

    the posts on here show that our fanbase has AKB’s AOB’s both with their own reasons and then we have haters who are pretty despicable “fans” and should be kept far away from the club…*cough*rkw*cough*….

    1. JJPawn

      These “fans” are killing the club. The players and manager need our support.

      Fan hate should be targeted on the owners. They are not giving the club transfer funds. We need 200M/year for a couple of years to buy top talent if we are to compete with City and United.

  13. Kachope patrick

    This forum is infiltrated by people who don’t support arsenal. The amount of negativity is too much.

  14. Arsenal_Girl

    Calm down everyone lol
    We are leading at half time. That’s far from terrible
    Football is a sport of two halfs
    Let’s see how the next half goes

    Hopefully more goals in 2nd half


  15. Krish

    before people start criticizing why we always sub off laca.. i think its great, our aim isnt that laca gets the top scorer award, our aim is to win the matches and the league and for that fresh players are more important

    1. JJPawn

      Wenger needs to be careful in his use of players.

      I hope he rotates Giroud in for some of these games.

    1. JJPawn

      With Sanchez and Ozil leaving, Wenger has to save to buy the replacements. City and United seem not to have limits on spending over the last five years.

      Premier League net spend table
      1. Man City £138.1m
      2. Man Utd £136.2m
      3. Chelsea £89.75m
      4. Everton £54.2m
      5. Liverpool £54.05m
      6. Brighton £39.65m
      7. Huddersfield £38.9m
      8. Watford £36.7m
      9. West Brom £32.1m
      10. Crystal Palace £31.3m
      11. Bournemouth £30m
      12. Newcastle £23.7m
      13. Southampton £23.15m
      14. Leicester £18.85m
      15. West Ham £17.3m
      16. Tottenham -£2.65m
      17. Stoke -£9m
      18. Burnley -£15.2m
      19. Arsenal -£18m
      20. Swansea -£19.5m

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