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Official teams and preview of Arsenal v West Ham

Both Arsenal and West Ham have more than their fair share of injury problems going into this Premier League clash, but the Gunners are at home and with our bigger and more talented squad, you would expect it to hurt the visitors more than it does the Gunners, as long as the Arsenal players do not succumb to complacency that is.

Arsene Wenger has been speaking about the pressure on teams and players at the end of the season and also about the way to come through it, by keeping focus and keeping a high work rate, starting from the forward line, so that is what the Frenchman will be expecting from his team today.

That will definitely be the message to Theo Walcott who gets a rare start and will be chomping at the bit to impress as talks over a new contract begin. Calum Chambers also gets a rare start at right back with Bellerin given a well earned rest. Ramsey starts alongside Coquelin and that should give us a solid shape and help us to control the game.

Cazorla also gets a well earned rest, suggesting that Wenger is saving him for Monaco on Tuesday so he has not given up on that quite yet.

Chambers, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Walcott, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis

subs: Szczesny, Gibbs, Bellerin, Flamini, Cazorla, Welbeck, Akpom

No messing about lads and we should get a good win and build confidence for that mission improbable on Tuesday.


For the first time this weekend, we will be using a new phone app for Android or Apple for the Arsenal fans to interact on Matchday, and this important game looks perfect to give it a first run out. Everyone can download the app on this link, and then join the Fan Club called Just Arsenal News. If you are asked for a code to join our Fan Club it is 1942M.

Once you have joined you will see a code on there for todays MatchDay chat…

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119 thoughts on “Official teams and preview of Arsenal v West Ham

    1. seancali

      What a move by giroud,a dummy and a one two with Ramsey,Ramsey scores…still giroud is not world class????????????beautiful play by giroud,simply brilliant… As I’m writing this another lovely play from giroud to tee up cazorla and a goal from flamini.haha…giroud by far man of the match.well done giroud,goal,assist,build up play.this is a world class striker my friends.

  1. fred cowardly


    I just said in previous article that I wantedto see Alexis, Walcott and Ozil all start.

    Got my wish

  2. rex

    wenger surely knows best! we should win this one with this squad! no, erase that! we will win this one! coyg

  3. fred cowardly

    I’m happy with the team btw

    Ospina, Coquelin and Koscielny our key defensive players are there.

    Will be curious to find out how Chambers and Ramsey performs. Hopefully, they will be in good form

    I honestly can’t find any problems with the lineup

  4. cescyfab4

    Nice work from Arsene to give Cazorla and Bellerin some breathing space.

    Itz a pity Gabriel is injured. Woulda loved to see Kozzer get some rest too.

    All in all, we should nick this. #COYG

  5. Sumo

    Fat Sam will look to park the bus and sucker punch in the counter. We should be careful. But we should have enough in the locker. All thr best boys. COYGs.

  6. john0711

    Craig I was just going to say the same, this is the reason why Theo isn’t playing as much he doesn’t defend, so chambers gets left 1v1

  7. luvdaguns

    chambers a mess on defense, luv coq’s agressive close down but has given away 4 balls on w hams half, needs to settle down w the ball, team showing no signs of fatique,

    1. RSH

      exactly, lol. Giroud so underrated by our own fans. One chance, one goal unlike everyone else today. All our shots besides for Alexis’ have been directly at GK.

  8. Bigvalbowski

    Would love just F#%!:G 1nce for somebody to take a hit from 20 out. Every freaking time they try and walk it in.

      1. Justsoccerfan

        Both do the work. Ozil a nice pass to Ramsey and Ramsey let it go for Giroud. Nice goal.

  9. Justsoccerfan

    Yes that I call make the kill.

    I finally find Giroud better than Walcott. Walcott is too rusty.


    Walcott just needs games, he is so dangerous. He is rusty but you can see that he causes problems

    1. Bigvalbowski

      If TW extends his contract AW should hire King Henry to be his personal finishing coach. For a player of his caliber it is criminal

  11. RSH

    Ramsey of last season came to play today it seems. By far our best player today. And I KNEW Giroud would score. everyone else was just aiming at Adrian but Giroud knows how to get a goal lately. We were excellent this first half and i think it wouldve been harsh if we didnt score.

  12. luvdaguns

    we finally break down a team hellbent to just park the bus, not easy to do, now go kick their collective arses,

    1. jt

      theo’s created three clear chances for himself in 45 minutes of football, how often does chamberlain do that? and does he finish? chamberlain is a good winger with better dribbling ability but theo is still a greater attacking threat

  13. seancali

    What a strike from our main striker. Where are all your haters now? Lovely goal.who says giroud only scores tap ins.a rocket from OG

  14. AlmiR

    walcott miss confidence but his movement is crazy, way better than anyone i saw this year, he had 3 clear chances, he just need to work on his confidence and he will bang 20+ for fun!!!

    1. Sumo

      Walcott always misses sitters. It’s nothing about confidence. It’s overconfidence as we saw with the first miss.

      1. AlmiR

        its all about confidence, look at OG, last year he couldnt score theset kind of goals, and ofcourse practice is essential !!!

  15. Sumo

    It would be tuff to break down West Ham. Said before Fat Sam would park his arse on the pitch. Anyways nice goal. Hope the floodgates open soon.

    P.S.- if that’s the quality of our finishing, i am drowing my hopes for Monaco. Walcott and Özil needs to practice shooting everyday for 2 fcuking hours.

    P.P.S.- nice to see Ramsey smile and play well.


    Chambers is an accident waiting to happen defensively, the guy looks clueless and can’t read the game at all.. He is a poor RB and we should get our Jenkinson back and groom Chambers for CB…

    1. Bigvalbowski

      His future is definitely @ CB, strong going forward but absolutely shambolic in defense

  17. Mallu_Gooner

    I think Walcott is scared of getting injured again. His approach is very slow and always waiting for the ball to be played to him. Not doing anything to defend or to help chambers.

    1. RSH

      Honestly CHambers just get caught out way too easily. I dont think its down to Walcott not helping him. Its basic fullback knowledge to know whats going on behind you but Chambers is so naiive anad gets drawn out way too easily. And yeah Walcott in front of goal today is just not happeneing…

  18. reddb10

    Thick ozil lovers even give him credit for an assist by Ramsey.

    @luvdaguns the only player doing anything in midfield is Ramsey ozil has gjven away possesion three times alredy what game are you watching?

    1. RSH

      ramsey has been by far the best player this first half. hope people are noticing. He knows he’s competing with Cazorla for a spot.

    2. Justsoccerfan

      Every players will give away ball any time, ozil did show he is there. Both of them are doing their job. Sanchez is quiet the last 10 mins of this half.

    3. luvdaguns

      ramsey had a beautiful flick to giroud, but the double pass to set up ramsey was by ozil, but i am not one of those kind off jerks that have to hate one player to like another, so sick and tired of you so called fans tearing apart world class players, you started it by saying the germans are shite, you are and never will be justified as a fan

  19. seancali

    Giroud just keep on proving that your world class.your almost there buddy,to me and in my books as I always say you are among the top 3 strikers in bpl. No doubt. World class.scores a rocket with his first real chance


    And what’s up with our Sanchez, been poor since he came back from injury, he can’t seem to know how to pass the ball, he is always trying to cut inside and defenders have worked that out, needs to start varying his games now..

    1. luvdaguns

      he is not a passer, never was, never will, not in his DNA and why he left Barca, but we have a team of passers, we need someone to go to goal, thats why he fits

  21. seancali

    Ozil gave the ball away twice,so what? He made more than 20 clear passes and missed a half chance,don’t be so harsh.some supposedly fans here just have no fkin clue.

    1. AlmiR

      some fans dont know what they want, if you look at stats we destroyed them in every segment, great job by whole team !!!

      1. seancali

        Almir, thanks for having footballing knowledge bro..we are playing great stuff, only if Walcott had taken one of his we need to focus and get the second

  22. luvdaguns

    say what you want, but ozil bulking up during his injury sez alot to me about how this guy wants to succeed, the speed of his decisions, the weight of his passes, the split second creativity, this guy is amazing, he is not flashy, but he is very unselfish on the pitch


    Why does Mertesacker push up that high up the pitch and ends up being left for dead on the counter.. smh

    1. Justsoccerfan

      Till now I still wonder why no body tell him about it. When he is going to up of the field, we are always get caught off.

  24. Justsoccerfan

    I like the flick by Giroud that given to carzola assist.
    Damn I start to like Giroud more.


    Welbeck is a headless chicken.. He never sees his team mates and when he is in good position he loses the ball. smh

    1. Bigvalbowski

      He just seems so aloof @ times, physically he is a handful on the pitch but his techical uunderstanding of the game leaves me exasperated @ times.

  26. fred cowardly

    Very nervous when it remained 1-0
    I have to be honest

    5 Premier League wins in a row fellow gooners
    with an away win at United knocking them out of FA Cup. Very happy man

    Now all we need is another 3-0 Win on Tuesday night

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