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OFFICIAL Arsenal XI for Leicester in EPL opener

It is on Arsenal fans, and before a ball has even been kicked in the new Premier League season the Gunners have been handed a little boost in our quest to win the EPl title for the first time in over a decade, as the German international Mesut Ozil has proved his fitness and will start tonight against Leicester City.

One person other than the Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger who should be very pleased about that is our new striker Alexandre Lacazette, as it is going to be Ozil who is his main supply line and so hopefully this will help the Frenchman, who Arsene Wenger is starting as centre forward tonight, get off to a good start and help Arsenal to do the same.

There is more good news for Arsenal on the injury side of things as well, because Aaron Ramsey, Mustafi and even Francis Coquelin are fit enough to feature against the Foxes although all three will be on the subs bench to begin with.

We do seem to be a bit light on the defensive side though, with Koscielny injured and Mertesacker not in the squad, so Monreal will be the centre of the back three with Kolasinac one side and Holding the other.

Holding, Monreal, Kolasinac
Bellerin, Elneny, Xhaka, Oxlade-Chamberlain
Ozil, Welbeck, Lacazette

Subs: Ramsey, Giroud, Ospina, Walcott, Iwobi, Mustafi, Coquelin.

Arsenal need all three points and we have the players to get them, so Come On You Gunners, get firing!


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226 thoughts on “OFFICIAL Arsenal XI for Leicester in EPL opener

  1. COYG_CA

    “Boss, we have 3 GA!”
    “I know, but we NEVER sub before the 70th minute, you know the rules!!!”

    1. Dalinho

      We didn’t need a manager this season if we’re just gonna put out the same players that come 5th anyone could of done what wenger is doing it’s easy I buy lacazette then put he same team out from the same squad even when I have injuries it’s easy just put out the rest of the squad and play them out of position I mean I’d take 8mil to do that oxlade at lwb kolansinac at cb elneny cm holding rcb there’s no work of a manager there just put in players were others ain’t ready to play then buy nobody else and do interviews with the same excuses job done next game change some ppl around but same ppl that came 5th then sell Alexis do interviews same excuses job done transfer window closes fans wish they never supported arsenal wenger laughing to the bank job done

      1. Jon Sawai

        Love commenting on hindsight and pretend that I am Mr Know everything….hmmmm…a backline of 3 natural fullbacks and 1 winger won us the game huh….Only in the EPL…LOL..COYG

  2. Ronny

    I’m joking ish but anyone for Wenger out?
    To let that happen after the first half display is outrageous haven’t we got anyone who can defend abd head a ball?

  3. Raj

    our back 4 doesn’t have single regular CB, great substitutions wenger, u deserve to be knighted today

    1. Lexynal

      It’s “genius” if It was Moanriho or Pep that had that same team set-up and made substitutes which such immediate impact leading to victory. Guys appreciate your coach,,,,appreciate your team. Get behind the team! We are in for a good season.

  4. John0711

    What’s wenger doing
    The left WB has gone to right back
    The right back goes to left back and the two centre backs are left backs ?

  5. shark

    This season it’s already embarrasing. Bould chewing gum, Sanchez laughing in the stands, Ozil dissapearing since the 30th min, Monreal in the heart of the defence, zonal marking yada yada. We’ll have 2 seasons of WengerOut.

  6. Gunners

    Ozil has been useless all game long! I see more goals from.Leicester. He is not even interested

  7. Tim

    FFS score a goal!! At least get a draw. What’s the point of buying a good striker if the defence is going to collapse like a pack of cards in the wind?!

  8. Ronny

    I’m not watching, is sanchez really laughing in the stand or did you just say that?

    I was going to say who’s going to hand the transfer request in first sanchez or ox?

    Wenger we need a lemar type signing and a cazorla replacement can’t you see it? WE ALL CAN!!

  9. John0711

    You know what guys some of you keep saying ” why moan just be positive” well wengers decisions take all the positivity away

  10. J GOON

    i’ll say it first, nothings changed, only difference is were gonna lose some of the big players soon.
    ozil has been garbage tonight.
    shooting from everywhere now, embarrassing.
    starting the game with no cb. steve bould or wenger? what the fudge is that.
    its the first game of the season ffs.

  11. Ronny

    Ozil not interested? Look at this way maybe he wants some signings before the window shots.
    He knows Wenger will have to do more business if the form is poor. Or he could just be lazy and sh*t!

  12. Tim

    Ozil is a luxury player for a luxury team. One where the skill of his team mates can cover for his lack of industry.

  13. Rkw

    Am exhausted … Amazing victory but the obvious problems remain … But at least we have goals in this team

  14. Break-on-through

    Wow, so this is why they opened with this fixture. Giroud, well f**king done, even helped shore us up at the back.

  15. Ronny

    Looks like we need to buy another striker abd find a way to play laca and oli up front and no Wenger not laca on rhe wing!

  16. John0711

    So glad we won but we MUST learn from this
    Giroud must stay
    Lacca is class and will score 20+
    Sead is WC
    Welbeck/elneny/belerin are bench players
    And I know you won’t like this but ozil should NEVER be in the starting 11

  17. Uchman

    Yet they can’t still appreciate Wenger’s efforts from bench that won us the match! Official we hsve the most pathetic bunch of fans!!!!! It’s a pity

    1. John0711

      What a stupid comment we were very lucky and the decisions nearly cost us again ! I’m guessing you havnt been a fan for long ?

      1. Dee23

        Luck my arse. Were goals allowed that should have not stood? The ref was on point. We changed tactics, upped the intensity and went on to win the game. There was nothing lucky about it. Is it lucky when teams like Chelsea and United do the same? Leicster couldn’t hack the pressure we have a history of coming back from behind and either equalising or going on to win games. Look how many times we’ve done that in Europe to qualify when we’ve finished 4th in the past. How often do Leicster?

        1. John0711

          Dee actually the goal Ramsey scored shouldn’t have been a corner but I’m guessing you didn’t see that lol

  18. Dee23

    Well, that’s what we’ve been crying for so long. Wenger changing tactics and not being so rigid. His 2 subs scored in quick succession and we went on to win the game

    . Leicester are pissed. They fought hard but Arsenal are the come back kings and we remain their bogey team. The team they can’t stop.

    I believed Giroud would score the winner off the bench. That folks, is why you don’t write off Arsenal after only 45 minutes of play.

  19. Ronny

    As my mate always says ‘never in doubt’ lol
    Only says it when this happens though.

    Can’t believe I couldn’t watch it 🙁

  20. OxInTheBox

    laca really changes our attacking game, breaking the defence with one-two’s, what we can’t do with giroud.
    but no still in midfield, xhaka with some good passes but a lot of bad ones, el-neni only crosses back…
    defense a joke, holding still not cut out for the job, kolasinac a real fighter and my MOM.
    ozil a fucking joke, he want’s a pay rise… how the hell can he watch kolasinac fight like hell and still be so aloof? just sell him and get lemar, this guy is a disgrace, a few good games a season and pathetic in the rest…
    we need another top defender and not one but two top midfielders. as it stands we have one ok midfielder (xhaka) and the rest are rubbish.

  21. Paul

    Ozil lovers, the guy is just a lazy pussy, why is he in the first team, Wilshere, Campbell, perez, iwobi are better players with heart and passion
    And wenger…………. i’m so right about him, he’s dragging arsenal down, we need a better coach that identifies the team’s needs and sees to them on time, almost all our defenders are make shift or played out of position,

  22. Lexynal

    It’s “genius” if It was Moanriho or Pep that had that same team set-up and made substitutes which such immediate impact leading to victory. Guys appreciate your coach,,,,appreciate your team. Get behind the team! We are in for a good season.

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