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OK Arsenal can score but MUST Defend better!

Arsenal are scoring goals for fun at the minute, and they are coming from all over the team, butwe cannot rely on outscoring the opposition all the time. The defence has been worryingly porous for some time, and if the Gunners do not sort it out soon then it will cost us dearly.

Arsenal have only failed to score once since the end of August, against Schalke in the Champions league but we have not taken enough points because of defensive lapses. Arsenal have kept just two clean sheets since the end of August, which is just not good enough.

Mertesacker was the main culprit against Spurs, but he has been in good form so hopefully it was just an off day. He left Defoe and Adebayor an ocean of space for the first goal and failed to close down Bale for the second. It seems to be a general nervousness in the Arsenal defence, which was very apparent at 4-2. If Spurs had got a third then panic may have set in, but we got away with it.

We need Gibbs back, but the rest of the defence needs to get the nerves out of their system. We travel to Aston Villa next week, and a clean sheet would do us the world of good. If we are not compact in defence the following week at Everton then we could be in trouble.

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51 thoughts on “OK Arsenal can score but MUST Defend better!

  1. ihansrot

    i agree with the comments, that defenders specially mert is not good enough to be in this team. he is too slow. i don’t rate him at all.

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  2. JONNO

    So true, we need a better balance between defence
    and attack. I think the answer is clear, we must reinforce
    our defence with quality backup so wen we do get
    injuries we aren’t reliant on average players.

    I know we cant have amazing players just sat on the
    bench each week as we just dont have the wage
    capacity for a start but we must be able to do better than
    squid&santos? Players that can fill the gap with as little
    impact as possible.

    Important game against Montpellier this week,
    lets use the 5pur2 result to kick start our season.


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  3. Scott

    The problem comes because wenger should know not to play mertesacker against teams with as much pace as spurs I would hve rather seen kos and tv5 and Sagna and even play jenkinson as left back purely because of pace , however we need another left back to cover Gibbs and santos can be left mid as he can’t defend but we still have one of the best defences in prem but the goals we concede are a joke

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  4. JONNO

    “as little impact as possible”

    what i mean is negative impact.
    Like wen squid plays, we,and the players all
    know we’re in trouble.

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  5. DwayneW

    Actually we didn’t score against Norwich. Good article though. 5pur2 didn’t stand a chance thanks to Adebayor (closet Gooner)

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  6. mr anderson

    we will be solid as a rock with gibbers back. rotate verm kos and the sack at cb. sagna has jenkinson for cover and gibbs has verm. djouro when we need him also. as long as andre santos never has to play. also give the ox a run at centre mid!

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  7. Craig Taylor

    I think its because the defenders think they have to defend for their lives, after we score one goal. Look at todays game while we were attacking, spurs couldnt get the ball because we were attacking the whole time. A good offence is a good defence. Our defenders get too nervous at times. We need Gibbs back. Although today was mainly Mertersacker fault, but he did well overall and he has been good for us so far. I think it was just a off day.

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  8. ceezee

    what or who ever is inducing theo “BRAIN CEREAL” should keep feeding him more & less “speed cereal”… As for me he had an “OK game” & can still get rating on him his average.

    Apparently,every one stick in there feet & fist. The team play was quite outstanding. It been long i’ve seen arsenal boot i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ so much crosses from the wings & shoot more outside the 18 box.

    My negative observation beckons on arteta as ǻ DM. No doubt he is ǻ great player but Ñøt ǻ natural DM. If Adefoolish was Ñøt sent off, he would had been an hand full towards r midfield coz he ǻs a crucial impact i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ distorting our midfield pass flow. Arsenal desperately need “STEEL” to make creativity more efficient.

    “Song” his ǻ broken record while Diaby is ǻ superMAn with ǻ pocket full of LEAD. We 4kn need ǻ chassis Defensive Midfielder & put ǻ winger/skimmer as ǻ cherry on top.

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  9. Mistyque

    Nothing wrong with the quality of the defenders we have now. I think the problem is inside their heads. A few clean sheets will give them some acknowledgement.

    Arsenal for life

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  10. jk

    jack wilshere having to be dragged back from ripping bales head off made my day, now thats arsenal passion!

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  11. S.H


    Good to see change on the site, but you should leave comments visible as soon as the viewer clicks on the article. Not sure if you’re trying to get the readers to actually read the article first before commenting, but I just think the old format is better. Sometimes people read comments first before the actual article, so having them visible adds more power to the piece. Just a suggestion. 5-2 result we are singing!

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  12. dzoya12

    Our defence must do better,it is good to have confidence but we need a strong defence organization,we need gibbs,gervinho and diaby back too

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  13. IJM

    I was really happy with the way they played overall. It was nice to see they remember how to play like gunners. I still feel that Arteta is class but he intimidates nobody. We need a bigger stronger presence in the center of the pitch. Like diaby but more reliable (felliani). I think by just adding that type of consistent presence we’d have a good shot. As long as OG keeps scoring and adding cazorla to the LW presumably to allow arteta to stay on the pitch.
    Just one awesome midfielder wenger! Sh!t please ….sh!t!!!!!!

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  14. IJM

    Don’t get me wrong, love arteta but I would like to see Ox in middle right now over him. Cazorla, Ox and Wilshire. I would like to see even just 5 min of that

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  15. S.H

    How good was it to see our BFG get a goal? I’ve been waiting to see the German score. He was so close on a few occasions weeks prior. This round has seen 5 upsets in the league. West Brom and Norwich did everyone a favour. Now the lead has been cut down to 9 again. That’s still a big gap but there are 26 games to go. We can only get better. Hopefully this win is a start of a long Arsenal run. It’s important that we’re hitting our strides before Decemeber. By Jan, I predict Arsenal will retain its 4th spot! We do need new recruits to ride out the rigours of playing 4 comps. A DM and LB is a must!

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  16. syed

    Definitely need LB cover. Jetro Willems would do. Santos should be sold not just for the RVP incident but because he’s a liability. A new winger who can cross is also needed as well as a CDM cos realistically Diaby can only play 10 games a season if any. Keep Arshavin. Send Ramsey on loan.

    Szcz / Mannone
    Sagna / Jenk
    Per / Verm / Kos / Djourou
    Gibbs / LB

    CDM / Arteta / Diaby
    Wilshere / Eisfeld
    Cazorla / Arshavin

    Walcott / Gnabry
    Poldi / LWF
    Giroud / Gerv

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  17. Arsenal1Again

    I thought the nervousness was a lack of faith in Mannone, but it’s there still with Sceszeny in goal. There is something plainly wrong with the defence that started the season well and though Jenkinson is missing too, I also think Gibbs being missing is the key to the defence problems. The left back role is being a shared responsibility of Podolski and the centrehalves which is watering down the performance of the defence as a whole when doing their primary job.

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  18. Sank

    We have the best defenders in the league and just a new left back and we are settled. plus all except sagna contract is sorted.

    wenger has stated that he has lost faith in diaby and if we get fellani and cavani as per rumours in jan and resign walcott.

    we are deadly and coming years are glory years.

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  19. Gunner_Nation

    There is a saying in the US, “Offense wins games, Defense wins championships.” Way back when, Arsenal used to be known for their amazing defense. We need to get back to that and then we have a shot at breaking the drought.

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  20. Hafiz Rahman

    Chelsea and RVP United both lost…

    they should have spend another 200million…

    someone should shout them to sign Mvilla, Baines, Falcao, Llorente and every strikers that is available…


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  21. mala

    Throughout Ramsey’s time on the pitch yesterday, i couldn’t recall one single good move, or good cross/pass or good tackle from him! What i saw was he kept losing the ball, why Wenger so stubbournly insists on playing him??

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  22. leo

    arsenal needs keep theo & sagna & sign few players still in jan a striker a cdm & a lb + zaha & holtby

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  23. mohawk35

    Defensive Woes: I think everyone agrees that Arsenal need to defend better – loss of Gibbs has hurt more than I thought, but I believe they will get it worked out – already some improvement defending set pieces.

    Ramsey the Destroyer: @mala You are right – Arsenal were playing keep ball while Ramsey was playing give up ball. I cringed when Ramsey was brought in. When will Wenger finally accept the reality that Ramsey cannot play with any positive consistency – he is almost always terrible.

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  24. xilef

    what we need is a defensive mid fielder and our defence will inprove lets sell diaby now b4 he too gets beta to leave 4 city

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  25. leo

    Edinson Cavani’s agent Claudio Annellucci confirm Arsenal and lfc are talking with the 25 year old striker

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  26. leo

    arsenal must sign cavani + fellaini & a lb luke shaw dubbed the next gareth bale should be the perfect replacement for santos in january transfer window & in summer get holtby, (zaha,sterling,will hughes all arsenal fans since childhood)

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  27. Aziz

    A lovely present for me on my 52nd birthday. Thank you Arsenal for the 5-2 thumping of Spurs.

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  28. maddy

    arsenal really need to be consistent…
    we need a new cdm and a new striker…
    if walcott leaves we need ben arfa,he is the best replacement.even huntallar would be an amazing signing!!!!

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  29. imran

    Diaby is the Answer…..
    Sice Diaby Got Injured we Have no Holding Mid-fielder….
    Diaby Injured, we started conceeding more n more Goals, His physical presence Save us from STOKE SET PIECES even….
    I think, WENGER need to make him Proper DMF n He may Replace ARTETA… Arteta is excellent But Diaby is real Holding Mid, just need to corect his all SILLY mistakes!

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  30. AremaniaGooners

    Offload squillaci and djourou, they are totally deadwoods for the squad, NO USE .. bring in jetro willems, or baines so TV5 dont need to deployed as left back ..

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  31. Gunnerineverylife

    @Imran Diaby is NOT the answer.We are not sure whether he will play another 10 minutes in this season.If I was Wenger I would sell him to some less physical leagues(where he can hopefully stay fit) like la liga and buy a proper DM,win-win situation for both club and Diaby.

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  32. Invincibles nice (1)

    Villa were unlucky not to hand utd a reality check so i wouldnt bet on us keeping a clean sheet, will be happy with any kind of win as its an away day so the how not too important right now, couple more wins under belt then am sure with confidence will come all round performance

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  33. The gamme

    Wow!!!! That’s the performance of the good old arsenal we love so much, alot of positives from the game, Giroud is acclimatizing into the fold as well as scoring goals (5 in the last 5 games) now that’s prolific. Wilshare’s touch of the ball was just so romantic, cazorla showing his class, theo doin the damage,,,, i pray the contract issue be sorted out sooner cos am seeing a more matured player in him. Now we know how much we ‘ve missed Gibbsy…. lets kill our opponents cos we Are ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!! COYG

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  34. DanO

    I think Gibbs is key to our defence tightening up again,it’s no coincidence since he has been injured we have been shaky back dere

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  35. Invincibles nice (1)

    @leo you are kidding yourself on Cavani as your forgetting our wage structure not to mention the fourty mil tag, combine that with the thirty five mil needed for Fellaini and its seventy five mil before wages, and fyi Sterling is a liv supporter coz its the reason he chose them over us way back when, must say that the che mancs have put some fans heads way up in the clouds and have driven the transfer market well out of proportion

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  36. Gunnerineverylife

    People should stop believing that we will buy Cavani or Falcao.It would have probably cost less to keep both Rvp and Song than buying Falcao or Cavani.

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  37. budgie

    We defend like the keystone cops, Mertsack is getting torn to shreds, Vermalen looks half the player he did a year ago, we are great going forward, but its defending that wins you prizes, I think koscelny is underated, how many clean sheets do you think we will keep this season? The top three teams will strengthen again in January, I would like to see arsene buy a proper defender, but I wont be holding my breath!

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  38. realist

    Diaby and rosucky need to be replaced. we cannot continue to carry these physical wrecks they are simply to injury prone and unfortunately gibbs appears to be heading the same way. fabianski is another player taking up a sqyad place when he is constantly unfit and yet i cannot even remember his last match. then there is squillaci santos arshavin and chamahk these 4 also need ti make way sold if possible if not loaned out like bendtner park and denilson. as for the walcott situation i dont see why we cannot just release a reserve who is on say 25k a week and put his wages to the 75k already on the table. i am sure there is a reserve out there who would jump at being given a new permanent home. the likes of eastmond watt henderson are all earning that sort of figure. Yesterday after all the injury scares our 18 included what i consider 16 of our best 18 with only gibbs and gervinho missing out at the expense of santos and arshavin. i would if they were fit also have diaby and rosicky over coquelin and ramsey but until they can string a dozen performances together i cannot say they are a better bet than coquelin and ramsey as at least the 2 youngsters are fit!

    However wenger/bould really need to address the defensive issues and quick. 2 more sloppy goals conceeded we are fast closing in our worst goals shipped tally in the premier league. For me this is what needs to be done by the end of jan –
    sagna & walcott given new contracts
    rosicky denilson & diaby sold & replaced with like for like ie AM, CM and DM
    santos & djourou sold & replaced with like for like ie LB & CB
    Fabianski arshavin & chamakh sold & replaced with like for like GK, Winger and CF
    Squillaci bendtner park eastmond watt & henderson sold – with miquel afobe yennaris and gnabry officially promoted to the 1st team squad.

    OK i am realistic so we wont sell 15 players in a month and we certainly wont sign 8 but those players are the weak links in our squad due to either injury or just being not good enough.

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  39. Bob Dylan

    We got some class players coming back within the next month i think, rosicky, diaby, gibbs, gervinho. And wilshere will be 100% soon, so with these players comin back plus the potential signin of a winger and defensive mid we can go on to be the suprise of the season

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  40. james

    i would love a good solid capable lb as cover for gibbs and a cb like mertasaker i would say hangeland as a cheap and experianced cover player. and keep sanga till he is too old.
    1st back 4
    sagna mert verm gibbs
    2nd back 4
    jenkinson hangeland koscielny ?????(just not santos)

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  41. Moopeyemi

    We nid a back up 4gibbz (santos is a joke & TV5 seems outta place)….d’zonal marking defending setplays isn’t helpin issues @all

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  42. Ddog

    we need proper LB back up, and a proper CDM. someone with physical presence. when diaby played we were on fire but without that strength in midfield we look weakened.

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  43. hamid

    There has to be two new players in January. A decent LB and an exceptional DMF. Without those two positions covered it will be a tough fight for the top four this season. Wenger, buy a LB and a DMF!!!

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