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Olympiacos vs. Arsenal Review – Impressive 2nd string unlucky to lose 2-1

Arsene Wenger’s new look Arsenal kept the same formation, but with some unfamiliar players. As expected, they started with plenty of energy and the Greek side knew they were going to be in a game. Jernade Meade at left back did not look out of place when called on early on, and Gervinho was inches away from finding Chamakh in front of goal after six minutes.

Arsenal were showing impressive spirit and linking up pretty well. Ramsey should have put us in the lead after 15 minutes after good work from the Ox and Chamakh, but he couldn’t get a shot off with his wrong foot, but it was encouraging stuff. Vermaelen knew he had to marshall his team and he made some great early tackles when Olympiakos got in good positions.

In an open half, Arsenal were holding their own and after nearly getting in a couple of times we took the lead. Rosicky produced a great finish after great work from Gervinho and Ramsey (I know). So at half-time with no score in France Arsenal were sitting top of the group and I owed Wenger an apology.

Arshavin replaced Rosicky for the second half, and the Gunners had a solid start. After 10 minutes Arshavin and Chamakh needed to be in each others’ positions when the Moroccan put a tempting ball on to the Russians head. The problem with Gervinho is his inconsistency, and he dwelt on the ball it nearly led to an equalizer. Then with a great touch he set up Arshavin who nearly scored asecond for the Gunners.

Olympiacos were building pressure and it finally told after they were awarded a corner which Szczesny was adamant should have been a goal kick. More luck went the way of the home side as the ball fell to Maniatis to level. The home side were after the win and brought on the Greek international striker Mitroglou who then scored with a great curling shot minutes later.

Martin Angha came on for the very impressive Meade near the end and Arsenal kept pressing but were unable to break through. The players should be proud of their efforts however.

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165 thoughts on “Olympiacos vs. Arsenal Review – Impressive 2nd string unlucky to lose 2-1

  1. Oguntuase Amos

    Stiffler, you are a devil. It is the social fora that give your likes the chance to be heard. You are an animal for suggesting that sombody’s legs and another person’s neck should be broken, human beings, some people’s husbands, fathers and bread winners for that matter. You ought to locked up inside a Zoo or better still in an asylum. I doubt if you are a true Arsenal fan

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  2. ynk1307

    meade is already better than santos, we should use him as a backup for gibbs and give him slowly some first team experience.
    Chamakh was getting a lot of balls but you could see that he has no game praxis, we should use him as a joker too

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  3. shahin

    everytime we lose its unlucky lol…

    this is the millions time we lose this season and its unlucky obviously …

    wenger you should pray for your team to win on saturday

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  4. Gunner

    You are right md31! Losing on Saturday will push Wenger to the brink!
    As for the article, it pretty much sums things up, Gervinho just does not have any logical sense at all??? When the space opens up he slows down. When he goes wide and runs at people and beats them he immediately gets creative and checks back inside looking for more enemy shirts to beat???
    Instead of beating his man and then crossing the ball???
    Even the goal tonight, he went off into lulu land, and somehow turned it into something??? He is an accident happening all the time. What a guy???? Armedwith some common sense he could be even more dangerous then he is now. And he is definitely dangerous now!!!!!! He is liable to do anything????

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  5. palmer17

    Sooner the transfer window opens the better hopefully we will save our season

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  6. shahin

    both goals we got was a mixture of both goalkeeper and defense mistakes …

    You know as usual …

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  7. JADON


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  8. Hass

    Chamakh – played well, didn’t really get one chance on the occasion he did he slipped. won the ball many times off the defender in the second half only for Gervinho to ruin the attack.

    Arshavin – Lost the ball once today, when Ramsey clipped over the defence he couldn’t control it well. Pass completion without looking at statistics is 100% complete. had a good crack at goal.

    Rosicky – showed cutting edge in passes and acceleration with the ball and ofcourse in finishing his only chance.

    Coquelin – showed a bit of cutting edge as well, but faded away defensivley after getting the yellow card, put some good passes through.

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  9. StarbornGooner

    Guys y shud we hyd frm the truth?..our team z total shit,sm playrs dnt desrv 2 wear arsenal jersey,Wenger nwdays meks awful decisions i jst want hm out THE FACT Z DAT,DIS SEASON ARSENAL WIL B TROPHYLES AGAIN n stp congratulatn Ramsey he z total shit nkt!

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  10. ripple

    I never like to say that is loss is OK. But with squishy and ramses on the field at the same time, 2-1 is not bad.

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  11. Gunner

    Yes the sooner the better for sure.

    Some of these players just don’t want to do enough to earn the right. Indicative of our modern society, a real sense of entitlement? How about some gut busting hard work for a few months?

    Lee Dixon said that in recent years Arsenal teams are not winners because they haven’t been ‘show’ how to win by players who have experienced it. How about learning it yourself? Or more to the point, displaying the passion that goes with it? A second string team tonight yes but, they were in a position to win, and once again they let it slip

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  12. The Dom

    I’m shocked by how Wenger has transformed 90% of Arsenal fans into indoctrinated imbeciles.
    Since when was “Playing well” enough for a team like Arsenal regardless of whether they drew or lost…I have come to the conclusions are not Arsenal but ARSENE-WENGER fans they have literally put this finished coach above Arsenals name…..I’m so appauled.

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  13. Hafiz Rahman

    the sales promoters, media agents, Fifa 2013 Fans are back and ranting…

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  14. The Dom

    I hope we get relegated it will be so sooo flattering to see the entire board getting crucified in bro-daylight.

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  15. mohawk35

    What is the deal with Gervinho? He starts of every season like a solid attacker but within 5 games he sinks like a stone.

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  16. Gunner

    Isn’t he just the most frustrating of all time????

    As anyone ever seen a player with such a lot of natural ability, but no logical sense of purpose about him at all?

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  17. Ymer

    @ripple – The worste thing today was that we had an attack. Ramsey has the ball in the goal field, he cant make a quick decision, and shoot. He turns with the ball, find Squillaci who also turns with the ball and passes to Szczesny ??? Wonder why we can´t score 😉

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  18. Carlos

    Le Coq by far our best player tonight.. He looked so much like Song it was unbelievable!

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  19. Hafiz Rahman


    true…which is why hes better as a sub…give him 20-30mins and thats enough…

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  20. Brody Mir


    Dude I get it, Ramsey is not up to the standard of arsenal, he offers no real threat, I’m just saying players chamakh, djourou, squillaci, arshavin, fabianski, gervinho, santos are all to blame too! But mostly it is wenger! Ramsey can only do what he can! Wenger should know Ramsey isn’t food enough instead he plays these players ver and over again because the worrying thing is, he believes in him! pr examples = senderos, justin hoyte, almunia denilson – all played first team at lame stagever long periods! Nt good enough yes but don’t be mad at themm, be mad at our coach for playing these shit players for a great club!

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  21. First Lady

    Gervinho has no footballing sense at all. needs to improve as he has great movement on the ball

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  22. Gunner

    Some good performances from second string players but the same old Arsenal?

    You just knew that at half time one goal was not going to be enough.

    Not enough scoring, not solid enough in the defense

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  23. AidanGooner

    Not so unlucky- another display of [ppr quality & the winner was Meade’s fault

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  24. Brody Mir

    Gervinho is the same as eboue and Adebayor, frustrating AIR HEADS! I am black so not racist just coincidence they are like this!

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  25. mohawk35

    @Brody Mir: I think you nailed it when you identify Wenger as the problem – not Ramsey.

    I scream when he plays but I don’t have any animosity toward him – I am sure Ramsey is trying. Wenger should know better but instead he keeps sending Ramsey out with the 1st team knowing that Ramsey cannot do it and merely hoping for a turnaround – that is horrendous coaching.

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  26. shadi

    I feel hurt and sad when i see such hurtful comments. and there i thought all arsenal fans got class…..

    Yes you should never be happy for a lose. but its getting too much… One of the comments here said i don’t want to watch arsenal again, and funnily enough 35 thumbs up he gets… Guess i am different when i ma ready to watch Arsenal even in 3rd division… If you don’t want to watch Arsenal. Then go support manu better for you?

    It hurts to see how people get the knives out instead of supporting your players…

    If you love something, you love it in the good and bad days. Support your players. pressure the board to spend money. But dont disrespect any human.

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  27. Hafiz Rahman

    Gervinho has no end product..good movements, good dribbler, good pace…poor finishing….

    hes almost the opposite of Walcott….

    if you could combine Walcott and Gervinho…you might get an almost complete product….90% of Henry

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  28. mohawk35

    I think you can love Arsenal but demand more and have an aversion to watching Wenger screw it up.

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  29. Moses

    One encouraging thing is that Rosicky looked sharp, hopefully we can re-integrate him into the first team now he is healthy again, as he would be a tremendous upgrade over Ramsey.

    I thought Ramsey tonight even managed to look bad when he was one of the few first team players out there, he really is a terrible decision maker and dwells on the ball far too much.

    As for Gervinho, that guy just doesn’t have a footballing brain. He’s talented for sure, but mentally he makes far too many errors in judgement.

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  30. Hafiz Rahman

    Gervinho plays much better on the Left…

    Gnabry or Arshavin should start on the Left and Gervinho as sub…

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  31. Gunner

    FC worked really hard I thought!

    I hope he has got the mentality to go off and put in the extra work needed to become a great player by himself.

    Remember Dennis Bergkamp, coming back in the summer and training on his own?

    RVP, if ever I guy worked to become a better player it was him.

    By work I mean extra hours and days on the training ground working on fitness, and fundamentals, and of course learning how to play in teams???
    Some of the current squad don’t know the meaning of any of that?

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  32. ripple

    Has anyone actually seen Denilson play lately or know how he is performing? I was just fantasizing that one of Arsenal’s players might have actually improved over time. Who knows?

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  33. Gunner

    You are right HR, Gervinho is more effective down the left, I have thought that always!

    Why the hell Wenger has to fill his head with creative notions by moving him right, center then back left.

    However even down the left, doesn’t he just frustrate you?

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  34. Malik

    @Hafiz Rahman

    i was questioning myself and refused to rule it out but now i am 100% sure, YOUR A SPUD, how dare u call people that love this club “sales persons and children” when they are genuinely frustrated about arsenal losing, do u have no shame, these people r ur fellow gooners! being a wengerite has gotta to ur head hasn’t it? LOOK AT THE RESULTS! LOOK AT WHO HE PLAYED, HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HIS DOING!

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  35. Gunner

    Someone mentioned Rosicky
    Yes he did look good tonight, he is getting on some but at least he looks for that quick early pass forward, and as soon as he releases a pass of his own he is immediately moving into space himself to be ready for a return pass. That way he is giving the passer an attacking option!

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  36. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Malik

    Tactically AW might have gone wrong….but these players might have done well during training which is why the gamble in players selection and tactics……

    its disappointing to see Arsenal lose..but going about ranting to sign this and that does not do much help either….none of us are at the training ground everyday monitoring the players….

    Wenger is at fault with the selection and tactics

    Players are at fault for not playing their best..

    Fans should stand behind the team and support and not shouting for this and that…nobody knows whats going on behind the scenes..

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  37. Gunner

    Sorry I don’t agree HR
    Fans are genuinely concerned, and its true they are not at the training ground but that does not mean they do not have a right to a view!

    Some of them have played football, and some are smart enough to sense when players just don’t have the level of passion required, or care enough.

    Sir Alex demands passion from any player who plays for MU. Arsenal fans want the same from their players too!

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  38. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Gunner

    i understand where you are coming from…some fans have decent views..

    but some do not…some just rant as if its the 38th game and Arsenal has just relegated…..

    Players need time considering some of the current Arsenal players are still new..same for Coaches…if Arsenal was to lose 5-6 Consecutive League games in a row then probably Wenger has to go….

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  39. Liam Jenko

    What Arsenal are missing is that natural leader for example Patrick Viera and Cesc Fabgregas, There isnt a player that has had sucess with Arsenal and won trophies with Arsenal, when you look at other teams for example Man united they have Scholes, Giggs, Ferdinand, Chelsea have John Terry, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole.
    Van Persie was the last player who was there when Arsenal were winning trophies.
    Who are players like Chamberlain, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Ramsey Walcott going to look up to there isnt anyone, When Clichy was in early 20’s at Arsenal he has Ashley Cole to show him the Arsenal way, who’s Jenkinson got to look up to gibbs, santos ? they havnt won anything!
    this is the difference between Arsenal and teams like Man utd.
    Arsenal Dont have the quality players anymore hopefully January the Board get the foot from there arse and invest in some ‘World Class’ players.

    To say Arsenal were unlucky today is rediculous, they passed the ball better than us and created more chances than us.
    Thomas Vermalean needs to control the Defence better and be more of a leader, he was good the first half and then lost his ways abit in the second!
    But on the possitives Meade looks to have a brilliant future and glad to see Rosicky back if he can stay fit, he increases the tempo of play which arsenal are lacking at the moment!

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  40. Kemp hater

    Very well said Gunner…….Great comment the amount of fans saying that you should just shut up and support the team. Until reading your comment i had no words for it. Fair play

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  41. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Liam Jenko

    totally agree

    Arsenal lack the strong leader voice…which is why sigining Henry and Lampard on short terms are good deals

    Lampard can come in as a sub for last 15-20mins and Shout at Wilshere, Jenkinson……slow down or Lead the game

    the same can be said for henry..

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  42. Gunner

    I agree it is always good to have a leader in the camp.

    But again that point of view is a typical 2012 point of view.
    The inference is that the players are not fully responsible themselves and so they have to be helped by someone else?
    We live in a world where, in terms of character at least, it seems that nobody is responsible for making anything happen themselves. Somehow aid has to come from elsewhere??? What kind of nonsense is that?
    It goes back to hard work and self belief! If there is no leader in the camp then find one among yourselves? Vierra was a leader, did he learn it himself? Or was he handed it? Like most things are in 2012 society.

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  43. S.H

    @Liam Jenko and Hafiz-Rahman

    Yes 100% agree. I made mention of this in a couple of posts on other articles. Cesc was a crap captain because he was just about being good with everyone and didn’t have the balls to get on player’s backs. Verms is too quiet and i actually see Arteta being more vocal. RVP was a good captain because he was a fighter. He’s the type of guy that would stand up to a bully and say, “have a go!” His leadership is also reflective of his strong personality, desire to win and tenacity. You can see how all the players at Man Utd respond to him. Even Rooney gets on his knees and opens his orifice!

    I also said months ago before we got Podolski, that his arrogance and ego will affect the team. You can see the way he carries himself. To be honest I can’t stand guys like Podolski. He’s just a meat head, the type of guy that won’t listen because he thinks he knows or has done it all. He even said he had nothing to prove to Wenger when he first joined! Who does that? Lukas get your head out of the sky mate! Wenger has been coaching longer than you’ve lived! He’s another reason why RVP left. 2 massive egos clashing!

    Above all our team lacks belief in each other. You can see that Podolski and Santi trust each other but they don’t feel the same with Giroud, Walcott and some of the younger players. Wenger needs to address this immediately. I’ve seen Santi refuse to give it to Giroud and instead fed Podolski who was actually in a worse position than Giroud. Cazorla knew who was in the better position. He just chose the German because he didn’t want Arsenal to potentially lose possession through Giroud. I see everything in a game. I hope someone else has picked up the little details on the pitch that support my view.

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  44. Hafiz Rahman

    @ S.H

    Totally Agree…its always good to see your fair and sensible comments in here….

    Cazorla probably trust and know Pod as hes a seasoned 100caps German international….

    the current Arsenal side is still new and lack the coordination unlike previous Arsenal team…..

    like i said..keep this team together and next season they will be formidable….the coordination will get better and bar the injuries…

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  45. Hafiz Rahman

    Arsenal lack of someone to shout and scream at players..Gallas used to do that with the aggressiveness..Fab soft….RVP shouted at Ram….

    if Viera was still around RAM would have gotten a few slaps everytime he plays that way and Jenkinson would have gotten a big slap for Saturday goal….

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  46. giroud fan

    rosicky is back….hes thru pass is excellent…dont blame our team…lets wait n see this saturday…trust me we can beat west brom easily…keep my word..

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  47. S.H


    The feeling’s mutual! So many fans in here expect results straight away. Even if we bought Falcao, Neymar and Huntelaar, it still doesn’t guarantee that we will instantly win games. Every team needs time to mold. We are talking about a group of young men that have had to learn how to play a different defensive game, with the addition of 3 new players, the pressure from fans and the media. That’s a lot to take in, in 3-4 months. As soon as things go wrong so many people are quick to criticise the team, but when we win, I’d like to see the same quick responsiveness to cheer the team as it is to complain about them! Wouldn’t that be good for a change?

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  48. Gooner Cape Town

    Not a bad performance from some youngsters BUT, for me it proved that Chamakh,Gervinho, Ramsey and Squid are just not good enough to wear the badge! Simple!! Meade was impressive and Rosicky was good.
    Changes Jan Wenger, has to happen, serious ones.

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  49. Ali

    Don’t care so much that we didn’t win. Would have been great to win but so is life. I just hope the that lot that is resting for the West Bromwich game put up a good performance. Despite all, I do believe we are a better side than the results we’ve put up.

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  50. GUN

    A sure win for Arsenal, against West brom if Rosicky starts at CAM and Cazorla starts in the wings.

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  51. jkb

    How about having an English captain? Might change things..

    Have you noticed that when arsenal will lose the ball in the opponents half lose it and then most of players don’t even attempt to regain possesion to make up for their mistakes.

    shameful, obviously something going on in the background some sort of fued which wenger iver knowing or involved? who knows its just an idea, how can we play that poorly seriously tho it’s like game after game put everything into supporting a club that has no real vision to succed in anythin.

    qualify for this qualify for that and pretty much open about it aswell hahah its funny because other teams lesser teams teams we should be beating like 6 nil 4 nil are now beating us at our own game lool. Wake up and smell the Coffeee

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  52. Gundam

    Impressive in the first half.. then they decided to play the defensive game… well that was tactical genius.. really worked in our favour

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  53. Gundam

    once again… i wonder if gerviniho wears invisible blinkers … or if chamakh really is silent bob… ffs

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  54. MKO

    Just teasing. Really am a frustrated fan n am beginning
    to loose my passion for d club.

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  55. neo

    wat about ox…..last season he was much more fast and dangerous…now he cannot even control the ball….i dont knw wat happens to our ox….

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  56. prince

    The only leadership the team needs is tactically sound coaching not someone shouting at them.Wenger has failed in instilling tactical discipline into this team.That has been the difference between this team and Everton,Swansea,and ManU.That is the same reason we concede goals almost immediately we score.The team is tactically poor.It has little to do with the individual quality of our players,but it has more to do with the coaching and player management.I`m not excited by who`s coming in January but i will be excited if Wenger works on his inadequacies,or gets sacked because of his stubbornness.Falcao is not the solution to our problem,Wenger is(i.e with or without him).

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