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Official teams and preview of Galatasaray v Arsenal

Arsene Wenger had already let it be known that a number ofArsenal first team players like Alexis Sanchez, Laurent Koscielny, Danny Welbeck and Kieran Gibbs would be left in London to recover and recharge their batteries for the Premier League games to come.

And with six young players from the academy system going in their place and the game against Galatasaray unlikely to make any difference to the Champions League standings, I wondered if Wenger might take even more risks and start with a couple of the young Guns.

But the manager has put his strongest possible side out, with the most interesting part of it being the return of our French international Mathieu Debuchy at right back, allowing Chambers to partner Mertesacker and Bellerin to show what he can do at left back.

THe midfield is not far off what he would have selected anyway, except for Oxlade-Chamberlain taking Santi Cazorla’s place. But the young Englishman has been in great form and his pace and power can do serious damage to any opposition.

The front line consists of three playyers that have been crying out for more playing time, so hopefully they can all use this chance to show Wenger that they deserve more minutes on the pitch.

Debuchy, Chambers, Mertesacker, Bellerin
Flamini, Ramsey, Chamberlain
Campbell, Sanogo, Posdolski

subs: Martinez, O’Connor, Kamara, Maitland-Niles, Zelalem, Iwobi, Akpom

The ideal situation is for the Gunners to get a comfortable lead and allow three youngsters to show their stuff, while Anderlecht stun Borussia Dortmund. But I think we should just enjoy the game and not worry too much. COYG

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182 thoughts on “Official teams and preview of Galatasaray v Arsenal

  1. captinweestain

    Gotta say the Gala fans are amazing, most of us Gooners should be ashamed!
    Straight up fact.

  2. mr lean

    The Wenger thanks for the memories banner has been confiscated by arsenal officials in Turkey.just shows what our board think of the fans and there human right to protest and free speech.

  3. phil-thompsons-nose

    The reason Wenger doesn’t play Campbell more often is because Sanogo is better than him.. At making the fans laugh..

    1. Mesut O-grillz

      Why because he attempts to dribble through the defenders to get a shot on goal? Who hasn’t done that on our squad?

      1. Mesut O-grillz

        not saying he’s having the best game, but he’s played decent for his first Arsenal start in a competitive match. Not to mention the first few times he did attempt to pass Sanogo lost it

    2. Justsoccerfan

      I find Campbell got a good game but seen lost a bit of pace now, maybe no much match for him. Sonogoal is a waste of space for the start till now.

  4. joeboy

    Sanogood has been poor tonight along with campbell but podolski certainly deserves a start saturday! Campbell looks like he is trying to hard

  5. phil-thompsons-nose

    He looks like the liquid sulphur policeman that is shot by Arnie in the terminator films and gets cut in half then re morphs back to one..

  6. Brada b


  7. phil-thompsons-nose

    Not wanting to slate a decent performance.. But
    Slow-mo Sanogo and average ‘joe’ Campbell are ‘not’ pulling up any tress for me..
    Podolski was a beast in the first half but don’t think he or the ox have touched the ball in the 2nd!!
    Defence is still poor..

  8. Ronny331

    Consistency is what’s needed, will will turn up next game or will it be a repeat of the Stoke game?
    Happy tonight for some young debutants, 2 goals for Ramsey and a comfortable win.
    What this tells us is we play well when not under pressure and that the PL does not favour us well at the moment.

  9. captinweestain

    Arsenal basically have the reserves on, stop complying bi6ches.

    Good goal, Rambo was better though.
    That commentator has been on a bender by the sounds of it.

  10. YuukiShindouGoArsenal

    LOL typical arsenal… playing to0 relax & got punished…

    NO spirit for fighting for 1st place, despite other team result atleast u must give ur all to seek another goal… I take akpom for sanogoal place, he his useless sh*t…

  11. Ronny331

    So on Poldi, will he go will he stay?
    Will Wenger sell him anyway? either way he’s boosted his market value tonight.

  12. luvdaguns

    liverpool out, bye bye! poldi always finds a way, campbell not the beast we hoped for, at least from this game, squad looked good, its CL, so no team easy away, bring on the draw,

  13. Ronny331

    Campbells gone I feel, at least tonight Wenger got to show us fans the story behind his lack of game time.

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