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Only 24 days until Arsenal’s daunting pre-season schedule begins – Who are we playing?

It has only been 23 days since Arsenal’s great Wembley win over Chelsea in the FA Cup Final, but we are already half way through the barren time for Arsenal as there are only 2 days until the Gunners play their first pre-season friendly in Australia on July 13th.

Hopefully by then we will know much more about how our squad will look next season, after the so-called overhaul of our ‘heavy’ squad is under way. But don’t hold your breath!

But Arsene Wenger has promised that Arsenal will be fully fit and prepared for the start of next season and hopefully continue our 6 game winning run far into the future….

So we will start off with our two matches in front of our Aussie fans. We face Sydney FC, who were the runaway winners of the A-League this season, on the 13th July. Then just two days later we play Western Sydney Wanderers who were the last A-League team to beat Sydney FC back in February. These will be purely exhibition games to get the team started.

Then we will move on to China, where we will play in the International Champions Cup and face daunting fixtures against Bayern Munich and Chelsea on the 19th and 22nd July. That should be very interesting indeed!

Then we fly back to England for the Emirates Cup a week later, when we will play Benfica and Sevilla on the 29th and 30th July. Surely that will be our first trophy of the season!

Then a week later we are back to our old stomping ground of Wembley for the Community Shield, where we will aim to get our 9th victory in a row in the National Stadium.

So not too long left to wait lads, and after winning all those games we can then start the serious stuff at home to Leicester the following week…..

Onwards and Upwards!

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20 thoughts on “Only 24 days until Arsenal’s daunting pre-season schedule begins – Who are we playing?

    1. Spend,Spend,Spend U Scrooge!!!.

      I wonder if Wenger will bring Sanogo back just for the Emirates Cup.

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      1. Admin Post author

        If you have nothing intelligent to say, then don’t say nothing!

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          1. Admin Post author

            It’s a Cockney saying.
            Nothing to say…. say nothing. Geddit?

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  1. WengerBooi

    Excited to see some of the youngsters play like Maitland-Niles and Bielik. Hopefully we’ll witness another breakthrough season for one of our academy players.

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  2. Spend,Spend,Spend U Scrooge!!!.

    Oh that time again when the deadwood(mentioning no names) at Arsenal come alive and play like Ronaldo and Messi.

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    1. bran99

      yes that time of the year. but then after the pre season is over, we start getting what we deserve from the big boys that’s when people will wake up, and it’ll be too late to buy any class players and just end up with panic buys to appease us. then the roller coaster starts rolling in the same pattern like it always has.

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  3. Yossarian

    Arsenal always do well in pre-season games. It means absolutely nothing.

    At least if we signed major transfer targets early in the window, then we’d be able to integrate them into the team before the season starts, giving us something to get excited about.

    But no joy there yet.

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  4. Arsenal_Girl

    Sanogo actually scored 4 goals in one summer match one season. I can’t remember if it was at the Emirates Cup or foreign tour

    Anyway, summer matches usually are more for the younger players than the older ones to show Wenger what they got.

    I wish we could get transfers early so that they could get some practice before the season starts. At least we will see Sead play.

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    1. Admin Post author

      It was against Benfica in the Emirates Cup (Aug 2014)
      Sanogo’s ONLY competitive goal for Arsenal was in a 2–0 home win over Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League Nov 2014

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  5. kev

    The most important thing I want to see change in Arsenal is the poor mentality and poor managerial.Trust me even if Wwnger signs all the best players the team lacks that special character of champions.We are not winning the league and major trophies because of lack of strong character and poor managerial skilks.It seems to me these two things have really been ignored and hence the constant failure.However,I’d like to see Arsenal show strong mentality and character in all our pre-season games.I don’t care even if we don’t win any of the pre-season cups.We need those two things to ultimately secure the titles and even with this squad as okay as it is can do that as long as we solve these two issues.

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    1. Zaidy

      I’m going to China to Watch the Chelsea V Arsenal game. In Beijing

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  6. Janssen

    I don’t see it happen but I would love for us to have our transfer business done before we start pre-season. I think it is easier for both the new players and the current squad to get used to each other if they have the benefit of pre-season as opposed to being signed or sold on the last day of the window.

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  7. John

    Football addicts……don’t know know what to do in the off season…….

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