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OFFICIAL Arsenal XI for Swansea – NO Mustafi

Arsenal fans will be hoping for another three Premier League points today as the Gunners continue to claw themselves back after a poor start to the current campaign and the recent setback at Watford. With a struggling Swansea City side the visitors to the Emirates Stadium today and on the back of a convincing attacking performance at Everton, I think it is safe to say that nothing else will do.

It was being reported that Arsene Wenger had been handed a defensive boost as well after Shkodran Mustafi returned to full training, but the German has not even made the bench today so Per Mertesacker starts again in an unchanged back line.

Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal
Bellerin, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Ramsey
Ozil, Sanchez, Lacazette

Subs: Macey, Wilshere, Giroud, Walcott, Holding, Iwobi, Coquelin.

In fact the whole starting line-up is the same as the one that we saw at Goodison Park last week and hopefully it will produce the same sort of thing, both in performance terms but more importantly in the result as we got from the Gunners last weekend.

We could do without conceding an opening goal this time, though, but in the likes of Wilshere, Walcott, Iwobi and Giroud the manager does have good options to turn to on the subs bench if he needs them.


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59 thoughts on “OFFICIAL Arsenal XI for Swansea – NO Mustafi

  1. kev

    I don’t care what kind of performance Xhaka has,today so that those who love him will come up and show their face.Let me ask a question.Why should a player be allowed to go through bad form and then still be allowed to continue playing in the first eleven untilthe player eventually comes back to form?Is that how a top team should function?I thought there was a word known as competition.Swansea are average so it wouldn’t shock me if some of the average ones perform.Then people will come out and say”I told you so” yet when these players are under pressure they crumble.Xhaka can’t even defend to save his life and he’s only in this team because of Wenger’s kindness and the same applies to a lot of our players.Wilshere might go out this season with a long term injury and if that happens will be sold but I will forever know truly in my heart that he’s twice the player Xhaka is but at his best three times the player Xhaka is.What a bias club we have.

    1. Break-on-through

      Let me hear ya say Boom! Boom! let me hear ya say Xhaka! ..Xhaka!, Let me hear ya say Boom! Boom! let me hear ya say Xhaka! ..Xhaka!!

      1. kev

        Criticizing players who are already average is not my thing.I just speak on theif average qualities.I didn’t criticize him in the Everton match because,I felt he was only doing what average players do hence critizing him was not needed.Regardless of today’s performance he’ll still be average in my eyes.It’s a shame the level we Arsenal fans have to put up with.

  2. Dave

    Great line up …..
    Would love to see an Alexis, Giroud, Lacazette partnership some day with Giroud upfront and the two right behind him in a 3-4-2-1….

    I can see that working very well….Giroud using his power and the two running at the defenders…

  3. Gunner kabs

    Agree completely on Shaka. More often than not, he is caught in possession. He is too slow on the turn, clumsy in possession and lacks defensive urgency. I wish Wenger could drop him particularly against teams that practice a high press

  4. Simon

    Xaka gets played because he is only option we have that can deliver accurate long ball

    That said – that skill and asset comes at a heavy price.

    I’d drop him to the bench and try Jack, Coq, or Elneny.

    1. kev

      The guy is not supposed to do only that.He is supposed to be the defensive midfielder in the team.He can’t defend to save his own life.Arsenal have got their midfield combo all wrong.A very very good team will expose our defense so easily.I guess that crack will be covered today when we beat Swansea but we willl be reminded about it again later on in ths season.The truth is Xhaka must be benched for a proper DM in the team.I just don’t know why people love him so much.He’s just another playing who will continue to terrify us as long as Wenger remains.
      He may well impress today then people will come out and say”I told you so”.Fast forward some weeks again then another average performance.

      1. Ackshay

        xhaka should be replaced by coquelin in big matches. I mean the defensive midfielder rock we know not that crap box to box player wenger made him since the start of the year.

        Get this right at the start of his career till the charlton loan coquelin was a box to box midfielder= average player, then he begin playing def mid and became a good player with his tough play, stamina and recovery pace. so ‘genius’ deluded wenger makes him a box to box again. expected result he turned average again and fans turned on him, masterstroke by wenger.

    2. Nine

      I think xhaka is always selected because of our system which causes The wing backs go forward a lot which requires a long ball distributer. Don’t get me wrong he is an Everton level player and I would have preferred wilshere and for that matter I prefer 4-2-3-1. I miss our playing style with it

  5. Godswill

    I think the line up is the best we could offer.
    Me Coq am not too sure that he is far ahead of Xhaka as the moment.
    Well, I hope I will see Arsenal version of Mbappe ( you know who? Recall Tuesday night) on the bench soon. Age is a number.

  6. Mitch Connor

    Good lineup but at first I thought Ramsey at lwb and Kolsanic at CM was a typing error but knowing Wenger’s like of playing players in the wrong positions it’s not impossible
    But hopefully Xhaka and Ramsey will do good in the centre. If they don’t. Wenger should consider playing Wilshere against City.
    4-0 COYFG

  7. rkw

    xhaka and ramsey is a none midfield ,,, neither dominate nor create … our idiot frog so called manager persists with this combo even when it obviously doesnt work … nothing to do with the greedy yank

  8. Sue

    So frustrating when teams above us lose and we don’t capitalise!! I know it’s not over yet but with 70 odd percent of the play you’d think we’d have done something with it but no we trail again……

  9. Declan

    Wtf what the hell is going on, 1-0 down already? If we lose this he needs to resign, cos he won’t get sacked, unlike any other manager!

  10. Anko

    Swansea are 1 goal up. The problem is that whenever teams device a plan against us it works, defend and counter attack us and we always fall for the same trick. I hope we get a win eventually.

  11. rkw

    shocking utterly shocking said it last week even when we won … merteshaker xhaka and ramsey is championship level football

  12. Mitch Connor

    This lineup should not be 1-0 down at halftime at home to Swansea, yet here we are!
    This sucks donkey balls

  13. Rkw

    If you walk like a hapless manager talk like a hapless manger and perform like a hapless manager … Chances are you are a hapless manger …wenger has never changed a team at half time and so don’t expect him too even though the changes are obvious … Like job bush wenger is a low energy manager and we end up with low energy team …sad … And giroud will add nothing here they need to be opened up from wings and middle …

  14. Gunner kabs

    Hoping against hope that the conservative Wenger changes it at half time and brings on Giroud for either per or kolasinac and reverts to a back four.

    1. Durand

      Truest statement yet. Classic Arsenal baby, playing down to level of competition.
      Mert is liability, has been. Xhaka and Ramsey a joke. Club like Arsenal and that is our midfield, with coq and el neney as subs. Shameful midfield and embarrassing.
      Can’t blame either yank for this shit show.

      Is it obvious manager and players mistakenly looking ahead to city game?

      Sanchez this club is rotten on inside and dying on outside. Thanks for the moments you provided in the shirt, but leave for your own good.
      We are stuck with mert, ramsey, walcott, no need for you to be anchored down to them as well

  15. Middle Man

    disappointing , it’s so sad to give away goals to pathetic teams like Swansea who play anti football and their players are no where near the quality of ours , this is Wenger’s fault !

  16. Ronny

    Ffs get bfg off the pitch. He was slow before but now even his feet are slow at moving when he isn’t!
    He’s finished Arsene can’t you see that?!
    We sucks this is without Bony and Renato Sanchez playing as well.
    We need somehow to giroud in their maybe for xhaka? Once up front get him to do a troy deeney ie rough them up a bit and let the other players do their stuff.

  17. Adam Criniti

    Can’t wait to hear Wengers laundry list of excuses after yet another embarrassing home loss to a bottom half team.

    “How can I manage this team and win in the modern game of futbol if the fans don’t appreciate what I’ve accomplished in the past?”

    AFC is on life support gents and sadly Silent Stan is the only real power of attorney.

  18. John Ibrahim

    as usual 1 mistake and we are behind

    we are just passing the ball around with no penetration or goals

    whats the point of total domination and passing without scoring goals

  19. John Ibrahim

    We need a player like Martial or Mbappe

    a miracle player

    a player who has pace, skills, confident, determine and good in finishing

  20. Ronny

    Is this arsenal?
    I know we’ve not won yet but two weeks in a row where we’ve come from behind!
    Steady on or pundits will be saying we’ve fighting spirit and character
    Favourite arsenal players by far santi,(when playing) and kolasinac. I love everything this guy stands for # fighter warrior

  21. Break-on-through

    The change should be Ozil not Lacazette. Similar amount of running from Ozil and Giroud that’s why this should the one.

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