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PROOF that Alexis Sanchez needs a rest now!

Arsenal’s Alexis Is EPL’s WORST Player In Possession! by RC

Stats released by fantasy football game certainly appear to back up rumours that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is ready to give Alexis Sánchez a mid-season break.

Oulala’s stats, sourced directly from partners Opta, show that the Chilean has been the poorest player in possession in the Premier League this season.

Of all players in the EPL, Sánchez has been dispossessed the most times this term, a total of 41 occasions. Everton’s Romelu Lukaku is the second most dispossessed player, losing possession on 35 occasions. While Memphis Depay, Harry Kane and Graziano Pelle have all lost possession 32 times.

A further stat from Oulala reveals that Sánchez is ranked the fifth worst player in the Premier League for unsuccessful touches.

The 26-year-old has registered 28 unsuccessful touches in his opening 12 league games for Arsenal. Only four players in the Premier League have recorded more. Southampton’s Sadio Mane has made 39, the most by any player. Diego Costa has made 37, Diafra Sakho 34 and Salomon Rondon 29.
Despite playing in this summer’s Copa America, helping Chile defeat Argentina in the final on July 4, Sánchez featured in Arsenal’s opening game of the Premier League season against West Ham. The 26-year-old has gone on to play 17 games in all competitions for his club this season.

Sánchez returns to Arsenal having also played a full 180 minutes during the international break for Chile in World Cup qualifiers against Columbia and Uruguay.

Is Arsene Wenger ready to give the forward a much needed rest before he inevitably suffers from burnout?

The stats certainly suggest so…


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17 thoughts on “PROOF that Alexis Sanchez needs a rest now!

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      If your not happy ? Ask for a refund ?

      Go and have a look at all of the other Arsenal blog sites!
      And when you’re done, you will come to realise that JustArsenal. Com is by the Greatest blog a Gooner as ever seen! ?

      If your that bored matey?
      Write something that is of interests to you and send it to the Admin by email… I can’t wait to read it ?

    2. SoOpa AeoN

      @Fatboy G………. Never seen worse websites/blogs in existence like “Ooh to be a gooner” , “Goonerden” etc…….. L()L


      I’m only just having concerns bout “Justarsenal” ……don’t want em Looking like the others

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        I understand what you are saying mate,
        but the other blogs only put out one Article aday at the most,
        Whereas on here there are 5-6 articles aday, everyday and thats not easy is it? ?
        And the other added bonus is that fans are welcomed to send their Articles in for publication and you don’t get that anywhere else. .. do you? ?

        At the end of the day, we are spoilt Arsenal fan’s that want the best, all of the time! ?

        Hey Wenger…. Where’s my Champions league trophy? ?

      2. Johannesburgunner

        Agree, especially Gooners Den, who links us with every player on the planet and confirms every deal as done and dusted.

  1. Ks-Gunner

    Well all fine and good, but what we will do about this situtation? Wenger is Dagoberd duck in person.

  2. Fatboy Gooney

    Its normal for striker’s / attacks to lose the ball more than any other position.
    Yes, sanchez has been losing the ball alot this season,
    But he has also had the ball at his feet alot more than Lukaku, Kane and pelle etc etc.
    Don’t forgot that Arsenal have, along with city, the most goal attempts in the premier league this season.

  3. Dennis

    we cannot afford to lose this guy to injuries. we need to rest him all three games (wb/zagreb/norwich) well maybe we can bring him in the second half against norwich.

  4. arsenalkid1970

    He could do with 2 weeks in the sun big time. I think AW needs CA back from loan and TW can play on the left and right or even push SC up and play our captain next to FC. It’s only for a few games so can’t be that bad. CL game just put the kids out for game time simple.

    1. Nebs

      We all know he will still use his free time to train. He shouldn’t be rested, he should be restrained, so he doesn’t inflict more damage to himself. Tie him to a bed for at least two days, and just give him a little bit of gym every day and then after a week, give him a light training. After that he can be his regular self.

  5. Budd

    It happens to have another opinion (I am not dismissing this one though) : either Alexis must release the ball earlier (especially when not even close to advance) or the other players should make themselves available for a pass from Alexis. Fatigue may play a role in focusing but I don’t believe Alexis has issues scoring once he sees the goal.

  6. MDOwn

    The truth of the matter is that this is a general trend. When a player dominates as much as he does when he is playing well teams have to try to mark him out of the game. But what he does bring to the table even when he isnt playing as well is he makes space. The evidence is in how well Ozil is playing. With Sanchez on the pitch, the gap between the opposition RB and CB is his sweetspot, he will cut in on his right foot and release his own fire and brimstone, a la the Man Utd goal. To address this teams are doubling or trebling up on him by bringing the CDM and/or LM in to squash this space. But now a huge vacancy is left in the CAM and LM region giving Monreal or Gibbs and most importantly Ozil time and space to drift.

    The same thing happens when walcot and Joel Campbell are on, the defence and DM has to drop deeper and vacate the CAM area. Also with Campbell on the other side, and when he begins to develop a relationship with Bellerin the same the can develop more having a left footed player on the right. I would like to see the wingers switching and rotating a bit more to keep these spaces and areas being stretched and compressed over and over. As a CB, although a fat and useless one, there is nothing worse than when you don’t know whether that player will attack on the inside or the outside…

  7. Bill William

    Stats without significance. There is direct relationship between number of touches vs dispossesion. Find out who touches more ball of those players mentioned. Sanchez with the ball is a threat for defenders

  8. Bill William

    There is direct relationship between number of touches vs dispossesion. Find out who touches more ball of those players mentioned. Sanchez with the ball is a threat for defenders

  9. Bolly from Borehamwood

    How does it go? Dammed lies and statistics?
    What a stupid article!
    Twatishness in the extreme.

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