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OLA – Arsenal’s new Three Musketeers!

Arsenal fans were over the moon to see Ozil, Lacazette and Alexis finally start a game together, and the trio working together certainly lived up to expectations with all three getting on the scoresheet against Everton in an emphatic 5-2 win. The Gunners finally looked totally focused and determined to get our first away win and propel us to the fringes of the Top Four where we belong.

Ozil and Alexis did not look like they were affected by the paper talk about their commitment and their possible future destinations and produced stellar performances. So surely we will OLA start every League game from now on if they are all fit? Arsene Wenger was asked just that. “I wish” he joked. “But I feel the whole team played well. We were tested mentally when we were 1-0 down after a very good start in the game. We couldn’t finish, their keeper kept them in the game and suddenly we were 1-0 down. It was a mental test but we kept going, we kept our focus and slowly the quality of our movement, the quality of our passing gave Everton problems. After that, with the offensive strength we have, of course that made the difference.

“Alexis was on fire. I believe that he comes back from injury and has worked very hard, Ozil as well. The two of them were sharp physically, very mobile and if you have their individual quality, that makes them dangerous against any defender.

“OzilHe was superb. Agile, quick, intelligent. Always at the service of the team with his quality of his passing and when he is at that level, he is an exceptional football player.”

Before the game Wenger gave us warning that it would take a few months for Lacazette to integrate into the style of play in the Premier League but he looked relaxed today, took his goal very welland Wenger even kept him on until the 75th minute for a change. If we can keep our three attacking stars fit and well we can really start firing ourselves up the table…

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29 thoughts on “OLA – Arsenal’s new Three Musketeers!

  1. kev

    There are still cracks in the team.Arsenal do not know how to press.We allow teams to come at us too much instead of pressing them.

    1. Anko

      But to hear Thierry Herny say it was champagne football we played today just put a smile on my face. HBD Wenger ( we hope you retire soon).

  2. Kedar Damle

    I don’t see anyone except Lemar to replace Sanchez and Ozil but we need at least 2 to replace these 2… It will be very difficult to replace Sanchez and Ozil…

  3. Nero

    Trust Wenger to spoil the fun and connection with his crazy experimenting

    Instead allowing them to gel

  4. Anko

    It is good to have players that will give good defences problems! If we play with Sanchez and Lacazzete, the two of them will trouble any defence any day. Ozil might not play well in every game but his passes are vital for creativities. I hope we can put together good runs. If we make top 4 and win eruopa league then it will be a good season.

  5. Not Vanpayslip or that other guy

    Ozil today was another level. Some ballerina **** just gliding all over the place. If he did that more regularly he would be the 3rd best player in the world

    1. Not Vanpayslip or that other guy

      PS: shoutout to the big homie Ox – glad to see him playing in central midfield and winning games regularly. Definitely ended up in a better place.

  6. Ignasi

    Great performance and a much needed win – but remember, it was against a team in poor form, lacking in confidence and bottom of table. We should be winning these games. We need to beat the top 6!

  7. Sue

    So Liverpool are out of the carabao cup, have had 2 thrashings so far yet they’re not slated like we are! It drives me mad! More results like today & I think Klopp will be sweating just like Koeman & Billic are

    1. jon fox

      The reason they are not slated like us, is because their manager has been there for just two seasons and nine games; ours 21 seasons and nine games. The last ten seasons have been way below the level a club of our standing should be at. There is no way their board would tolerate ten years of failure , as ours has done. Thats the difference!

      1. Sue

        Yes but Liverpool still have the same issues, I thought Klopp was brought in to put all that right. They still haven’t won a trophy

  8. Arsenal_Girl

    Well OLA until May 2018 anyway probably
    Hopefully they will help us win a trophy or two

    I prefer AOL but I think that acronym has been taken lol

    Hopefully, Ozil will start performing better and if not try Wilshere. Hopefully, Wilshere and Ozil can push each other

    But I always wanted to see Ozil, Alexis and Lacazette play together with subs Wilshere/Iwobi, Welbeck/Walcott, and supersub Giroud

  9. Bur

    I am not changing my views on weegor, he still has to go, but, i am very happy with the win, 5 goals are good but we still have the same frailties in defence.

  10. Ox

    Wow more aol please made me have sticky boxers when I saw the front three much better than your average wet dream

  11. ThirdManJW

    Fantastic to see those three working together, but before people get their nickers in a twist, remember we were up against a team in shocking form, and a manager who’s even admitted he’s lost some of the dressing room.

    Let’s see what happens against City, and Spurs, who we’ve got very soon, before people get too excited!

  12. Mohamed

    Guys it was just everton we need to beat the biggerman boys can’t believe that liver pool put 4 behind chec

    1. Mobella

      It wasn’t just Everton. It was a team that has more ambition and above arsenal remember that is what people have being saying. Who cares if Everton is not in form. She spent close to 170m in the transfer.

  13. arsenal#7

    Wenger will find a way to screw this up ,just a matter of time.
    Great players want to play together and enjoy the game.
    Playing those 3 together at least creates problems for any team no matter who they are not just Everton. They are are the only 3 closest to world class players we have.

    If Wenger can pull himself of the fantasy world of thinking Welbeck/Walcott etc can play at that level maybe will see more of this. Its was fun to watch.

    Leave them alone upfront and see if you can find a GK to replace what looks a very shaky Cech and a midfield prone to errors. Fix that.

  14. Jack reacher

    Lets all laugh at the ox ? Oh and by the way we will finish above them hahahahahahahahahaha clown

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