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Olympiakos deserved to beat Arsenal, but does it matter?

Olympiacos 2 – 1 Arsenal report. A bad result but that’s not what this game was about. by KJ

After a few bad results, it’s refreshing to go into a game knowing that the result isn’t the most important thing. We’ve already qualified and it doesn’t really matter whether we get first or second. We were at a point going to win the group but some slack defending lost us the game at the end.

We started quite well in the first 10 minutes and kept possession in good areas. However we started to fade and Olympiacos being the home team managed to start dominating possession and really threatened us. However, Szczesny was on form and made some brilliant saves to keep us in the game.

The two most ineffective players on the pitch managed to actually forge the goal we scored just before half time. A darting run from Chamberlain ended with a launched pass to Ramsey who controlled it and dribbled past a few of their defenders before giving it to Gervinho. The Ivorian somewhat killed the chance with a dribble into a dead end but managed to find a great pass to Rosicky who swept the ball into the back of the net. 0-1.

After half time, Rosicky was substituted for Arshavin and we lost that driving power from the midfield. Eventually, Olympiacos got back into the game with a undeserved goal from a non-existent corner. Szczesny was adjudged to have saved a previous header at goal but it had in fact hit the bar. It should never have been a corner. We didn’t defend it well and were punished. 1-1.

We lost the match eventually after a brilliant goal by Mitroglou. He was curved to perfection. I blamed Szczesny initially but the pundits brought up a good point. He can’t move until the ball has beaten the final defender. He can’t second guess in case of a deflection. He had very little time to react and the ball was right in the corner. 2-1.

The game ended with us finishing second as Schalke managed to get a draw at Montpellier. It’s not a great result as being second is more problematic – but Arsenal have to beat the best to win the Champions League. Simple as that.

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13 thoughts on “Olympiakos deserved to beat Arsenal, but does it matter?

  1. 9jagun

    Yes it matters cos we should have topped that group and avoid bigger teams like B dortmund Barca and the rest. Especially with how bad we are doing now.

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  2. antares1786

    With such defensive performance – it’s not matter whom Ars will face in 1/8 – we’ll be beaten in any case. If Olympiacos have had better players – Ars would have lost 4-1 minimum! I’m really concerned with our defensive as well as other performance. We need to change something. Moyes, Fellaini & Baines – would be appropriate enough.

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  3. AFCF

    We may have lost but only 1 or 2 player in dat team is in our first team.Not forgetting the first goal should not have been scored as its clearly a goal kick and rosicky being sub off in half-time.2-1 is actually not bad!

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  4. 9jagun

    you fools in arsenal who support when we loose are killing the club. why must we loose.

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  5. dan

    It dosnt matter cos we are never going to win the champions league we will get beat whoever we play simply not good enough and getting worse!!

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  6. JustJoy

    Who cares we must meet the best at anytime in the Competition. Just prepare for EPL. And i will continue to PREACH WIN WIN for MY TEAM TIL IT COMES.

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  7. Zery

    These days every team played Arsenal deserves to win, that is what matters most.

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  8. prince

    I was really impressed by Meade.The Greeks wanted to go through him but he proved time and time again how good a defender he is.For me he was the best Arsenal player on the night.He was way better than Jenkinson and can easily be ahead of Gibbs if given more playing time.

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  9. davidrusa

    Does it matter which position? Maybe yes and maybe no. Why do I say this? Which team might Arsenal play as second? Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Shaktar etc. Which one would it have played as first? Real Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan etc. So tell me where is the advantage? Playing away first can also be either way. If a team beats you convincingly first round you may never recover. Remember when Arsenal went to the finals in 2006 they beat Real Madrid away not at home and then beat Juventus at home first and went and defended their 2-0 win away. All these preconceived ideas do not mean much. It is not impossible for any team to beat another. What matters is how well you play and the determination to win. Last year Chelsea was not even remotely thought of as would be champions but did that prevent them winning? My experience with games is that normally the following will determine a game or competition: hard work, motivation and lastly may luck!

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  10. cicero@gunner

    I will keep saying it, Wenger is clueless, he cannot longer motivate the team any longer. It seems he’s not in charge and players doesn’t respect him again. Wenger caused it himself, he’s partial and sentimental, there are some players who deserve some game time but Wenger will keep fielding some certain players even when they are not performing. Wenger should go, I am beginning to agree with BENTDNER, is like something is wrong with Arsene method of training.

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  11. Uche

    We all knew this was a weakened team and expect nothing else. If a demba ba had been in that team instead of chamak, we would have won by three or four goals. I really hope that the rumors about us buying Demba ba is true. How can a so called top team have one striker in Olivier Giroud? Man U has RVP, Rooney, Welbeck and Chicarito. Man city have Aguero, tevez, balotelli and dzeko. How do we hope to compete with these guys playing so many competitions with just Olivier Giroud? And we say we can win the league. What a joke. In this window, we need at least Demba Ba and Klaas Huntellar. When you combine that with Giroud, Walcot and Podolki, then you can claim that at least we are serious.

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  12. sku

    At least we are still in the competition whatever happens from now on is a bonus because these last few seasons getting into the knockout stages has been our “Limit”. Impressed by the young Left Back Meade I don’t know gooners has the Ox looked out of sorts since breaking this season or is it the position or instruction he is given? I compare to the young fella Sterling at Liverpool who seems to be Turbo charged each I see him play and he looks good.
    what do you think?

    keep the faith

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