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Opinion poll says that 68% of Arsenal fans want Wenger out

There is an increasing number of JustArsenal readers that want Wenger replaced, but it seems that the biggest argument is based on whether he should go now or wait until the end of the season. So at the end of this article we will have our own poll to find out what our readers think- I’m afraid Gunner T will not be able to insult everyone any longer as he is now under moderation, and anyone else using playground tactics will be joining him. So PLEASE can we have some sensible discussion without resorting to swearing and insults..

68% of Arsenal fans have run out of patience with Arsene Wenger, according to Ladbrokes.

A poll of 400 fans run by Ladbokes News reveals that only 32% of those asked wanted to persevere with the manager, with the remainder keen to see a new man brought in to revive the fortunes of the Gunners, who now find themselves out to 40/1 for the title.

The shortlist for his replacement should offer some hope to disgruntled supporters, with Jurgen Klopp the 12/1 favourite from Pep Guardiola and Ronald Koeman at 14/1. Everton’s Roberto Martinez, who has previously been favourite to fill the Emirates hot seat drifts to 20/1.

There may be some light at the end of the tunnel yet however as the bookies rate Arsenal as odds-on shots at 1/2 to finish in the top four again this season.

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: “Arsenal fans’ patience is clearly wearing thin. We expected the survey to be closer, but it seems Wenger’s supporters are very much in the minority despite the betting suggesting he should steer them to another top four finish.”

He added: “The list of replacements is a who’s who of top European managerial talent. We can’t imagine too many fans would be upset if Klopp came in to replace Wenger.”

Ladbrokes latest betting
Arsene Wenger to be the next Premier League manager to be sacked 50/1

Next Arsenal manager
Jurgen Klopp 12/1
Pep Guardiola 14/1
Ronald Koeman 14/1
Steve Bould 20/1
Michael Laudrup 20/1
Roberto Marinez 20/1
Dennis Bergkamp 25/1
Dragan Stojkovic 33/1

Arsenal to win the Premier League 40/1

Arsenal to finish in the top 4
Yes 1/2
No 6/4

68% of fans surveyed by Ladbrokes News thought it was time for Arsene Wenger to leave compared to 32% who thought he should stay. So how many JustArsenal readers agree?

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60 thoughts on “Opinion poll says that 68% of Arsenal fans want Wenger out

  1. admin Post author


    Thumbs Up = Wenger out NOW
    Thumbs Down = Wenger must stay until end of season at least

    Make your choice!

    1. Justsoccerfan

      I am a bit lost now, this poll is all about wenger out? Either now or end of the season. So those took this poll, all want wenger out but only difference is now or end of the season.

      1. Justsoccerfan

        But how do we know how many people don’t want wenger leave at all? Those chose thumb down doesn’t reflect he don’t want wenger out but want him to leave at the end of the season but choosing thumb down may also reflect he don’t want wenger out, you know what I meant?

        1. Big Gun

          I don’t think many people want him to stay indefinitely. I haven’t really heard one person at least on this forum want him to stay on for as long as possible. We are all in agreement Wenger needs to go, but the timing is crucial and this is what the poll is about.

    2. SoOpa AeoN

      @ Admin……. There’s one more poll u are missing and its “SHOULD WENGER QUIT AT ALL?” …… I’d Love to hear the AKBs comment on that….thanks

      1. MDOwn

        Hypothetical Question: What if, and it’s a big IF, we come 3rd or 4th, (having stopped Chelsea from going undefeated), win a cup and reach quarters of the ECL? Would you still want Wenger out? I am just asking because I want to gauge what everyone thinks is a achievable target for our club? Also if Wenger leaves/gets promoted to board or whatever, what are the targets for the new manager?

        1. GoonerG1

          The time has come to move on regardless of what happens this season. And by move on I mean sever all ties. No sense moving Wenger upstairs where he will be a thorn in the new manager’s side and block transfer moves he doesn’t like.

        2. MIA GUNNER FAN

          We may come 4th, after all is Le Prof specialty and only achievement lately, BUT beating Chelski…Sunderland has better chances , they did last year at Stamford Bridge what a great day by the way, 1st time Maureen looses at home; ANYWAYS back to topic, MAUREEN can telegraph Le Prof from miles, he knows how to outsmart the Old Dino….unfortunate to say, but NO we can’t beat Chelski not with Le Prof

    3. Mowember

      defintily out we can save our face this season. any manager will understand that chamber cb and bellerin rb. and campell on the bench and more play time. also more time for podolski and rosicky and not to sub so late.


      For those ARSENAL fans (quite a few) who show so much concern in asking Wenger to leave Midseason and find a caretaker Manager to replace him, I bring you one name ROBERTO DI MATTEO with Chelski; he took over Mid Season and won the CL with a team that was not better than ours right now….we might be worried about life after WENGER, but Winners take chances and this one is the one we need to take…I guarantee we let the old Dino stay, he will stay till his Contract is over, don’t even want to remember when that is…

  2. Aussie Jack

    Changing horses in mid stream is not a good idea but he should announce his intentions before the end of the season. I`m sure he is well aware of the situation and should he miss out on one of the top four positions it is a `fait accompli`.

    1. dboy

      Bould has been around for a while. He can take over in the meantime. We have seen many other clubs do this before. It might not be top four but we have to start somewhere.

  3. kia_SA

    Your sample needs to be more like 4000 fans, 400 isn’t enough to gauge a true reflection. It is very easy to influence others opinions when there’s only 400 in a sample. I would think it would be closer to a 50%/50% split had the sample been bigger.

    I would prefer Wenger to stay until the end of the season, for what he’s done for the club it would be very harsh to kick him out mid-season! Surely the biggest Wenger-hater would at least give him that respect that he deserves…

    1. admin Post author

      I agree about 400 being too small. Lets see how many respond to our poll, and how it is splir…..

  4. mr lean

    Lots of us have placed many comments and view about Wenger over the past week so for me it’s time to move on as enough has been said on the in the Wenger out camp but I’m not on the board and they have absolute faith in Wenger in delivering what they what,PROFIT.
    so all we can do is get behind the team who ever is playing and with our support cheer them on to achieve the best we can and then hope and pray in January we sign a CB and DM.
    So for me it’s simply Arsenal FC will last a lot lot longer than Wenger so support the team.coyg.

    1. dboy

      Sorry mr lean many fans have influenced the outcome of boards of other clubs before. You know that. I’m sorry I have to disagree with you on this one. We need action now. I say hand over the reigns to Bould. We have a good squad.

      1. mr lean

        The problem we have is Wenger is for a start too thick skinned to listen to the fans,secondly the board support him 100% and lastly most fans who attend the emirates are AKB.
        I will take my Wenger out card to the Man U game but what we need is mass protests to get the message over to the owner and board.

        1. dboy

          That is exactly what should happen. Contrary to popular belief mr lean there are lots of supporters at the Emirates who want Wenger out, but are being bullied . The away fans have to help those in London by protesting. And those in London should start boycotting games. This will force our board to sit up and take note. What do you think our money hungry board will do? Loose revenue or loose Wenger?

        2. goldfish27

          Its simple majority of the fans want Wenger Out now and in a modern world majority carries the Vote….come to think of it they are making the right decision by wanting Wenger to leave. its time for change at arsenal fc and that need to start from now…..Love my sweet club “ARSENAL FC”…let’s (fans) unite in this fight n show the board that our opinion and wish is for the betterment of the club and we the fans are important and need to be treasured….

        3. Rémy

          How about everyone who wants wenger out on this forum start a campaign , I want him out aswell, there is one good place that can get everybody’s attention .. *Unboxing* “TWITTER” We could do a HashTag on twitter and instagram, Get the post to rank 1st then the media would do the rest.. And every other person who would see the match live at the emirate would ready their banners.. Who is in ? #WengerOut

      1. dboy

        He can be an advisor consultant or something. As long as he does not interfere with the managing of the team and transfers. Quite frankly I don’t care where he goes. Enough is enough mate.

        1. davidnz

          11 games in is far to soon to
          be talking about the manager
          resigning especially as Arsenal
          is a couple of wins away from top 4
          and likely to qualify for ECL last 16.
          To be fair the team has had a
          horrendous run with injury.
          I want to wait till we see
          Wellbeck Giroud Sanchez Ozil Walcott
          Chamberlain Ramsey Wilshere Cazorla
          Debuchy Chambers Koz all fit and firing.

          1. Lethal Prince 9

            Yes we haven’t seen our top 11, when all our best players are fit, and then how we are performing.
            Also to mention, apart from Costa, the whole Chelsea team has been filled with their top 11 players, performing continuously for many matches, whereas we can’t see our best 11 completely. Shouldn’t we give a chance to Wenger if he can put all our best players, to perform a few games and then decide?

  5. dboy

    If we fired Wenger now. The question would be; who is available right now? Can we let Bould take over in the meantime. While we search for new manager until next season. At least than we can say we can start rebuilding our team come the new season. #Wengerout!

    1. Wonder

      Any coach even a cricket one should be able to play players at their rightful positions and make substitutions when one is not playing well! There are good natural central defenders in the reserves, Why play Monreal off position?, Why playing Chambers off position? Ozil ? Everyone saw that Montero was having a field day against Chambers, but the coach left him hanged to dry….He did nothing about it! So even Andy Flower would have asked AOC to help, or Bellerin to come in and neautralise Montero’s pace!

      1. Lethal Prince 9

        Chambers’ primary position is right back, so don’t blame Wenger for that. And only Chambers had a bad game otherwise he really had good games previously. Otherwise tell me why Bony even against Mertesacker and Monreal could do nothing when he was playing in his natural position. Simply, because he didn’t have a good game.

        1. GoonerG1

          No, Chambers is better as a CB and even said he is more comfortable as a CB. The problem is Wenger won’t play Bellerin.

        2. Wonder

          Now you see the difference. Even a young coach like Monk so that Bony was off form and made a change which made a difference and what did Wenger do? Ramsey and Carzola were off form but he played that until we lost. Had he done his homework as he is paid to do, he wouldn’t have played Chambers against Montero there, now I am afraid that young man’s confidence will be shattered for a very long time. Another advantage to play defenders from the reserves is that for them they will be learning….Surely Monreal at 29 cant learn to defend now! I will be happy losing with a 18/19 year central defender than losing with a 29 or 30 year old out of position player in central defence!

  6. Justsoccerfan

    I want wenger to resign himself end of the season but some how he is lucky to get us the 4th trophy, some fickle mind fans will start to support him again and the circle will start over again so my decision is Wenger out now.

    1. dboy

      You right mate. Then they will tell us nobody has ever made top four for so many years in a row. Wonder if they checked other teams records. Just a pointless argument. #Wengerout!

  7. dboy

    Don’t be shocked mate. The Arsenal fan base in London is controlled by a minority who use bully tactics to keep fans quiet.

    1. NY_Gunner

      Just like you dudes bully people on this forum who disagree with your train of thought…

  8. SoOpa AeoN

    wenger is free to come watch all of Arsenal matches after quitting (if he so wishes) just like sir Fergie’s doing…..fine!…. He will have a stature….. Fine !….. He will be remembered….. Fine!…. But we must not Let him take this character of his upstairs …. SHUT HIM OUT

  9. SoOpa AeoN

    in other NEWS (According to AS):::: Sanchez says he Loves to play with weLbeck …… My questions now are :
    (1) what’s gonna happen to wenger’s Love for giroud?
    (2) what’s gonna happen to welbeck?
    (3) what’s gonna happen to sanchez’s happiness?

    Oops…. Problems on the horizon

  10. dboy

    Wenger will never resign himself. He will only do it if he is forced to. Now I know it might seem cruel but what he is doing right now is more cruel. Why sign a three year deal when you gonna do this. Be arrogant, stubborn, irrational selfish. He should put the team first not always want to prove his point .

  11. cheeterspotter

    All you gooners need to protest louder.
    Wenger and the board and the shareholders must be told that enough is enough.Mediocrity will not be stood for any longer.The manager has lost the fans and more importantly lost the dressing room.
    Top players have left in the past and if we’re not carefull top players will not join the Arsenal in the first place.Sanchez must be thinking on those lines.

  12. dboy

    One thing we know guys us that our board loves money. Hit them where it matters most. It worked for Manutd and Liverpool. When revenue starts going down they will change their ways quickly too.

  13. Sango

    Despite a mixture of top talent, on the pitch the team is;
    .tactically immature
    .frantic playing pattern

    These shortcomings are a clear reflection of our coach’s poor mental capacity to move this club forward. For a season or two its forgiven but when it becomes perennial it then leaves fans with no option.

    Speaking for myself I would like Wenger to see out his three year term but must emmedately remedy the rot in our playing style.

    Here is my help. Three years back we had a similar problem. The problem was solved when Arteta was moved into that DM zone. Sanity was quickly restored as he dictated how we should play. Now he is aging and prone to injuries, so the gloss in our play is quickly vanishing.

    Mr Wenger, Asernal badly need a team leader who can impose himself on the pitch and influence playing pattern. Right now on those you pick to play either play for you and themselves but not for the team. The only option is to buy one such player as quickly as the January window opens or bring in Diaby partnered by Ramsey in that DM zone. I hope this makes sense to you.

    1. jt

      you’re right, the only thing that disturbs me is how we still, after more than a quarter of a season, haven’t played a match aside from galatasaray where we looked like convincingly winning. We looked better at the beginning of last season and since then we’ve brought in players who should lift our performances, instead we’ve looked the most disjointed team I’ve seen in Wenger’s reign.

      There’s obvious deficiencies in our squad but injuries also factor into the case against wenger as well, they’re not a valid excuse anymore because he should have resolved that problem years ago. How are we expected to win a campaign with our first team players out half the time? Personally I feel the decline in playing style is positively correlated to wenger, I actually felt alot prouder of watching our team play back in 2010, our results were not much better but it was still enjoyable to watch

  14. arsenal207

    admit it. There is no one better than Wenger for top 4 target. Somehow he managed to do it all the time under massive pressure. We will have a new manager for sure, and “a way out of this top 4 cycle” but i hope it is not top 7. At least we will have a new topic to moan. Lol!

  15. RWRW

    Ill sign whatever poll is out there that forces the hand of WENGER OUT!!

    Give me the petition and ill sign. Now or end of year, i dont care. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  16. AYZAY

    I remember some people were happy when song left, now they …………, when wenger leave they will have a new manager and will………… They were in love with flamini but now they…………, should i call them fickle or ficti………… Haha they even wanted porchettino, now they can see…………, im not afraid of change tho im just saying what might be cos they even kissed klopps……, now they …………, i rest my case, fill in the missing words with the words in your mind fellas

  17. AYZAY

    The best answer isn’t wenger out, it is fans out!!, i mean fans going out there to protest, no going for games, fans showing the board we are arsenal fc no arsenal fbc ( football banking corporation), if wenger isn’t doing well it in the hands of the board to tell him, don’t you think something is fishy, don’t you think they tell wenger what to do in order to keep his fat paycheck, damn, those Americans are gonna eat our club dry, Americans out!!!! Thumbs up board out, thumb down wenger out

  18. Wonder

    For your own information there is now FFP, Chealsea have made profits of up to 20m. We shouldn’t use that as an excuse anymore. Wenger had 42m to waste one one player last season strengthening areas we were already strong in! Its not about money anymore!

    1. Lethal Prince 9

      Seriously how much you have watched Ozil until now, and tell me that since his arrival that Ozil hasn’t one of been the best in comparision to other playmakers. And if we consider the situation, in absence of Ozil, we had more bad games.

      1. Big Gun

        Ozil had top assists in his first season with us and since his arrival has created the most chances, in fact to give a good idea, he created 88 chances last season with the next highest being Cazorla with 75. Wilshere and Ramsey were far lower in the 40’s and 50’s. Ozil haters can go look up the stats if they believe otherwise.

        1. Wonder

          Whatever stats you qoute, 42m was too much to pay to one player like him. Considering we complain that we don’t have enough resources and then go on to throw 42m on his really does not make any sense.

      2. goldfish27

        Wenger is just good at kill players career……campbell over sa-no-goal any day………….. Wenger pls out before u will b forced out and embraced

  19. Big Gun

    I am not an AKB my friend and have never claimed to be. I am one of those who think Wenger should stay until the end of the season and for the managerial change to be executed properly, not just replace Wenger for the sake of replacing him. You must remember that whoever will take the job, will be looking closely at how we handle this situation, and if we just sack Wenger in mid season with no planning and strategy, it will be extremely hard to bring in a decorated manager like Guardiola. Think about that for a second.

  20. LoCkAy

    So we still have 32% idiotic delusional addicted to mediocrity clueless fools who support that failure of a manager…!!!

    Just unbelievable !!

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