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Official teams and Preview of Man Utd v Arsenal

After Lukask Fabianski followed up his superhero performance against Arsenal by gifting Man City a winning goal, you could be forgiven for thinking that things were just not going the way of the |Gunners at the minute. That is a great name for a Kung Fu film by the way.

So in order to stop the rot and get Arsenal back on track, our clever manager has decided to act. If you call doing absolutely nothing at all acting that is. Ramsey on the right and Cazorla in a deep central midfield, yet again gives Man United and their manager \Louis van Gaal no problems to work out on the tactical front.

I hope I am wrong and we take United to school, of course, but if we don’t then the Frenchman will have some big questions to answer as to why he persists in a formula proven to be flawed. I am literally hopping mad, flabbergasted and flummoxed. How about you guys?

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259 thoughts on “Official teams and Preview of Man Utd v Arsenal

  1. Redeye

    Im not watching arsenal play until that specialist in failure is gone, so as of next season no bpl for me, I’ve been turned by that barca front 3 n can’t watch anything else.

    1. josh37

      good. go support barca.
      quoting Mourinho slagging off our manager. who needs fans like that anyway

  2. Robin Vanpayslip

    Look on the bright wide. Only 23 minutes until Wenger makes his first change.

  3. Invincibles49

    Can someone please give Wenger a water bottle please? Could be the only highlight of Arsenal’s game tonight!!

  4. luvdaguns

    gee, wonder why barca sold alexi? barca play link up style, requires excellent vision and ability to pass, unfortunetly thats our style as well, great player, wrong system, he is a north south player, so many linkage plays are lost w alexi poor pass or lack of pass altogether…

    1. Sacrificial_Pizza

      We officially have the first plastic to blame Alexis awesome. The “fans” on this site are hilarious. How does so much scum just come together on the same website.

      1. luvdaguns

        pardon me, i never said he is not good, i said he does not fit well into our system, do you think his passing is above average, dickhead, if you cant read, then eff off

  5. gooner4ever

    With Giroud as our main striker we won’t win the league to be honest.
    And again pathetic defending and UTD hitting us on the brake!!!

  6. Invincibles49

    And Sanchez we are thankful to you for all the goals. But for God’s sake learn to let go of ball sometimes. You have the habit of killing a promising counter attack move.

  7. rkw

    I don’t want to merrteshaker anywhere near starting for rest of season…we need to move on from this lumbering mediocraty

  8. Ks-Gunner

    Where the Fack is Rosicky Wilsher and Theo. For the love of Thor, put some players in who can beat their men and put some pressure against manure.

  9. andyarsenal05

    Please bring out Cazorla and Ramsey. Cazorla’s been poor and really want to see Sanchez-Giroud-Wallcott trio.

  10. Ronny331

    Get the ball to podolski on the edge of the box, shoot!!@ oh hang on he’s in Italy 🙁

  11. gmv8

    Dirty player Rojo – should’ve been a yellow card on Ramsey, he was clean away but nothing from Mike Dean – joke

  12. Invincibles49

    Has Wenger got the balls to take Ozil off?? Of course not. He would take Cazorla off!! Its much easier!!

    1. josh37

      Cazorla’s distribution was off today. Ozil turned it over a lot but in nowhere near as dangerous positions as Santi was guilty of

  13. Robin Vanpayslip

    I can’t believe Wenger is actually rubbing his hands looking at Wilshere coming on.

  14. gmv8

    To be fair in the second half we’ve had very good chances, just bad finishing which tbh has been the story of our last three games

  15. Ronny331

    Not sure wakcotts the answer but we have to try something. This game needed welbeck/ox .

  16. Invincibles49

    Consistent substitution of players like Cazorla in place of Ozil shows the pathetic command of Wenger over this team. If he subs Ozil, he is damn scared of a revolt from him. Bigger thee price more chances and respect you will get from Wenger. That fu*king nut job!!

    1. Moonlight_Sculptor

      dickhead ozil is the one who keep making killer pass in 1st half. dont hate for the sake of hate smh.

  17. rkw

    Walcott.. two runs two losses of ball … Will the fans of this whippet Pls keep count

  18. PaddyGooner

    Just cant see us scoring anymore. |Dont know where the goals are going to come from

  19. Mick The Gooner

    No desire. If we were Man City we’d have had United pinned in their own box for the past 15 minutes.

  20. Invincibles49

    Fellaini was like Mertasacker cant miss this. so he was shocked when the tree missed and the ball came to him!! Hahahaha!!

  21. Ks-Gunner

    Thank you Theo. Lucky goal but thats why its important to bring players in who can actually shoot.

  22. Invincibles49

    The moments like these are where strikers like Giroud can lose us 3 points. Players like Aguero would have converted it into a goal or at least an attempt!! But Giroud wants space and time to do something.

  23. Invincibles49

    Commentator “Avoiding a defeat is a sign of progress for Arsenal”.. I would never hear such words about Chelsea. MANC and MANU!!

  24. Justsoccerfan

    Giroud just suddenly aged, like a own man, older than rosicky, same as mert.

  25. captinweestain

    Blow the whistle.
    Horrible boring game, sunday roast has gone cold, really angry.

  26. TioMoses

    Not pretty, not our best performance, but a result that puts us in a good position to lock up 3rd with a win against Sunderland.

  27. PaddyGooner

    First point at old trafford for 6 years, and prob 3rd now, so no qualifers hopefully. cheer up gooners

  28. Ks-Gunner

    Ramsey was today our best player but he pis%es me off so much sometimes when he holds the balls so long. That chance in the end could have ended up with a goal. F*ckkk.

    Manure out played us and we got that lucky goal from Theo. A player who needs to start more often as he is one of few who can actually take a shoot.

    Wilsher needs to start also more. He tends to lose ball a lot but he is only one of 3 players in the team who can actully beat players with speed and dribllings.

    Passing game is way to slow. We do also allow the opponent to much room to cross the ball.

  29. rpk

    Ozil did well in the second half, Wilshere too. For me MOTD is Asley Young.
    It should go to Kos in our side.

    1. gmv8

      Ozil strikes me two ways, you see him do fantastic things and then you see him stand and watch as dangerous situations develop. Not sure why as sometimes he does get involved and win balls back.

  30. gmv8

    We had quite a few chances in the 2nd half and should’ve probably won, if we weren’t so dozy in the first half. No use Wenger selling players – people need the motivation to fight for their places. Still this is a massive point especially against Manure.

  31. Bigvalbowski

    Why is everyone so surprised that Arsenal struggle to consistently score goals against quality opponents with OG leading the line?

    This isn’t a criticism piece on OG, he is a quality player but Arsenal will NEVER seriously challenge for the EPL or Champions League Crown with him starting upfront. His lack of pace and inability to create individual monents of brilliance severely hamstring the style of futbol that Arsenal want and need to play next season.

    Can you Gunners imagine an Aguero or Suarez type of talent playing in front of Ozil, Ransey, Sanchez, Santi, Jack and company?

    Simply put, Arsenal and it’s fans deserve a BETTER striker.

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