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Ospina´s STUNNING Arsenal stats destroy EPL rivals

There is something that I must say first about the latest stats on the Arsenal and Colombian international keeper David Ospina. The stats comparison that I have done between the recent Gunners signing and other top Premier League keepers, including his club rival Wojciech Szczesny, are based on Premier League games only.

That means that they do not include Ospina´s two Champions League games, with the latest against Monaco having seen him concede three goals and put in perhaps his worst performance in an Arsenal shirt. But he was not alone in that and maybe that should be viewed as an aberration.

I have done similar stats comparisons before about Ospina but the more games he plays the more the stats will give a true picture of how he is doing. The first two times his stats were amazing and showed him doing better than all the big names at rival clubs, like Courtois, De Gea and Lloris.

Surprisingly though, the Arsenal stopper is not only keeping that up but getting better, according to

His overall score of 37.46 per 90 minutes is over THREE TIMES BIGGER than that of his closest rival Courtois, with 11.77 and that is because Ospina is either the best, or right up there, in all the categories that matter, such as saves per game, saves per goal, clean sheets, goals conceded, punches and catches completed.

And despite the Monaco mauling, Ospina came back and played a great game under pressure against Everton, making some great saves and quick brave decisions to help our defenders. So how long can we keep saying that the stats are giving us a false impression?

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24 thoughts on “Ospina´s STUNNING Arsenal stats destroy EPL rivals

    1. YingYang69

      A reason why hes three time further could be because he gets three times the work thanks two our offensive defending.
      Monaco deficit an aberration due to him being not the only culprit. (Unless you look closer at the men you compare him to) Courtois Lloris maybe you could put their pl goals down to aberration as they also have teammates.

      To judge a top keeper i would look mainly at, match/point winning saves, ball handling ie collecting in swingers, organisation.

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  1. muda

    The Guy pull up neuer mode, that header from above per against monaco, the clearances yesterday out of his line, and clean sheets. Ooooospina.

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    1. juhislihis

      Somebody said yesterday this:

      OS THE BOSS!

      And I like it.

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  2. ArseOverTit

    Played brilliantly against Everton.
    Nuestro Nuevo Numero Uno!

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  3. muffdiver

    really great performance- but its when he has poor performance an we see how he bounces back from that, that we will see what hes really made of.

    dont everyone forget shezza after few games-
    im not his biggest fan but he is a quality keeper

    very impressed with o to the s though

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    1. Mesut O-healed

      haha o to the s

      “Yo wuddup Gooners, this is your DJ O to the S Ospina and I’m gonna spin for you Hips Don’t Lie by my fellow Colombian Shakira”

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    2. muda

      @muff, I tot that’s exactly what he did (bounce back) straight away after monaco’s disappointment.

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    3. arsenalman365

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      1. jonestown1

        Shilton, Ochoa, Campos, Banks, Bravo, Clemence, Casillas, Fillol etc etc etc suggest you are wrong regarding height.

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  4. Robin Vanpayslip

    Hopefully he can win trophies with a big club one day

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        1. muffdiver

          monaco across the belly, they’ve proved we’ve lost already?

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  5. mobaygunner

    Give ospina kos and gabby 5 games together I net we’ll see the best bk 4 we had since the invincible….2 good defenders that can cover for each other..(something per can’t do for kos) and a good gal keeper to cover fpr them when needed

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  6. mobaygunner

    OT….I dont know nout u guys but for some reason i feel confident of going to Monaco and scoring 3-4 goal…4-0 to us is my early prediction

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    1. Jim A

      The thing with Gabriel we can play a very high line and use Ospina as a sweeper and have continuous pressure all game long so yes a 3 goal differential is doable.

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      1. ArseOverTit

        Delusional. Fluffed our lines in the first leg again and there no second chance in UCL.

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  7. fred cowardly

    I was excited when Wenger signed him as he was the best keeper at the World Cup. He let in the least amount of goals at the World Cup.

    I consider Ospina the 2nd best signing last summer after Alexis. I know he was brought in to replace Fabianski. But he is far superior.

    Once in a while Ospina will have a shocker. All top GK do, but for the most part he is consistently excellent.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Szczesny leaves because Ospina has taken number 1 from him and he will feel that he should be number 1 after winning Golden Glove. Also, his father may convince him to go. I hope he doesn’t but a possibility.

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      its common sense that Szczesny will leave….warming the bench means he will not get to play for Poland……

      we prob need to sign a new world class gk to compete with Ospina….and a 3rd choice back up

      Martinez is not ready and should go out on a loan

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      1. muffdiver

        come on then chequebook…which ‘world class’ keeper do we buy?

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        1. Hafiz Rahman

          Cech or Casillas to compete and backup…Ospina can learn from them…

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  8. alan_b.stard.M.P

    it also mreans out defence has been shite letting the ball through too often

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