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One Arsenal ‘fan’ still wants Mourinho to replace Wenger

I get the funny feeling that the so-called celebrity Arsenal fan Piers Morgan will be left feeling a little bit cheesed off if Arsene Wenger guides his current team of Gunners to the Premier League title at the end of the present season.

Motormouth Morgan has made no secret of the fact that he is a fully fledged and paid up member of the Wenger Out Brigade and is probably just waiting for us to lose a game or pick up another injury so he can spout off once more and blame everything on the boss.

But strangely enough he does not think that Jose Mourinho should take any of the blame for the problems that Chelsea have been beset with all season. despite everyone else in the football world being able to see that the Eva Carneiro saga and many more Mourinho moments have created a toxic atmosphere at Stamford Bridge.

While most Arsenal fans were delighted to hear of Jose’s sacking and have taken it as karma on the arrogant Portuguese coach and some proof that our own manager’s very different methods such as loyalty to club and players, especially in adversity, is the better way to go, Piers was furiously hammering out an article for the Daily Mail stating that not only was Maureen unlucky but he was betrayed and is still the best manager ever to grace the beautiful game.

Pompous Piers sounds so dismayed that his idol has been sacked that you feel the only way he will get over it is to see Mourinho replace Wenger at Arsenal. The next time the Gunners have a bad result or run, you just know that Morgan will be shouting for his mate to take over don’t you?

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27 thoughts on “One Arsenal ‘fan’ still wants Mourinho to replace Wenger

  1. Mo1

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    1. mohawk

      Mourinho at Arsenal is probably the only thing that would make me put my support of Arsenal on hiatus (until he left which would be in less than 3 years for sure).

      Piers Morgan has rarely been right about anything in his life so…………. no surprise he is wrong again.

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  2. Ks-Gunner

    Moro is no joke of a manager. He is just arrogant and very honest about the things he does. I do not like Pep. bec till now he had the luxury to play with 2 of the best teams in the world.

    Quality overload does not need decent managing.

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Exactly. Let him pull an “Eddie Howe”, then I’ll call him great…

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  3. Twig

    You don’t sack a manager who won the league for you a season ago. Chelsea FC goofed.

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    1. dragunov762mm

      Six months ago they’ve won the league. Now just two strip up from relegation zone. Abramovich don’t need more time to find out Jose’s skill (which is none) to manage the crisis. Get rid of it Twig. Reality bites.

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  4. gooner100

    Mourinho seemed to thrive on reputation and fear.

    Reputation that he’ll outsmart you (on and off the pitch) and the fear that his squad are always under because the special one always manages a team with ridiculous financial resources and will just buy someone else if you don’t deliver.

    Both blew up in his face as the invincibility bubble at Chelsea was burst and his squad weren’t playing for the guy.

    This season Abramovich didn’t put up bucket loads of cash which probably created a shift in power towards the squad, Mourhinho had his ego bruised by the physio issue and what people thought of his behaviour, and he found out that doing the unmentionable and dumping on your players in public doesn’t go down well. Has he been found out.

    Remarkable as it may seem, for all the plaudits and past successes, perhaps that’s all there was to it and consistently setting his team up not to lose, they always came through because of the exceptional squad ability and that one piece of brilliance from one player would deliver the result.

    If so, when the team no longer play for you, as happened, that winning edge is lost, and that’s what’s gone wrong with Chelsea.

    So Abramovich changing the formula in pre season, with no fortune to spend meant he had to man manage the squad. For Mouhinho that was impossible. His ego was too big and the special one, became the really very average one.

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    1. Marko

      He thrived on transfer money.

      Shitload of transfer money, he probably wasted more than a small country spends in yearly budget xD

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    2. fullmetalalc

      To be fair to Mourinho, his reading of the game and preparation is exceptional and one of the best in the world. He will figure out a way to win and that’s his best quality. People saying he always needs a lot of money to win are not accurate. He did and exceptional job at Porto, Inter Milan and even at Chelsea last season. But he can never play attacking football like Arsene Wenger or groom youth players to be world stars, traits you need to have for longevity. Unclassy, arrogant individual but a brilliant manager nonetheless. The premier league would be poorer without him and it was incredibly fun to see his meltdown this season.

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      1. Goonsquad8

        How is his reading of the game exceptional? I don’t understand that at all, he would set up his team against stoke the same way he’d set them up against barcelona. The man was a one trick pony, put 10 behind the ball and hope that his $40m players would take their few chances on the counter.

        Mourinho needs money, talent, and experience in order to win it is well documented you can’t argue with that. You mention porto, look at his porto team and if you watched them in the CL they played negative defensive football and played on the counter. You mention Inter he had some of the greatest players that Inter has seen IN THERE PRIME. He had Zanetti, Samuel, Lucio Cambiasso, Milito, Eto’o, the list is ENDLESS.

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    3. mohawk

      All true. If Mourinho would succeed with a small club and little money…… only THEN would I be impressed.

      What is also true is that the media don’t care if Mourinho is poison or is a phony or is a horrible excuse for a human being. They don’t even care if he is a good manager.

      The media just want Mourinho around because he is a walking, talking controversy and conflict machine – and sadly THIS sells publications. For the media, Mourinho is ALL about making money, and that is why they have propped him up for so long.

      Also, please remind me again…… who is specializing in failure???

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  5. BUR

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    1. dragunov762mm

      That’s Jose. Score few goals but less concede. He’s the master of pragmatical football. His trophies collection is outrages, but the way he get it all aren’t classy. Now, he gone in shame. No respect from players and fans. Only donkey who fallen at he same hole, but now it has companion : JOSE MOURINHO, dumped two times by Chelsea, why he felt this time was gonna be different?. After all of his arrogant and egomaniac stuff, HE DESERVED IT. Jose to Arsenal? That’s must be you, Piers, and the entire AOB!

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  6. SoOpa AeoN

    Direct Link to the “piers morgan quote” please

    who wrote this article?…….could have sworn (no swearing) it was Bob

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  7. Marko

    F*** Piers and f*** Moahnino. Jose singlehandedly tanked the team all the AOB’s here masturbated about. Piers on the other hand, he is the cancer.

    F*** them.

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  8. olabans

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    1. G-Rude

      You sir are a miserable person. you see that Wenger has kept us in the top four four 18 bloody years and been the most successful Arsenal manage. And he is also the most consistent manager in Europe for the last year. We are in the knockout stages of the Champions League and we are second in the most competitive League in the world.
      And you want to get rid of him?
      And you call people who support him biased? Get a goddam life (or Prozac)

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      1. olabans

        you did not even get any point in your comment. so it is top 4 you want instead of epl and champ league

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        1. olabans

          or what about morinho that win champ league for average club like porto and inter_milan.
          can ARSENE WENGER DO THAT?

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      2. mohawk

        I feel for you but there is little point trying to respond to that nonsense.

        Some people are not fans or supporters of a club. They are rather so obsessed with filling the obvious void in their existence that any deviation from their fantasy (of the perfect football club) becomes unbearable.

        Then I look at the fans of some smaller clubs who are supportive regardless of success and it makes me even more ashamed of comments like that of @olabans.

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        1. olabans

          is it compulsory for me to like wenger before you are going to know that i am a true gooners(which want good ambition for the club)? or is wenger(coach) and arsenal fc(club) the same? or is wenger the owner of the club?

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